Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Book Review: Protector of the Light

Protector of the Light

By:  S.A. Archer & S. Ravynheart

Publisher:  Ravynheart Publishing

Publish Date:  September 15, 2012

Format:  eBook, pgs

Genre:  Fantasy, Fey

Series:  4th of Champion of the Sidhe series, Prequel ~ In Whom You Trust, 1st Book ~ The End of the World, 2nd Book ~ Champion of the Fey3rd Book ~ Defender of Magic
Affiliate of:  Rise of the Unseelie series, and Touch series

Book Synopsis:
Since the Collapse of the Mounds, Lugh has spent every waking moment collecting the artifacts he needs to rebuild a magical realm for the fey.  But without the fey realm to replenish the magic he expends, Lugh is Fading.  Fast!  Time's running out.  Enemies are circling.  Forging dangerous alliances may well get him killed...or drive him down a dark path from which he might never be redeemed.

First Sentence:
Lugh raised his cupped hand before him, hiding the light of the magicraft in his palm.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
The shiny vial of swirling gold dust lead Lugh here, looking for the next artifact.  Here being...a vampire club, and not any vampire club but Selena's.  Lugh learns a secret long kept from him, before the Mounds even fell, by his Unseelie Spies.  That Unseelie Exiles are known as Earthborn Sidhe.  Lugh will have to make new allies to try to help quicken his search for artifacts in order to help save the fading fey, and maybe even himself.

I'm glad for the quick mention of the swirling dust in the vial as it reminded me quickly what it is and Lugh's goals, drawing me back to Lugh's mission.  Lugh has come across with a sensual vampire and much more transpires here.

We see more of Lugh here.  He is an experienced ladies man, knowing how to win one over.  Yet Selena is just as convincing as well, she knows the game well.  But to keep Lugh returning to her bed and most likely her hunger for Sidhe blood, she agrees to help him.

Oh goodness!  Lugh meets London!  You know the desperate London from the Touched series.  We see the view of the Touched humans on the Seelie side of the coin here through Lugh.  They are cared and loved for their loyalty.  We also have mention of past names from in the Touched series.

We learn what the Changelings were doing to the fey and their plans.  Lugh is so close to finding more Sidhe, yet that's it as many would blame the Seelie for the fall of the mounds.  But Lugh finds a group that he visits, and helps, then realizes how weak he's becoming.  But we see the Fade is affecting others as well.

With this discovery of the Fade affecting others, I'm curious to learn about why and if Lugh will find a way to save them, and himself.  Then there are the secrets London holds, will Lugh find out and shun her as well?  Lugh maybe bedding with a dangerous ally to save the Sidhe.

You can learn more about all three series; Champion of the Sidhe, Rise of the Unseelie, and Touch at The Sidhe, site of S.A. Archer and S. Ravynheart.

**I read this for an honest review.
***This review is of my personal thoughts, and feelings


  1. There are times when I'm looking for a good fae book. I think I really need to start this series.

    1. Melissa (B&T) - If you get to reading these quick stories, I do hope you enjoy them. They get better with each story towards the fifth one. :) Thank you!

  2. Replies
    1. LOL! Thank you Carole Rae! The fae are always devious and fun. ;)

  3. it always makes me smile when I see the series. And I always feel guilty for not starting it yet. thanks for this new review!

    1. Oh Melliane, glad to make you smile, and don't feel guilty. :) You have a few I want to start too. Thank you!


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