Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Book Review: Hungry Like the Wendigo

Hungry Like the Wendigo

By:  Skyla Dawn Cameron

Publish Date:  October 28, 2013

Format:  eBook, 9k words

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  part of Tales From Alchemy Red stories; A Vampire Walked Into A Bar

Recommendation:  Ooooh yes! You don't have to read the series to enjoy these short stories.

Someone’s been haunting Alchemy Red...

It’s Halloween and a costume party is in full swing at the club city supernaturals like to visit. But not all is well: a particularly powerful spirit is haunting the joint, and despite the club’s clientele of vampires, witches, and half-demons, random fires and levitating tables are bad for business not to mention horrific attacks on staff members.

Getting rid of the spirit seems like a simple enough job for a Demon Hunter, her psychic detective boyfriend, and their vampire friend... But this is no ordinary spirit. It’s old. It’s hungry. And it’ll tear through anyone standing in its way.

(This is a Ryann David short story set between Hunter and Lineage.)

First Sentence:
"Don't you find this...just a little meta?"

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*I read this story for my love of the world it's in and beta reading.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ryann, Ellie, and Nic are called to Alchemy Red for some more-than-normal strange events. The clientele of the supernatural club aren't aware of the haunting happening. And the owners aren't able to stop it so they called Nic for help. What they come across in the basement could be more than these three can handle. The club is full on one of the busiest days of the year but what stirs to life in the basement will empty it quickly.

It is kind of meta. To walk into Alchemy Red, the home of all different monsters to see they are dressed up for Halloween. But I love it. The vision in my head, yea that's fun.

I love seeing these characters, again. Ellie is as fun as I remember him. Ry is as shy and naive, in one area, as well. And Nic...she is on the ball with computers. A physic who communicates with the dead, a demon hunter, and a vampire. Ellie and Ry might even come to a different phase of their relationship here.

Skyla has once again blended action, fight, and destruction into one short read. Even a bit of personal life with the characters as well.

You can read this short story WITHOUT reading any of the books in the Demons of Oblivion series. These stories are set with the characters at the Alchemy Red bar with different happenings. The stories do give you the bits of information you need to know what is happening and who the characters are. It might even make you curious enough to read the series. ;)

Quick read with all the elements I thoroughly enjoy.


Silvia said...

Happy to hear you enjoyed this one and good to know those short stories can be read without reading the other books in the series and not because I don't want to, but 'cause I enjoy novellas. Plus, since we don't have time to read every series altogether, a novella can help you decide which series has the right vibes for you, hence what you should pick up sooner rather than later, don't you agree?

Melliane said...

wow creepy cover! I really need to read them all.

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh fun! A standalone but goes well with the series. I usually enjoy those!

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Silvia, Skyla is trying hard to create these so people can get a glimpse of the world and characters but not need to read the books. :) And for the price, you can't beat it. Hope you enjoy it if you get it. :)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

I know Melliane! The cover is creepy, but the story is far from it. :) You'll love seeing Ry here...and Ellie. ;)

Melissa (My World...in words and pages) said...

Melissa (B&T) I do hope you get to enjoy these! :)