Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Book Review: Keeper of Secrets

Keeper of Secrets

By:  S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

Format:  eNovella, 59pgs

Publisher:  Ravynheart Publishing

Publish Date:  February 14, 2013

Series:  5th in Champion of the Sidhe series
Affiliated with Touch series, and Rise of the Unseelie Series

Book Synopsis:
Poisoned with dark magic and suffering the Fade, Lugh's fighting a battle within himself.  One that endangers everyone around him.  And if he can't complete his quest for the new fey realm before the dark corruption possesses him, all hope for the fey may be lost.

First Sentence:
With each of Lugh's long strides, the footsteps that trailed him drew closer.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
As Lugh is walking to London's in the night he feels the darkness stirring in him and is attacked by werewolves, who love the taste of fey.  Lugh's fey magic is tested once again, bringing him closer to the Fade, or use the dark magic which doesn't bide well with the light he is.  Lugh is on a mission to find the relics to help the fey and Sidhe create a realm for themselves, he will do anything for them...if he can keep the beast rising in him at bay.

We see the darkness strengthening in Lugh as Lugh grows weaker with his magics tested.  Lugh believes the darkness in him isn't all that strong and not to be worried about.  However, Lugh's struggle against the beast inside is harder than he realizes, or wants to admit.

Fight!  We have a FEW! fight scenes in this short story.  Yes!  We start with one, one in the middle, and one in the end.  We see Lugh do what he does best as the Champion.

This story brings us many answers to the many small questions from reading London's story with Lugh, Captivated.  Now on Lugh's side we see why he did and what is going on.  I'm ready for the Unseelie story now!

**I read this book for an honest review from the authors.


  1. Wow! More novellas. I am curious, but don't always go to the novella. Might have to change my mind...

    1. Melissa (B&T), these novella's are written as a continuous story. All 5 in each series and the series's cross too. So if you read them read all three series and you'll have the full story. :)

  2. oh it's nice you had some answers with this novella. I don't read a lot you know... only the authors I really love, I'm often too frustrated after a novella...

    1. Melliane, I was very very pleased with these final novellas in this story line. It was great to get to see things here. :) Thank you for stopping.

  3. Great review as always Melissa :D

  4. Wow...thats a good mix of paranormal critters there... And dangerous ones at that! *-* Glad you enjoyed it though... And thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow some cool supernatural creatures in this one..glad you enjoyed it.


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