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Sunday Post #21

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The week was a bit of struggle, but I"m not going to stress over it.  There's been lots of running around with kiddo and sports, wedding anniversary, for my dad, and I don't even know what else mixed in there.  So, I've not got much done in blog visiting, but I'm here.  And trying to get round to see everyone at least once.

It's a struggle these days.  But I'm *thinking* things will start to calm with kids sports to a regular schedule and such.  *hoping*  And I can finally get on some routine and start exercising again.  The reading has been a bit on the slow side with all this stuff going on. *sigh*

What's Happening in Books:

Current Read:
Requiem by Ken Scholes

Quarter Share by Nathan Lowell - a podcast reading of the book. (while at work I'm listening)

Finished Last Week:
Nothing, sorry.

Finished Podcast Book Listen:
I haven't got to the Podcasts yet.  I will, they are lining up on me.


Last Week on the Blog:

Kate SeRine and her AMAZING news for her Transplated Tales series.

Musical Sound Track Tour, INTO THE GREY by Celine Kiernan

Cover Reveals: (click titles to go to post & learn more)

Book Review:

The Tao of Feeblecorn by Paul Goat Allen

The Red Plague Affair by Lilith Saintcrow


You pick the book by Lilith Saintcrow!  (ends 7/29/13)

Weekly Posts:

***NEW*** Mythical Monday - Jon Sprunk - Mythical Creatures: Fae and Shadow
Teaser Tuesday
Who? What? Where? Wend.
Throwback Thursday
Looking Forward To...
Freebies and Deals, on Nook too

This Week to Come on the Blog:

A WHOLE BIG week of stuff!  Okay, so it's my Blog's 4th Birthday and I've got lists of the Top 5s for the last year for different genres along with several of those authors sharing favorite lines or scenes from the books.  I'm going to share bits with you of these books to introduce them to you.  AND, there will be giveaways!!! :D Woot Woot!


Received Last Week:

Nothing this week

Carniepunk by Anthology
Goodreads Synopsis:
A star-studded urban fantasy anthology featuring bestselling authors Rachel Caine, Rob Thurman, Seanan McGuire, Jennifer Estep, and Kevin Hearne, whose stories explore the creepy, mysterious, and, yes, sometimes magical world of traveling carnivals.

The traveling carnival is a leftover of a bygone era, a curiosity lurking on the outskirts of town. It is a place of contradictions—the bright lights mask the peeling paint; a carnie in greasy overalls slinks away from the direction of the Barker’s seductive call. It is a place of illusion—is that woman’s beard real? How can she live locked in that watery box?

And while many are tricked by sleight of hand, there are hints of something truly magical going on. One must remain alert and learn quickly the unwritten rules of this dark show. To beat the carnival, one had better have either a whole lot of luck or a whole lot of guns—or maybe some magic of one’s own.

Featuring stories grotesque and comical, outrageous and action-packed,Carniepunk is the first anthology to channel the energy and attitude of urban fantasy into the bizarre world of creaking machinery, twisted myths, and vivid new magic.

Time Heals by Dina James
Goodreads Synopsis:
Rebecca MacDonnell is strange. More than that, she's a Stranger, a human born with the ability to use her own life's force to heal ethereal beings. Vampires, werewolves, demons, ghosts, goblins, and other things thought only imaginary all need help sometime, and when they do, they come to her.

Some things, however, are beyond help. Something is stalking all Ethereals, great and small. Beings of every race are fleeing a terror no one will acknowledge, let alone name.

At seventeen, Mistress Healer Rebecca is still learning to manage her power. She must learn to control it before it controls her.

Unless it's already too late.

When her burgeoning ability gets away from her, that which heals turns to harm and drives her loyal man-wolf bodyguard Billy straight into the arms of the unknown horror.

Unlikely new friends are her only hope to finding out what's happened, and she must enter new – and dangerous – territory in order to do it.

Deliverance by Jon F. Merz
Goodreads Synopsis:
Meet Lawson. A cynical, wise-cracking vampire charged with protecting the Balance between vampires and humans, he is part cop, part spy, and part commando -- James Bond with fangs. Lawson mixes shrewd cunning with unmatched lethality to get his job done. He tries his best to dismantle conspiracies, dispatch bad guys, and live long enough to get home. In The Kensei, a battle-weary Lawson heads to Japan for a little rest and some advanced ninja training. But he no sooner steps off the plane than lands in the midst of a Yakuza turf war orchestrated by a shadowy figure known as the Kensei. With the help of Talya, a former KGB-assassin, Lawson must put a stop to the Kensei's organ trafficking networks, prevent the creation of an army of vampire-human hybrids, and save his own skin in the process.

John F. Merz has written an utterly exciting novel—urban, paranormal fantasy meets international, action-packed thriller.

Ebooks purchased through a Kickstarter for Time Travel anthology.
The Winds of Khalakovo by Bradley P. Beaulieu
Goodreads Synopsis:
Among inhospitable and unforgiving seas stands Khalakovo, a mountainous archipelago of seven islands, its prominent eyrie stretching a thousand feet into the sky. Serviced by windships bearing goods and dignitaries, Khalakovo’s eyrie stands at the crossroads of world trade. But all is not well in Khalakovo. Conflict has erupted between the ruling Landed, the indigenous Aramahn, and the fanatical Maharraht, and a wasting disease has grown rampant over the past decade. Now, Khalakovo is to play host to the Nine Dukes, a meeting which will weigh heavily upon Khalakovo’s future.

When an elemental spirit attacks an incoming windship, murdering the Grand Duke and his retinue, Prince Nikandr, heir to the scepter of Khalakovo, is tasked with finding the child prodigy believed to be behind the summoning. However, Nikandr discovers that the boy is an autistic savant who may hold the key to lifting the blight that has been sweeping the islands. Can the Dukes, thirsty for revenge, be held at bay? Can Khalakovo be saved? The elusive answer drifts upon the Winds of Khalakovo...

Farmers and Mercenaries: Book 1 of the Geneseis of Oblivion by Maxwell Alexander Drake
Goodreads Synopsis:
In a sleepy farming stead, a young man, Alant Cor, is found to be one of the few Humans who can manipulate the Essence. And, not simply manipulate it. Alant has more power over this magical force than any Human in known history. Does his younger brother, Arderi Cor, possess the same ability, or something more sinister?

Clytus Rillion, the commander of a mercenary troop, embarks on a quest to cure his dying son, Sindian. Though he doubts he will survive the journey, he will pay any price to save his son’s life.

The beast, known only as Klain, born a slave and now used to entertain the masses in a bloodthirsty sport known as the Games, finds out his true value to those who own him lies with his death.

All are resigned to walk the paths fate has put them upon. Yet, is this of their own accord? Or, is an ancient and powerful race, the Elmorians, manipulating the other inhabitants of Talic’Nauth? Change is falling upon the Plane. Some Elmorians are making preparations to weather the storms ahead - others intend to use the coming chaos to seize power over all the races.

Follow these seemingly unrelated lives as their paths are set on a course that none can hope to survive. Readers of the Genesis of Oblivion Saga will immerse themselves in the depth of a unique world culture, the grandeur of its civilizations, and the sheer awe of more than ninety-six thousand years of history!

Free Ebooks:
I didn't find anything this week.  Been to lazy, I guess.

Reviews in the Works:

The Crown Tower by Michael J. Sullivan
The Rose and the Thorn by Michael J. Sullivan
Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan
Dragonsoul by Philippa Ballantine
Into Darkness by S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart


  1. Carniepunk is so on my wishlist, and I hope things calm down a little...i remember those days!

    1. Kimba, thank you. I hope you get and enjoy Carnipunk. :) I seem to be buying books, but not able to get to read them these days. *sigh* Hope you have a great week.

  2. Carniepunk was good, I enjoyed it.

    I hope life calms down for you soon!

    1. Thank you Bea. And I look forward to diving into Carniepunk one day, now that I have it. *sigh* :)

  3. Yay, looking forward to your anniversary posts, sweetheart and hope this week will be less manic for you! *big hugs*

    1. Thank you Kara! :D I soooo loved your picks. You have added to my TBR pile. :D Thank you!

  4. Well congrats on your blogoversary kiddo! Mine was on the 18th, which I completely forgot until today. I really do need to read Carniepunk, considering my childhood.

    1. Hi Ryan!! Happy Blogoversary to you as well! lol. Oh yes, I've thought of you with the Carniepunk book, from time to time. *sigh* It's been crazy here for several months now, I feel terrible I've not gotten by the blog to visit with you. I've been slacking on that end with everyone with real life stuff. Hope you are doing well.


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