Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Skyla Day, Big News!

Skyla shared with me last night great new BIG news.  I'm excited about this one, and NEED to share it with you.

If you have not read any of Skyla's work and want to sample it, there will be a eNovella of 2 short stories available in eFormat on February 28, 2012!

Yes!  The first story, I've read and loved.  Which it's the title and cover.  Whiskey Sour is also available in the anthology, Bad-Ass Faeries, Just Plain Bad. (which I reviewed, so click the title to learn about the book.)  But now instead of ordering up a whole book you can get Skyla's story alone, and a bonus short and there is an appearance by Zara Lain.

2 Short Stories, 1 Place
In the same world as Demons of Oblivion series.
(maybe even a few characters you saw quick in the books)
Whiskey Sour
By:  Skyla Dawn Cameron
Due Out:  February 28, 2012
Formate:  eBook

Whiskey Sour
One night without protection led to French-Canadian fae bartender Juliette Aubrey catching lycanthropy. Now half faery, half werewolf, and entirely pissed off, Juliette has the chance for revenge when the last person she wants to see strolls into her bar one night needing help.

My Quick Thoughts:
Skyla did a wonderful job in a short story of bringing Jules into her powers.  Skyla makes short story writing seem so easy here!  I loved meeting Juliette!  Jules is a smart woman, and knows how to take charge.  She is one tough chick that I want to see again in the future.  I loved the quick fix for action and this world.

And I'm looking forward to reading:
A Vampire Walked Into a Bar
Blurp from Skyla's Site:
This is a short story that takes place several years prior to the start of BLOODLINES. It features a few new characters, as well as some familiar faces.

Pat knows there are vampires in his city, and now he has visual proof. He's set up a meeting with someone who might be able to stop them...but there's a vampire or two who might have something to say about that.

There is an appearance by Zara Lain, which also takes place 4 years before Bloodlines.

There will also be the Blurps and First Chapters of Bloodlines, Hunter, and Lineage.  A great way to try out Skyla's work and style, then get a few short stories set in this world as well.

Both short stories are spoiler free of the Demons of Oblivion series.  In now way will they ruin your experience to come with the series.

If you are curious about Skyla Dawn Cameron, do stop by her site.  You can learn about her books, and her Serial reads as well.  Do enjoy your visit.

So, what do you think?

If you would like to enter to win one of Skyla's books go to Skyla Day! Post and enter!


  1. Sounds fantastic, Mel! You have a great eye for the fantastic books!

    I'm going to check out Skyla's website!


  2. Sounds great. Plus I love that cover. Somethin' is going on there!

  3. This sounds like a neat concept. And I'm totally partial to CanCon (Canadian content, for those not actually Canuck ;p )

  4. This cover is actually a great mix of kickass, mischief, and sweet magic. But I'm not sure I'd pick up a book called "Whiskey Sour."

  5. Interesting title - it's great that it has both stories and a bonus! Definitely on my TBR list!


  6. Oh Congrats for the release, these stories sound very interesting. I haven't read any books but I really need to!

  7. I've already read Whiskey Sour (& enjoyed it!), but I'll be sure to read A Vampire Walked Into a Bar next week!

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  9. Kristi The Book Faery - Oh great! Glad you like the sounds of it. :) And thank you greatly for the wonderful complement. :) Oh, if you would like to enter to win one of Skyla's books I'm doing a giveaway for your pick of one. :) You can enter here: http://melissa-melsworld.blogspot.com/2012/02/skyla-day.html

    Melissa (Books&Things) - :) I love this cover too. I like her eyes and wings. ;D lol. Thank you!

    Jackie - lol. Yeah yeah, You really are trying to get me up there to Canada. One of these days, you'll be surprised. ;D

    StephanieD - LOL! You know that is a great mixture for that cover, and for Jules too! :D Thank you!

    Leannessf - Glad you like the blend here. :) And hope you get to give the short stories a try. Thank you!

    Melliane - These short stories with the excerpts and the first chapters might be a nice way to try out the authors style. :) Thank you! So glad you like the sounds of it.

    Rissatoo - lol. I loved Whisky Sour too. ;D And CAN'T WAIT to read A Vampire Walked Into a Bar. I'll be getting next week too. ;D Thank you!


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