Saturday, October 12, 2013

That time of year is approaching...NaNoWriMo Time!

November is right around the corner. And with it...NaNoWriMo! Many of you already know, but for the rest, I take November off from blogging. I focus my time and energy to getting 50k words in black and white. On the screen and ready for me to tear apart in the months to follow. (However, that was on the lacking side this year, when I really planned on getting serious. Thank you life.)

(Thank you Frodo, @1FantasyFanatic on Twitter and of Frodo's Blog of Randomness for pulling this clip together for me last year.)

I love NaNo. The interaction and friendly competition I have. The biggest excuse of all time to drop everything else for a month and write. Yep. I love it. It frees the mind.

So, what's in the plans this year... Um, I don't know? Well, I have an idea and I'm trying to think it out now. So I'm ready for November.

I've got two items in mind. My original plans were shot out the window when I got behind with everything from June on. So I'm going with plan two.

First up, my steampunk/clockworks fairytale remix novella. Sounds like a mouth full. lol. But this is the second one. I did the first for Camp NaNoWriMo in April. I'm currently *trying* to get through re-reading and adjusting it to ready for the next. I had no idea I was going to have a second when I started the first. At the end, it came to mind that another character needed a story to finish for her. My goal, 40k with this one.

Yes, I know. The goal target for NaNoWriMo is 50k and I'll be short. That's okay. I have another novella in mind. And it's a twisted fairytale of magic. It's one of those 'What if...' thinking. I'm going to see if I can make this one work for me. If not, it'll be fun. 

So, I went back to last years wrap up post to see what advice I had for myself. I completely forgot I did this!

1) Getting the courage to start the first word, sentence, paragraph, and page. Each day. The first words are the scariest, but once I get going, it's all down hill from there.

2) Everyone has a purpose. These additional characters can add greatly to the story. Use them.

3) Don't look at the total number! So, this one is hard to do. But, I'm grateful for any and all words I get. But look at a daily count rather than the finishing number. That big number of 50,000 looks terrifying. Don't think of it. Not for the first week or two, at least!

4) Don't stress over what's happening in the story. Keep going forward. Get a story down. You switch gears in the middle? It's okay, you can fix the beginning later. Completely change the building you are in? Don't sweat it, you can fix the first half after you get through the whole idea you have going here. This is to get that whole thought, the starts of bones of a story, down. You can work with the rest later. You don't need the perfect descriptions yet either.

5) Don't Stop! If I get stuck, skip ahead to another scene. That missing piece might come to mind next week, or in a future scene you didn't realize was connected to it. Yep, it happens.

6) Don't go Back. If that skipped scene comes to mind, don't spend time looking for that spot. Draw a line and write it now. I'll loss that thought if I wait to long. If I get off path, pull back to where I want. Don't erase. Don't fix it. Hey, that is back story! Remember that. All words count!

7) Stuck? Don't know what to do with the story, world or character(s)? Try writing from another character POV. I might learn something to get me going with the story where I was stopped. Again, ALL WORDS COUNT! And, another back story. I'm getting to know the characters a bit more.

8) Whether it works or not, WRITE IT! Once you have it out, you'll know what direction you want to go. Don't delete it though. Make a note or rewrite it if you must. Yes, I just said write the scene twice. You'll know what will work and will have options when you go back through re-writing.

9) Keep a Notebook near. When on the go or even when at the computer typing away. The mind is always flowing and you want to catch though fleeting thoughts as they happen.

There are a lot of thoughts to keep in mind as I go this year. I will also use sprints to my advantage and friends who support me. Huge thing. Friends.

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