Thursday, February 7, 2013

Auction of Bookish items for a Cause...Children

Authors at their best, a cause for the children...

I don't know if you heard about it but Crestline Elementary school in Vancouver WA burnt down.

Really.  It's sad.  Children grow attached to their schools, and the memories created there.  Running with friends through the halls, then having a teacher tell them no running, but the laughs and learning kids go through at this stage.  The friends they make.  All means oh so much to them.  These kids and the ones who passed before them lost that here.  To add to it an amazing authors child went to school there as well, Lilith Saintcrow's child.

Lilith has an amazing post on what the school district will do for the kids to finish the year.  But they are in need of basic school supplies and books.

The Evil League of Evil Writers are working to raise money to donate.
What are they doing?
They are having a huge auction of amazing things.

You could get things!  There are signed Books & Swag, Query & Manuscript Critiques, Mentorships, and many other amazing items to bid for.  You have to go check it out!!

You can find the auction (and donation links also) at:  Evil for Crestline.

FOR BLOGGERS!!!  If you help spread the word of this amazing auction, you too can enter to win ebooks by filling out the form with links to your post.

***Now, if you're an author who's read all this and is taken by the actions and wants to donate for the children (and I don't mean looking for publicity but wants to help a great cause) you can contact Skyla Dawn Cameron or Dina James.  Their email addies are available under the tab About the Auction.  There will be more auctions next week to go up as well.

The school is accepting monetary donations.
If you would like to donate, even $5 will make a difference when enough of us do it, you can go through a few venues:  (all these links can be found on Evil League of Evil Writers Auction site: Evil for Crestline.)
   To donate money
   Other ways to donate supplies - Oh so much falls in this category.  Crayons, pencils, notebooks, and more.
   And because we are book lovers and can't stand seeing kids with out books... The way to donate books.  (This is grades K-5)
     Or if you want you can send to Lilith's P.O. Box and she will pass on to her son's teacher.

This is a lot to take in.  In short, a school is no more and needs our help to raise money and supplies for the kids.  Evil League of Evil Writers have sponsored an Auction with many authors and people donating for us to bid on.  You win the bid, you get the item and the kids get the money.  Simple and a great cause...for kids!


  1. Great to see others supporting this cause.

    1. Thank you Falcata Times! It's well worth the support, for sure. :)

  2. You just upped Skyla Dawn Cameron or Dina James on my tbr and wishlist pile. :)

    1. Oh Melissa (B&T) Skyla and Dina like to say they are tough people, but they are amazing and right there when needed. Glad to bump them up in your stacks. :) Thank you!!

  3. That's a good cause, it's great to see that these author's care so much.

    I'm not a very good stalker, how old is your kid. Because at the end of the book it says "The Cypher began as a theological conspiracy theory story for adults, it was bloody, gritty- a little bit on the heretical side of the spectrum- and completely out of character the moment Doctor Franco popped into my mind." It's not like that anymore, he must have changed it, it doesn't say it in the book but maybe it's not for very young kids.

    1. Thank you Rivie Bleu, yes the authors have really gone out to help. :)

      And my son is 13. He's looking for books that make him feel 'older.' Not the young reader books lately. I've been struggling with books for him as he's still young, but wants more in his reads. Tough age. That book sounded like it might be one we could both read and I could help him with any questions he has. Thank you for sharing that bit at the end of the book. :)

  4. Wow, that's aweful. Thanks for spreading the word.

  5. sad! Definitely see how I can help out, but first up...spreading the word. *'likes', tweets, pluses*

    1. Thank you greatly Gina R for spreading the word with us. :) *hugs*


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