Thursday, November 10, 2011

Blog Book Chat (20) FINISHED!

We have finished listening to Head Rush by Carolyn Crane.  Yes the third book in her Disillusionist trilogy!  Sad to say the end, but couldn't wait for the book either.

Hope you join us in the chat if you've listened as well.

**Note! There WILL BE SPOILERS in the comments and potentially in questions.

Now, a few thoughts and questions to get us chatting.

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Were you happy with the end result of the trilogy?
2.)  I almost felt bad for Otto.  Did you think he redeemed himself at the end?
3.)  When Packard and Justine were in the Deli together, was I the only one who kept thinking Packard would get trapped because Otto knew he would be there somehow?  I just kept waiting.
4.)  Thoughts on her dad??

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  What about the wedding events?  What did you think?
2.)  Fiona!  What did you think of her and her vision?
3.)  What about Justine changing?


  1. The whole day of the wedding, I kept waiting for something bad to happen. I kept thinking Otto was going to do something.

  2. What do you think Otto would have done with the cannibals?

    Just when I was starting to feel bad for Otto because you know Justine still cared for him, we had to hear that. Why would Otto want to risk something like that?

  3. Oh my God! I'm so sorry! I'm really slacking here. This Nano really has me all tied up and I keep running out of time to chat. Okay, I'm here for a few to chat away on what happened.

  4. I know! I kind of figured the wedding time would be the big happening, at the church. I just couldn't get there fast enough to see what it was! :D

    When Otto found her at her car, I wondered if he was going to turn on her. And I kept thinking of the gumby just show him the gumby, but thankfully he saw it. That was the best cover up!

  5. Oh the cannibals! I think there was definitely many more than Otto was expecting there, like Justine said. I think that guy was going to try to take over. But I think Otto was expecting to fight and win. He wanted to be the one to save everyone from everything, then he was going to bring down the tangle too.

    Oh, I think it was a big man complex. He always wanted to save everyone and make it all better... Almost making up for Fiona getting taken away when they were younger. It was his ownly way to feel better about what he had down with the Gouses too.

  6. I was very happy with the book. :) We got what we wanted, though a long road, but I think Justine grew from it and will enjoy life so much more for the work it took to get there.

    And she lost her fear!!! Can you believe that! Another fear trumped it and sent it away. The fear for her loved ones. That is amazing!

  7. Oh, I was SOooooo afraid Otto was going to figure out Packard was at Mongolian Delights and trap him again, or worse. So I was glad when he didn't find out.

  8. I loved Justine's Dad! And he had worked through his fear as well.

    He was so strange but he was PERFECT! He really came through for his little girl in the end.

    I had to laugh at the body suit and the ammo he took in! That was so cool. Just amazing! :D

    And this all brought Justine around about her dad too. Really nicely done.

  9. I think I might have enjoyed the book much more if I was reading it. This was my very first audio so I was not sure what to expect. I enjoyed it and the narrator did really nice. But I think I like the reading as I make all the voices in my own head. ;D And read faster when I'm excited and NEED to know. The pacing doesn't really change in audio, so I kind of lose that feel.

  10. When she was at the car, I kept thinking. Oh god, what is he going to do? Would he do something crazy?

  11. Otto is one of those people who go over the top to do something despite the risks. It's one of those situations where it comes back to bite you.

  12. I kept waiting and waiting for Packard to try and leave the deli.

    I even thought, could Justine get trapped? He seemed to be more powerful who knew what he could do.

  13. I have one question about Justine's family. Where was her brother? I might have missed it because I swear her brother was mentioned somewhere but I thought it seemed odd he wasn't there.

    Haha, I can't help but wonder these things. I always look at the small stuff that is missing, haha.

  14. This is one of those books I think I would have loved to read also. With the audio, you are on the edge of your seat but I would have read faster at that point. Maybe even cheated, hahahaha.


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