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Book Review: Forbidden Love

Forbidden Love

By:  Robyn Sadler

Publisher:  Self published

Publish Date:  December 2012

Format:  eBook, 157pgs

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  1st in Wolf Town series

Recommendation:  If you enjoy a blend of magic and supernatural with werewolves and vampires do take a look.

Charles Johnson and Katrina Grierson are ready to make the next move; marriage.  There is just one problem, their families hate each other.  To top that off, Katrina is about to discover the truth about her family and herself.  A discovery that will change her life forever and might change her relationship with Charles that could destroy their future.

First Sentence:
Blondie's "One Way or Another" played in the background of a witch's home in Helensville, Ohio.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Cassandra gives birth to a baby girl that all are going to want.  A baby of witch and werewolf decent.  Katrina needs to be kept hidden from the Vampires who enslave the witches to their doings.  A prophecy has been told and waited for, and many plan to use that to their advantage to rule the town and maybe even more.  Katrina, the niece to Grierson pack Alpha, is now twenty-five and happily engaged to Charles, even though he is the son of the rivaling pack Alpha.  Katrina finds someone, or more than one, is after her - her cruel ex-boyfriend.  Katrina's world gradually spins out of control as the wolf world is in chaos as Katrina learns the truth of her parents.  There are changes happening to the world as Katrina and Charles know it, and to Katrina they can't control, while people are killed and war starts between the packs, all while trying to pick a pack to belong to after marriage.

This is a world where supernaturals out number humans and none seem to get along well.  There are a few, yes, but not many.

Katrina has many troubles cracking down on her; real life, wolf requirements, and the supernatural troubles searching for her.  I like the blend with the real life troubles as it gives something I can relate to with the supernatural items as well.  Katrina isn't the normal rough and tough character I usually read.  The world is falling apart and changing around her as she is changing too.  Katrina learns some amazing things about herself here and I'm curious about her powers.  However, in the end Katrina has grown and is stronger.  She is working toward being a strong woman that can take on the world.  She's more determined.

Things happen to and around Katrina, she's only scratched the surface of what she can do.  And it's all a mystery to her and us.  I'm hoping Katrina learns a great deal of what she can do and step up to fight for what (and who) she wants.

Charles and Katrina fight their families to be together, but what they don't know is their families know the secret they will learn in the end.  Hopefully their love will pull through.  The way Katrina and Charles fight for their love reminds me a touch of Romeo and Juliet, as the families don't get along.  But this is mixed with a supernatural blend of magic and creatures.

**I read this book for review from author.


  1. hmmm interesting, Katrine sounds like a nice character to follow. I hope you'll learn more next time!

    1. Melliane, Thank you. I think Katrina is growing and I think there's more in store for her to come. :) Thank you.

  2. Katrina sounds like a character I would enjoy. Also sounds like she does some growing in the book and I like that. Like that it also has a Romeo/Juliet feel. Will have to check this one out.

    1. Melissa (B&T) She is a nice character and yes, that feel was to their love. Hope you like what you find in the story. :)

  3. Now I want to know if they make it!

    1. Kimba, *smile* That's all part of the story. lol. :D Thank you for stopping!

  4. Oh my goodness, Robyn!!! I haven't heard from her in forever. I am so glad she finally has her book out. I did read the prequel and really enjoyed it. Great review hon. Thank you so much hon :D

    1. Yed Diana Ramsey! That's the one. :D This is the full novel of Katrina and Charles. Hope you enjoy this one as well. :)


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