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Book Blog Chat (23) Finished!

We have come to the end of Silver-Tongued Devil by Jaye Wells.  I don't know about you all, but I was flipping pages to get there. lol.  I CAN'T Wait for Blue-Blooded Vamp to come out in June. wow!

Okay, all is game this round as we are done with the book.

Warning:  There WILL BE SPOILERS in the comments, and very potential in the starter questions we have listed here.

So here are a few starter questions to get us chatting:

1.)  Abel.  Who is he?  If Sabina is the next Lilth.  Could they be connected somehow?  I don't know why but I thought, Hmm, Tristan is missing?  Maybe he's Abel.  I don't know, I think it's my way of figuring out Abel.  Thoughts?
2.)  We are coming down to the final book.  Will we see more death of our favorite characters?
3.)  Maisie.  I kind of saw that coming but part of me had hope, she would be fine in the end.  Never thought she would die.  Did you think she would survive?
4.)  What questions would you like answered that haven't been answered in the series yet?

1.)  Sabina owes a few favors to Asclepius.  Do you think he will call on them and what do you think Sabina will be asked of?
2.)  We are heading back to New Orleans.  Do you think things will be okay with PW, Georgina, and even with Mac?  PW and Georgina left kind of not happy.  Will more personal issues come up with Giguhl and Sabina, and Sabina and Adam?  Will Sabina release Giguhl?
3.)  What do you make of the new tattoo on Sabina's left shoulder?
4.)  Sabina saw her mom, but that brought up questions as well.  This place, was her vision quest really a vision or was it her mind placing her here in her dream state?  What has happened to "us" as Sabina's mother mentions?  What has Cain done to them?


  1. I'm hoping Asclepius will be a good guy, haha. The favor that will be asked will be a nice one.

    Haha, I wish. I'm not sure what he'll ask but I bet it won't be pretty.

  2. I think that when they run into the old gang, it might be okay. Well at least with Georgina and Mac. PW, I'm not so sure about.

    I think Giguhl and Sabina will be okay if they work through their issues. They might argue from time to time but they have that kind of friendship that they'll always be okay in the end.

    I would hate to see Sabina and Giguhl part ways but I think it will happen by the end of the book or at least sometime in the book.

    Which brings me to Adam and Sabina, I think the two have a lot of work to do. I think if Sabina let's Giguhl go, that would give them more free time. More free time, maybe more time to work through their problems. Although I think we could just throw the two in a room and lock it until they work it through, haha.

    I'm sure Adam and Sabina will be okay in the end but I'm sure they'll hit another rough spot.

  3. With Sabina's new tattoo, I wonder about that. I'm wondering with Maisie's death, did that change Sabina more. Did she get her twin's power?

    Okay more later. :)

  4. I'm wondering about Asclepius too. I'm hoping it won't be such a harsh favor, seeing as he is the god of healing. But nothing is every easy or nice. lol. We shall see what comesof it.

  5. I'm hoping the group won't be to...strained? or tense around each other when they get to New Orleans. I think PW has some SERIOUS issues to work on. He has become overboard in this book.

    Giguhl and Sabina are very good friends, and I don't know if she can release him as he is her "minion" now. But I do think he could have more freedom than Sabina is giving him. She acts kind of like his friend and a mother too. lol. But I have to say on the chat on Barnes&Nobles Giguhl is suppose to drop some big boom at the end of Blue-Blooded Vamp. I don't know what that is! Jaye herself said it.

    Adam and Sabina. Well, love is a start. And they both need to talk about what they are feeling. I wonder if part of Adams thing with Sabina being a vamp is the attack he underwent from Maisie. Being bitten like that, I can see him worrying about it with Sabina lossing control. That is exactly what I thought of.

    Then we have the second attack now too! That boy is going to have some serious vampire issues. lol.

  6. Ha ha! On Sabina's Tattoo, I wondered exactly that as well. Will she have visions in her sleep now? It's cool that her sister will always be with her, but in what ways? I want to see what comes of that in the next book too.

  7. Abel! I knew we would meet him. And I figured it would be the last book. I wondered the same thing about Tristan too. Could he be Abel? He would have the powers of Chthanic to do it.

    I think Tristan is a trump card being held till the end. I wonder if we might see him. Or maybe he is trapped somewhere? Who knows.

    I do think Abel will be 'hard' to get anything out of if he is not Tristan. He is going to be the one to lay the hard blame on Sabina.

  8. I have wondered if anyone else will pass on. I think one of the hardest ones to loss would be Rhea. She has really turned out to be like a mother to Sabina, and close to us as the readers too. I hope not, but I know more will go in the end.

  9. I wasn't sure if she would pass away or not. But I kind of wondered if she was the one that was involved with the killing across the street in the park. NEVER thought she was involved with the mage death though.

    I really wanted it to be Alexia. But I will say when the tape showed up I knew it wasn't Sabina and the first person who popped into my head was Maisie.

    Poor girl was driven crazy. I hope that Cain pays 10 times over.

    Which... how will they kill Cain? With the curse. It would have to be done in the way that he kills himself, tricked into it some how.

  10. What was I thinking? I forgot that Adam's big issue could be because of Maisie. That is so true. It's going to suck too because you know something will happen in the book that will make Sabina go all vamp.

  11. I'm wondering if Maisie is truly dead. Didn't she get killed technically in the dream world or virtual world?

    If I recall they never really said, how Maisie died in reality? Did it look like a scene from Nightmare on Elm Street. They could see the blood coming from her neck?

    Did her body just vanish?

  12. We have to find out about Tristan. We met her mother. Why not the father? Even if he's not Abel. He has to be there somewhere.

    Either way when we meet Abel, I don't think it will be pretty. He'll be ready to start something.

  13. If someone had to die, I have a feeling it will be Rhea. She'll die protecting Adam or Sabina. I'm not sure I can where her future will go. Unless she makes it and retires.

  14. When they saw that tape, I also figured it had to be Maisie. I just kept waiting for Sabina to figure it out.

    Here is a question. It sounds like Maisie wanted to set up Sabina or make her the bad guy. Do you think there was a reason behind that or did Maisie just figure that people would assume it was Sabina anyways?

  15. I've been trying to figure out they would kill Cain. There has to be a way. No way, the bad guy will live through all this. At least I hope he doesn't.

    I think Abel will have the key or way to get Cain.

    There has to be a key to unlocking the mystery of how to kill someone like Cain.

    What could be his weakness?

    Do you think Cain will get to Sabina? What will he do to her?


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