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Thoughts On: Avalon Revisited Ch 11-12

Avalon Revisited

By:  O.M. Grey

Genre:  Victorian Vampire Steampunk Romance

Chapter:  11

Format:  Podcast, 19:04 minutes

Book Synopsis:
Arthur has made his existence as a vampire bearable for over three hundred years by immersing himself in blood and debauchery.  Aboard an airship gala, he meets Avalon, an aspiring vampire slayer who sparks fire into Arthur's shriveled heart.  Together they try to solve the mystery of several horrendous murders on the dark streets of London.  Cultures clash and pressures rise in this sexy Steampunk Romance.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Avalon, Arthur, and Victor are decked out with apparatuses and vampire 'killing' weapons as the enter the cemetery.  We enter the crept.  It appears one vampire has risen, and the tomb lid rattles on the second.

We see some of Avalon here.  She is scared of cemeteries at night.  Arthur asks her why she hunts vampires then, and she does so to stop them.  Victor has trained Avalon and claims he has seriously trained and hunted.  We learn who the person was that Victor learned under, a Dutchman.

I'm curious!  It seems Arthur's victim, the one and only he killed, has been changed into something as her tomb is empty.  Arthur didn't do it though.  And her husband is the one to rise tonight.  Arthur questions if there are different breeds of vampires when he sees him.  Arthur learns a few things he thought to not, or do not, work on normal vampires has an affect here.  This vampire Arthur runs into is different!  MUCH larger fangs and grows like a snout.

There is some fighting here as our crew works to take down this new kind of vampire.  Seems the high of the fight and the vampire kill, or decapitation by Arthur, has opened Avalon's eyes to Arthur some.

Arthur makes a quick comment here I kinda found good, that he is stuck with the desires of a young man, and for so many years.  I liked this as it describes Arthur and his doings very well.


Chapter:  12

Format:  Podcast, 28:54

My Thoughts and Summary:
Victor thinks there will be another murder tonight, with one vampire released before they got there.  He also comes to the conclusion that, that vampire was a hybrid; lycan and vampire.  Victor suspects this is the work of one disturbed man.

Avalon and Victor agree to return after dawn to take care of the wife vampire while she rests, which seems to be a problem for Arthur.  Even though London mostly has dreary days he can go out covered in, he can't do the sun if it's up.

Hmmm, I'm once again wondering about Arthur's dear and oh so loyal butler, Cecil.  Cecil is not answering Arthur's call, again, or the door to his room and no one knows where he is.

Arthur seems to have given himself a way, just a tad.  Victor is whispering with Avalon of Arthur's to quick movement in the crept.  Victor fears Arthur is more than Avalon thinks, and that Arthur has feelings for her as well.  Aaah, this pushes Avalon a little further, she decides that is Victor's motives against Arthur.  Maybe this is swaying Avalon to Arthur?

We learn there is truth to Victor's training in vampire hunting, and learn a touch of the experiments done to see what affected vampires or not.  We learn four ways to kill a vampire.  Avalon seems a bit sympathetic to the vampires for the treatment they underwent in Victor's and associates research.

We are back to discussing the current vampires and the differences they are seeing with them.  We also learn the full moon is on it's way, and werewolf infected have three nights in were-form, the fool moon, one night before, one night after.  Now we need to learn more about werewolves?

I'm curious to see where this goes with the hybrid idea and with Cecil.

If you would like to listen, or read, this story you can find it in many places:
   Free Listening:
On O.M. Grey's blog Caught in the Cogs, she has chapter by chapter coming up on her blog weekly as it's a new listen.
iTunes the story is up weekly for free listening.
You can purchase the Print or Nook book at Barnes & Nobles.
You can purchase a Print or Kindle version at Amazon.
Or if you need in a different ebook format, you can find on Smashwords as well.

I'm listening to this story for my own enjoyment.


  1. Replies
    1. Oh Its really a very good listen, and I love the authors reading style. :) Very well done.

  2. I'm with B... it does sound awesome. I may have to do some podcasts. I am so adding these to my list.

    1. Well Melissa (B&T) I don't know how it reads, but it listens wonderfully, you could always read it if you don't want to do the listening. :) Thank you!!

  3. I love reading your summaries of these, i really need to listen to this one.

    1. Thank you Kimba! Oh I hope you enjoy these if you listen to them, or even read the book. :)

  4. Couldn't wait for the final chapter to get aired! :)

    1. Oh Cherry, it should be coming up soon, and I'll be listening away to share with you all. :D Thank you!


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