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Demons of Oblivion Blog Tour: Character Interview with Ryann

Welcome to one of today's stop on the Demons of Oblivion Blog Tour.

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Now, to what you stopped by for. An interview by yours truly with Ryann.
(Bold & Black - Melissa & Interviewer, Blue - Ryann, Red - Zara)

Recently a vampire was interviewed by our journalist Dina James. I wanted to bring you the view from a different perspective. A special interview with Ryann David. You’ll learn in just a few moments why this woman is so special.

Ah! Here she comes now, finished at work for G J & R Psychic Detective Agency…

*steps in, glances around taking in the exits and potential weapons, and takes a seat facing both Melissa and the door*

Hello, Ryann! It is an honored to have you by to talk with me. A few of your colleagues have been interviewed and I thought we should hear the sensible side of things. 

Absolutely, thank you so much for having me.

I’ve heard rumors through the club Alchemy Red that you are a demon hunting/fighting nun. Correct?

Yes, though no longer a nun. *absently clasps cross at her throat* I’ve kept my vows to fight demons if they’re causing problems and endangering human lives, however a little more secular now.

That’s a big change, sounds like there might have been a tough moment in your life.
My faith in the divine has never wavered. My faith in institutions, lacking. I strongly feel I’m on the right path, however.

I’m curious. A place like Alchemy Red has no hard feelings with letting you in?

Provided I don’t attempt to kill any of their clients, they allow me into the club. It’s not somewhere I prefer to go but I usually get...“encouraged” to come along with my friends.

And problems of a supernatural variety quite commonly pop up at a club geared towards a supernatural clientele, so my particular skillset tends to be useful there.

Hmm, I’ll have to keep my eye on Alchemy Red then.

It would help to also have a katana.

You seem to have amazing senses for detecting and fighting demons. Did you go through a lot of extensive training?

Yes, ten years. Both physical and psychological training as well as some strategy.

I personally think the ability to sense demons is a combination of factors. The first and most prominent is that we’re trained to identify predators. Predators have a particular way of moving, of looking at the world. Because we’re taught to hunt the hunters, we’re good at identifying demons and vampires.

The second part, I truly believe comes from divine blessing. We wouldn’t survive if not for the grace of God.

You are currently working with a very special group here. Or a talented man, Ellie. I hear he can…talk to the dead? That’s the Psychic part of the Detective Agency. Is that so?

Yes, he’s a medium. His specific talent is that he can commune with the spirits of those who have died violently as well as see through the eyes of killers.

It seems you worry greatly for Ellie. Is there a lasting effect on Ellie when he performs his work?

*Ryann leans forward, lowers her voice* Honestly, the depth of which it influences him...I don’t know. I do know that he tends to drink when using his gifts or else he risks violent, debilitating seizures. He also maintains a connection with those he speaks to. To what degree, I can’t say, but it’s...difficult. Hard on him.

Now, I’m curious. How did a well adjusted person as yourself, and a demon hunter, become friends with a vampire? Or two! But one in particular, Zara Lain. Oh. Zara Lain...

*Ryann stiffens, looks at the door* Oh...dear. *raises her voice* Do you have some sort of sixth sense about when someone’s talking about you?

*door creaks open, heavy heels thump on the floor* *Zara walks in wearing four-inch heels, skinny jeans, and a corset; she drapes herself on the arm of the couch, tossing back her black hair* It’s my super power of innate narcissism.


Go on. Just pretend I’m not here.

As I was saying, not all vampires are evil. They have the potential to kill, but so do all humans.

I’m a little bit evil.

You are very evil, and if you attempt to kill an innocent, I’ll stop you.

Aww, you’re like a snarly little kitten who thinks she’s badass.

Zara Lain has joined us folks! Zara, you always bring a bit of color and flavor to a room. It’s a pleasure to see you again.

My human BF! Hey, Melissa. Don’t mind me, I’m just going to steal Ry when she’s done. Got a half demon pestering orphans and puppies to take care of.

Are you sure it’s orphans and puppies and not someone who owes you money?


Ry, you were trained at a church. Do you think you will return there one day? After all you’ve seen and learned, could you return to the hunting team you once were on?


*Zara interrupts* Ohhhh that would be so much fun.

This is not your interview.

I’m just saying. You’ve got a training room, right? We could make it Thunderdome. I take on a bunch of Hunters. Impale them on their own stakes. In the shape of a cross. It would wonderfully blasphemous.

*Ryann clears throat* If they needed me, yes, I’d return on a temporary basis. Never permanently, however—not with all I know now.

I dunno, I think they might end up having some answers for you, Buffy.

Please stop calling me—wait, what are you talking about?

*Zara yawns* My trigger finger’s kinda itchy. Let’s beat up some demons.

Thank you for speaking with me, Ry. I don’t want to take up any more of your valuable time.

Thank you very much for having me, Melissa. *Ryann rises*

*Zara hops off the arm of the couch* See ya, Mel!

See ya Zara. Call and we'll do drinks. And there you have it folks. Ryann David….

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