Thursday, February 28, 2013

Book Review: Masquerade


By:  Sarah-Jane Lehoux

Publisher:  Mundania Press

Publish Date:  February 26, 2013

Format:  eARC, 233 pgs

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  3rd in Sevy series; 1st Book ~ Thief, 2nd Book ~ Shades of War

Recommendation:  I would start with Thief, but if you are this far in series and enjoy fey as well, do get this one.  Where Sevy ends is a wonder!  And Revik is in full fighting action again.

Starting over isn't easy, especially when the world isn't ready for you to change.  Sevy, thief turned assassin turned mercenary, isn't having any fun adjusting to a normal, law-abiding life.  Luckily for her, an old partner in crime arrives with an irresistible proposition: a getaway to a tropical island, and adventure of a lifetime, and an amazing friendship ready to blossom into an even more amazing romance.

Things are looking up for Sevy.  That is, until a pack of maniacal fairies with a taste for human flesh arrive on the scene.

Now she must unravel a web of magical intrigue hidden behind the outwardly idyllic atmosphere of the islands of Belakarta.  Nothing is as it seems, and no one can be trusted.  Trapped under the spell of a handsome and mysterious stranger, Sevy must fight fairies and tricksters to regain her freedom.

Or spend an eternity as a sorcerer's plaything.

First Sentence:
Eloria was burning.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Revik is back to Eloria as it burns, but un-phased about the damage, when it burns out Eloria will survive.  It's been four years and he's back for Sevy, Yy'voury - his wife - has sent him on a mission and he wants Sevy to come along.  Sevy has been staying with the Destan's in Devenbourn, the home of her now deceased nine years ago love Jarro's family.  Sevy feels she's over stayed her welcome to help with Mrs. Destan now that Lon and Trena are back with their little one.  Sevy gladly jumps at the adventure Revik hardly gets to tell her about, so off they go by sea they head to the islands of Belakarta looking for Revik's youngest daughter.  What Sevy finds before they even dock at the island as their ship is attacked, killer fairies.  Sevy will find herself separated from the one true friend she thought she had in the world.  She will have to try and fight a magic she doesn't know or see to free herself from being enslaved to a magically powerful man who's always in her mind.

The book starts off strong with the old Revik in full action, fighting in his old way and enjoying every minute of it.  As did I.  I love Revik taking charge and laughing, enjoying the fight.  Sevy is off a little bit.  She doesn't have anywhere she really 'fits-in'.  Sevy is a unique person and not many like her, but most of all they don't understand her.  We meet Yy'voura, Revik's youngest daughter and she' interesting one.  Sort of naive for her age yet innocent in the dark elf way around the world of looking for good everywhere.  Seeing Yy'voura it's hard to see the reputation the dark elves have from humans.  Then we have...killer fairies!

This island Revik visits to find his daughter is having troubles of their own...fairies.  And even the mischievous kind too.  Revik and Sevy get sucked in to the mess as well, literally.  So much is worked in with the fey here!  We see different fey and touch on their abilities along with see the mess fey magic can create.  I really enjoyed the exotic island blend of fey and fantasy.  Now I'm curious we will spot more fey in the world as they seem to have been attracted to this island, with due reason.  We even learn of a connection to the dark elves as well.

We see Sevy with her 'niece' Sevy Gee (as they call her).  Sevy Gee is very special and knows things from her imaginary friend.  Ooo, this girl is good.  I think I know who could be her imaginary friend, but I'm not saying.  And she is just an adorable little one.  I do look forward to seeing her more.

I really enjoyed this story.  Loved the blend here.  I even got the feel for a Midsummer Night's Dream twist in the setting here with the "love" and fey.  I did feel toward the middle the story started to feel drawn out with Sevy and the fey and was ready for the story to move on, shortly after it did and the story took a big turn with the old Sevy I love.

The first two books in Print or eBook:

**I read this book for an honest review from the author as I've loved the previous books.


  1. These books all sound so awesomesauce and this book sounds like it fits right into things! That niece sounds adorable. I so need to make time to just dive into this world!

    1. Melissa (B&T) It is a neat fit with this one into the world. It touches on a tidbit with the dark elves heritage. :) Hope you enjoy these when you get to them. :D

  2. Really? A midsummer's night twist? Who would have ever guessed that? Interesting... Thanks for the rec! =)

    1. Gina R, it was strange it hit me with the love that was going around the circle. lol. Thank you for stopping.

  3. I've never heard of these books. My fav. firy is Tinkerbelle :D

    1. Hi Silverlight. Thank you for stopping. It was interesting to read the fairy on the island and the activities they keep. :) Thank you!


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