Wednesday, August 20, 2014

We have time. We just don't know how long...

I am struggling with this post so if I seem to get lost as I'm talking, please bear with me. See, I've found out this week that we are losing a talented bard to cancer. It's a form of cancer that you don't know about or where it started. It's there and spreads rabid to everything. He is dying. There is nothing the doctors can do for him. It was just as sudden for him as it is for his friends and those that admire him. P.G. Holyfield has a form of cancer called Cholangiocarcinoma. You can read the announcement at specificmedia.

Even though I wasn't a close friend of his, it's hitting me right in the heart and soul. I think this is so hard
because of the thought that sits in our minds - we have time. We have next year. We have tomorrow. We have time. Well, we don't always have that time we thought we had.

Let me back up to the end of May, at Balticon. I ALWAYS go with a list of people I want to meet. Yes, everyone laughs about my list, but with the craziness it keeps me on track. I want to say hello, let them know I enjoyed their hard work (wheither written or spoken) and that it meant something to find their work. Hey, they need to know these things, it keeps me in supply of amazing words.

P.G. Holyfield was on that list. I had talked with P.G. briefly for several months on Twitter and through email when I asked him to do a post here. He'd always been kind and I loved his work, so I had to say hi. Now if you have been to conventions you know it's crazy city. Between getting to panels you are on and panels you want to see there are all these amazing people that want to talk to you (or you talk to them). The four days are usually a mad dash to get around to see everyone, and sometimes it doesn't work out. P.G. was one of those sadly missed opportunities.

I did see P.G. in a panel, neither of us on it. He came in late and sat by me. I knew who he was instantly, he may not have known me at that moment. But I whispered hi. We did get to say hi in passing and planned to meet up to chat at some point in the weekend. We'd both be there all weekend, we had time. I don't know how many times we passed in the hall going different directions, but P.G. always waved and said we'd catch up. I did the same.

Monday came. I went home. As you can probably guess, I never did get to sit down and talk with P.G. There were a few others that I missed as well. But on the way home I thought; Next year. Next year I'll catch up with him for sure. Well, sadly that isn't going to happen.

But, there is a bright side to the story! P.G. caught me of Facebook one day and we got to chat there. He didn't know if there was something specific I was wanting to talk about when at Balticon. I said no just wanted to say hi and thank you. So we chatted there for a while, laughing at each others jokes. I will say for once, as I'm not much of a Facebook fan, thank you Facebook.

I've learned that there isn't enough time in the world, so it's time to make the best of what we have. Make sure to say hi to everyone you want to talk too. Tell those around you that they matter and/or you love them. Enjoy what time you do have with everyone you come across. It's hard somedays, but those that touch our hearts and soul in one way or another mean something and we should say so.

Well, now I've decided a few things about Balticon. There may not be a next year, so I'm taking lots of pictures with EVERYONE. (Nobilis said he'll program a little quadrotor drone to follow me and take pictures since I'm terrible at selfies.) I'm going to find everyone that's on the list and say hello.

P.G. Holyfield. You might recognize his name if you've been by the blog lately or even for the last year. He is an author and podcaster. He wrote the fantasy story I loved, Murder at Avedon Hill. He podcasted his story along with released it in print. He is also a voice at where they talk books, movies, and games.

At this moment P.G. is still with us, though he is declining quickly. I did send an email for his friends to read to him. I know they are swamped with kind loves from everyone for P.G. There is a fund started to help P.G. remain comfortable in his last days and to help care for his daughters once he passes. I hope you take a look and think of helping.

I may not have known P.G. as well as many, but what I did see was a great person. P.G. may not have realized it, but he is one of the great children of Az in which he wrote about. He dipped into the river of magic and shared his voice, words, and wisdom with us freely. We all have been touch with the magic. His words and voice will be immortalized for all in the world of books and internet for us and those to yet find him.

What am I trying to say? *sigh* Well, I guess a few things. I want to let you know about P.G., that you can help if you are able, and to ramble on about a kind person. But to also hope you take a moment to tell others you appreciate them.

I hope you take the time to tell loved ones they are special. And I hope you spread the kindness to others around you and let people, even those you just meet, that they are amazing as well. Even people you don't know, if you read a book and loved it, send a thank you to that author. A thank you and a hello goes a long way.

We have time. We just don't know how long we have. So say your hello's today.

P.G. Holyfield:
You can visit his sites: The World of P.G. Holyfield or where he podcasted with
Go Fund at:
Check out Murder at Avedon Hill

P.G. now is at rest as of 11:20pm August 20, 2014. Rest In Peace.


  1. That’s life’s little secret. Time seems so infinite. Day’s just drags on like you have all the time in the world and there’s no need to rush. Then something major happens and you lose some one that has changed your life and has a place in your heart. All of a sudden you look back and see all of the time you've wasted thinking it was infinite when in actuality it was finite. Wonderful tribute for what sounds like a wonderful person. You can see how much you admired him in your words and it will be all our loss.

    1. Matt Ely, so true. We just have to remember it as the days go by. Thank you for visiting and reading. It's nice to hear from friends. :) Take care!

  2. What a beautiful post! Cancer sucks and he shouldn't have to worry about things and should be made comfortable. Thanks for letting me know about him and his work.

    1. Thank you Melissa. I struggled with the post, so glad you thought it came out well. Cancer is a terrible enemy. Thank you.


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