Friday, February 17, 2012

Freebie Nook eBooks

I picked up all of these this week:
Tor Mini-eBook with short stories in their Anthologies.  On Tor's site, links to Kindle & Nook... both places Free!
A collection of some of the best original short fiction published on in 2011. Includes stories by Charlie Jane Anders, James Allan Gardner, Yoon Ha Lee, Nnedi Okorafor, Paul Park, Matthew Sandborn Smith, Michael Swanwick, and Harry Turtedove.

Nook books at Barnes & Nobles...
This is a YA book, I think.
At the Afterlife Academy of Exceptionally Dark Arts, Lily Fielding is a measly trainee who dreams of one day becoming a Savior—those who visit vampire-infested high schools and put down the undead with their deadly crossbows. When Lily and her classmates Alice and Cara begin their latest assignment, it seems like just another run-of-the-mill gig: they’re to simply spot the Vamplayer—part vampire, part player—identify the popular girl he’s set his sights on, and befriend her before the Vamplayer can turn her to do his bidding. Before long, however, the Vamplayer sets his sights on Lily's friends, and she is left to face the threat alone while protecting her friends from the dark forces she has sworn to resist.

I don't plan on writing Romance, but figured what the heck, it's free.  So thought I'd take a look.
On Writing Romance
Sweep Readers Off Their Feet With a Romance They'll Never Forget

In On Writing Romance, award-winning romance novelist Leigh Michaels talks you through each stage of the writing and publishing process. From the origins and evolution of the romance novel to establishing a vital story framework to writing that last line to seeking out appropriate publishers, everything you ever wanted to know about writing a romance novel is here.

In addition to a comprehensive breakdown of more than thirty romance subgenres, including such categories as historical, inspirational, Regency, and sweet traditional, you'll discover how to:

Steer clear of clichés and stereotypes by studying the genre
Craft engaging and realistic heroes and heroines readers will adore
Convincingly develop the central couple's blossoming relationship
Add conflict by utilizing essential secondary characters like the "other woman"
Use tension and timing to make your love scenes sizzle with sensuality
Get your characters to happily-ever-after with an ending readers will always remember

Plus, read a sample query letter, cover letter, and synopsis, and learn how to properly prepare you romance novel for submission to agents and editors. On Writing Romance has everything you need to leave readers swooning!


  1. Thanks for the links! Off to download them now! :)

  2. thanks for sharing, I've heard great things about Vamplayers.

  3. Even though I don't have a Nook and can't take advantage of most of these deals, I like that you're doing this. Most freebie posts on blogs centre around Amazon Kindle stuff, which mostly leaves out anyone who doesn't actually have a Kindle or compatible device. It's great that you're throwing other options out there for people!

  4. Kimba - You are more than welcome! Hope you find some great reads you enjoy. :)

    Alexia - :) You are so very welcome. Hope you enjoy the new reads. :)

    Melliane - Oh, glad to hear you've heard good things too of Vamplayers. I had a friend point me to it, as she's heard good things too. :) Thank you!

    Bibliotropic - Sorry about not being able to take advantage of these. Sometimes they are free on Kindle as well. I know the mini anthology by Tor is. But thank you. I don't list many books but I've found so may, like you mention, are geared toward Kindle and Amazon. Since I have a Nook, I thought I'd try to share with others as well. :) Thank you.

  5. Janiifer L. Bielman - Aww, sorry you don't have a Nook. Maybe any eReader? lol. Well, thank you and glad you stopped by!

    Missie, The Unread REader - Oh, so glad to hear you enjoyed Vamplayers! :) That makes me feel much better that it's a worthy read. :) Thank you!

    Carol - :) Thank you!

  6. I think I downloaded Vamplayers gotta check!


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