Monday, October 14, 2013

Cover Reveal! Two for One!

Skyla Dawn Cameron has started a new mini series. These are short stories that will take place in Alchemy Red. If you've read her Demons of Oblivion series, you'll know Alchemy Red is the bar the characters frequent. And it's full of supernatural.

No, you DO NOT need to read Demons of Oblivion series to get these short stories and understand them.

The first is out already:

A Vampire Walked Into A Bar
By:  Skyla Dawn Cameron
Due Out:  Available Now!
Pat knows there are vampires in his city, and now he has visual proof. He's set up a meeting with someone who might be able to stop them...but there's a vampire or two who might have something to say about that. 

This is a short story that takes place several years prior to the start of Bloodlines and also appears in Whiskey Sour & Other Stories.

You can pick up A Vampire Walked Into A Bar (Tales from Alchemy Red): On Amazon for 99c

**Note: A Vampire Walked Into A Bar is also a short story in Whiskey Sour. It IS still available in Whisky Sour.

The second will be out soon:

Hungry Like The Wendigo
By:  Skyla Dawn Cameron
Due Out:  October 28, 2013
Someone’s been haunting Alchemy Red...
It’s Halloween and a costume party is in full swing at the club city supernaturals like to visit. But not all is well: a particularly powerful spirit is haunting the joint, and despite the club’s clientele of vampires, witches, and half-demons, random fires and levitating tables are bad for business not to mention horrific attacks on staff members.
Getting rid of the spirit seems like a simple enough job for a Demon Hunter, her psychic detective boyfriend, and their vampire friend... But this is no ordinary spirit. It’s old. It’s hungry. And it’ll tear through anyone standing in its way.
(This is a Ryann David short story set between Hunter and Lineage.)

Now, don't let the cover scare you. It's not that scary. Really. You can trust me. It's goooood. You'll enjoy it. It's from Ryann's POV. You know, she's the Demon Hunting Nun. ;)