Friday, November 18, 2011

Looking Forward To...(76)

There are so many amazing books already on the shelves and new ones coming out.

For a list of books yet to be released I'm looking to get, you can also look on my right Sidebar at the ever growing list titled Desired Reads - just scroll down. Of course there are tones of other new books to come out that are amazing as well, but these ones are part of series I have already started or for one reason or another caught my eye (and haven't seen much on other blogs yet). But I will highlight one here each week.

(mentioned in order of Release Date then Alphabetical if there are more than one book coming out on the same date.)

Next Book Is...

Killing Rites
The Black Sun's Daughter #4
By:  M.L.N. Hanover
Due Out:  November 29, 2011

I read the first two books of this series thus far and have the third here.  It's not one of those series that's outstanding and brand new with ideas or out of the ordinary ones, but one that I enjoy because it's what I like and I know it.  I'm comfortable reading this series, one to curl up by the fire with and let the hours go by.  So, I'll keep reading this series as it's what I want.

Goodreads Synopsis:
JaynÉ Heller has discovered the source of her uncanny powers: something else is living inside her body. She's possessed. Of all her companions, she can only bring herself to confide in Ex, the former priest. They seek help from his old teacher and the circle of friends he left behind, hoping to cleanse JaynÉ before the parasite in her becomes too powerful.
Ex’s history and a new enemy combine to leave JaynÉ alone and on the run. Her friends, thinking that the rider with her has taken the reins, try to hunt her down, unaware of the danger they’re putting her in. JaynÉ must defeat the weight of the past and the murderous intent of another rider, and her only allies are a rogue vampire she once helped free and the nameless thing hiding inside her skin.


  1. Every time you post one of these posts, I find another series or author to read!

  2. I Read Good - lol! Good! :D So glad you like the post and find new authors and series to check out. Hope you enjoy it. :) Thank you!

  3. I just got all 4 books to review. I'm glad you liked them. Makes me feel better for tackling them!

  4. I didn't read this series, but it sounds interesting.I'll check it.

  5. Another new author to discover! I'm with I Read Good, in that I love these posts! Sometimes I don't want something new and outside of the box, but just want a good read in a genre I like. This sounds like it will fit the bill! Thanks for another great suggestion! :)

  6. Melissa (Books&Things) - I think they are quick relaxing reads. You should enjoy them, I hope. ;) Thank you!

    Melliane - Oh, I do hope you like what you see with these. And glad to introduce you to a new series. Thank you!

    Alexia - lol. So glad you like these posts and I can introduce you to a new series. :) I know the feeling. I like to relax with what I know I love and read through it for fun. This is that series. :) Thank you! And hope you enjoy these. :)


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