Monday, October 1, 2012

Short Story Review: Just A Man

Just a Man

By:  Seleste deLaney

Published By:  author on her site

Published Date:  March 2011

Format:  eread on authors site

Genre:  Steampunk

Series:  Short story in Badlands world

Recommendation:  Oh yes, gives you a glimpse at the hard person Ever is and just might make you curious to try the enovella with Ever fighting her way through it.

In the Badlands, nothing is simple -- not even the death of a parent.  I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into Ever's life before she finds her way aboard the Dark Hawk.

First Sentence:
Ever paced the length of her mother's rooms, a faint cloud of dust from her clothes following in her wake.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ever returns home at her mothers request to learn the bad news of her fathers death, but Ever might have a different view on it, or is it just the way she deals...

This is a glimpse at Everette while she learns her working father died.  We see the hard woman she is and what her job is.  There is a little history here as well.

I think I could like this woman, Ever.  I need to read Badlands to know more of what it is she does.  I want to see this world: troops of woman, criminals sent across borders, and having to hunt the criminals.

This short story does make me curious about the world, and a strong, hard character I think I could read and like.

If you are curious as well, take a few moments to read this free read found on the author's site.  You too might find yourself diving into the enovella Badlands as I did after reading this.

Seleste deLaney has Just a Man for free to read.  As well as other short stories in another world including vampires, if you are curious to sample A Blood Kissed series short story.

**I read this quick short story for my own enjoyment.


  1. Hm... looks like one that I would need the novel so I could enjoy the novella more. Sounds interesting!

    1. Oh Melissa (Books&Things) - I read this because I was curious, but was interested in this hard woman, so had to get the first book too. lol. Thank you!

  2. Criminals are sent across the borders to be hunted? That's a new premise if I ever heard one!

    1. Cherry, the criminals are sent across the borders to the badlands which is away from people. But Ever and her people live here and have taken up station as the prison guards in a sense. But they kill if they are to murderous when they attack the women here, or try to get out. It's an interesting take, took me a few to get it all, but I really liked it.


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