Friday, February 8, 2013

Freebies and Deals, on Nook too (41)

Barnes & Nobles has their Freebie Thread up.  Remember to check the comments as well for anything you might read, people always share finds there too.

I was rather lame this week.  I didn't find much for you.  Sorry!

Nothing found in my minimal travels on the net.  But I'm sure many great blogs have found things.  Hope you find some great free reads.

This is a pre-order, but can't pass it up!  The book is listed for $15.00 but if you order now it's $9.99.  I don't know about you, but $5.00 is a big difference for me. :)  I don't know how long it'll last, so go grab your copy.
Clockwork Fairy Tales (anthology - several authors)
Amazon   /   Barnes & Nobles
Goodreads Synopsis:
Combining the timeless fairy tales that we all read as children with the out-of-time technological wizardry that is steampunk, this collection of stories blends the old and the new in ways sure to engage every fantasy reader.… 

Inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s �The Red Shoes,” New York Times bestselling author K. W. Jeter’s �La Valse” forges a fable about love, the decadence of technology, and a gala dance that becomes the obsession of a young engineer—and the doom of those who partake in it.…

In �You Will Attend Until Beauty Awakens,” national bestselling author and John W. Campbell Award winner Jay Lake tells the story of Sleeping Beauty—and how the princess was conceived in deception, raised in danger, and rescued by a prince who may be less than valiant.

The tale of �The Tinderbox” takes a turn into the surreal when a damaged young soldier comes into possession of an intricate, treacherous treasure and is drawn into a mission of mercy in national bestselling author Kat Richardson’s �The Hollow Hounds.”

In �The Kings of Mount Golden,” Hugo and World Fantasy Award nominee Paul Di Filippo tells the story of a young man’s search for his heritage and a mechanical marvel that lies at the heart of a sinister pact in this fascinating take on �The King of the Golden Mountain.”

Steven Harper
Nancy A. Collins
G. K. Hayes
Gregory Nicoll
Pip Ballantine

Have you found anything you'd like to share?  Please let me know any amazing finds you found, since I didn't do much searching this week.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh Melissa (B&T) I know I picked it up, you totally should! Would go great for your steampunk week. ;P lol.

  2. There are some free kindles this week I've heard.

    The Cypher by Julian Rosado-Machain should be free throughout the tour.

    Invisible by Jeanne Bannon I believe is free today only (not sure if today only)

  3. Sounds like my kind of stories/fairy-tales :)! Thank you for sharing your review, opinion! It seems there are authors who think the same way like me: every author I guess should strive to create new creatures, the classical, old like vampires, elves, dwarfs, wizards with sharp hats, fairies, etc. are too ordinary already? That's why I try some new in some of my books (weightless korks, glowing, living balls, Brown faces, fiery men, one-eyeds, night fruit, rock pieces, fish-keepers, etc...). Hope such creatures, characters could bring new, fresh "blood" in stories... As well as new, different plots as well...

    1. Ivan Stoikov - Allan Bard. I really liked the sounds of the stories in this anthology and really look forward to it. I like the clockwork retells of fairy tales. They are neat to read. :) Thank you for stopping.


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