Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday's Beginnings (117) Vlog Style

It's Monday!  And a short week with a Holiday! Eep!

I got to gabbing on again.  Sorry!  And Sheba makes her first video appearance!

Nano Update:
I'm up to 40,115 as of yesterday! :D YEAH!  I'm cruising along.  I think there is a good chance of finishing this week, but with the holiday I don't want to make any promises.  I'll wait and see where the week goes.

Sorry no reviews up last week.

My WANT List...I only added 1 book.  Well, I've been busy writing.... What else can I say. ;)

Books Received:
For Review:
Sorry, I mentioned this one was getting ready to release.  It's out already! My head needs to be straightened out a little I think. ;D
Goodread Synopsis:
There is a cancer at the heart of the mighty Cerani Empire: a plague that attacks young and old, rich and poor alike, marking each victim with a fragment of a greater pattern. Anyone showing the marks is put to death. That is Emperor Beyon's law . . . 

But now the pattern is reaching closer to the palace than ever before. In a hidden room, a forgotten prince has grown from child to man, and as the empire sickens, Sarmin, the emperor’s only surviving brother, is remembered. He awaits the bride his mother has chosen: a chieftain’s daughter from the northern plains. 

Mesema travels from her homeland, an offering for the empire’s favour. She is a Windreader, used to riding free across the grasslands, not posing and primping in rare silks. She finds the Imperial Court’s protocols stifling, but she doesn’t take long to realise the politicking and intrigues are not a game, but deadly earnest. 

Eyul is burdened both by years and by the horrors he has carried out in service to the throne. At his emperor’s command he bears the emperor’s Knife to the desert in search of a cure for the pattern-markings. 

As long-planned conspiracies boil over into open violence and rebellion, the enemy moves toward victory. Now only three people stand in his way: a lost prince, a world-weary killer, and a young girl from the steppes who once saw a path through a pattern, among the waving grasses. 

Mazarkis Williams pieces together a complex mosaic of personality and ambition in a brilliant work of magic and mystery set in a richly imagined world, the first book in a fantastic new series.

Goodread Synopsis:
In the aftermath of a recent battle, Callista has become the sole guardian of the relic, a powerful crystal full of darkness. She hopes to use it to turn the shadowbeasts back into the men they once were, but so far, has not been successful. Unless she can change them, she will have to kill them, and that is not an option she is willing to face.
Left on her own in the Ruins of Belton, she realizes the relic is growing more powerful. For each day that passes, it becomes more difficult to keep that power under control. Desperate to find the answer that will ultimately destroy it, she seeks the origins of the relic in the Eastern Province.
As Justin battles a deadly enemy, Callista is caught in a personal fight between the forces of good and evil. The relic is the key to unleashing an even darker power that will ruin everything, and Callista's determination to destroy it is the only thing that will save them all.
The epic conclusion to Flame of Destiny

So, how does your week look?  Hope you all have a wonderful week in words and pages.

This week has a holiday in it for US residences, Thanksgiving.  So I'm feeling pretty lazy this week at work, even thought I've got so much to do to make up for 2 days off.  But this sounds sounds like it fits for the day. :)


  1. I just finished reading The Emperor's Knife which I was originally drawn to because it reminded me of Elentris by Brandon Sanderson, which the whole skin disease thing, though it was really nothing like Elentris. A lot more political and kind of slower, but still pretty impressive. Hope you enjoy it.

  2. I'm almost halfway through |The Emperor's Knife" right now, and I\ve got to say that it's an amazing novel thus far. Rich detailed worldbuilding, really interesting cast of characters, and a mystery that just keeps me turning the pages! I hope you enjoy it as much as I am!

  3. Good luck on getting your last 10,000 words! That's awesome!

  4. YOU ARE INSANE! Black Friday shopping?????????? You can't force me out there. NO!!! You can't make me! *pouts*

    YAY! on the word count!!! I'm putting the whip away! You are doing so good! Sweet!

    Enjoy your books! Love the Emperor's Knife cover. Pretty!!

    Btw, now I have to clean my monitor. My boy licked the screen and I SWEAR I hear him say, "Hubba Hubba!" Hm...

    PS... I eat, I don't cook. ;D LOL

  5. Jeez, you are doing awesome with NaNo! Go you!

    I think you're going to have to do a vlog on the floor so Sheba and Athena can join in.

    Yay for BAF! I hope you enjoy. There are some great stories (Elaine Corvidae!) and I had wicked fun writing Whiskey Sour.

  6. Simcha - Great to hear you read The Emperor's Knife. I'm looking forward to it. :) Thank you for the scoop. :)

    Bibliotropic - Wow. great to hear you are loving The Emperor's Knife. :) Thank you! I'm really looking forward to reading it.

    WonderBunny - Thank you! I'm so sorry it took me so long to comment back. WIth the holiday and Nano the blog slipped by this week.

    Blodeuedd - :) Thank you!!!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - lol. No need to use that whip! :D lol. And glad to hear the little man liked the picture of Sheba. ;D Oh, I'm sooo an eater not a cooker. ;D lol. Thank you!!

    Skyla Dawn - Thank you. I really appreciate all the support you gave through this Nano month. It really made a difference. :) Aaaaand the blog on the floor... we'll see they get soooo wound up so I don't know if my laptop would survive it. But maybe some day I'll try. :) Thank you!


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