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Audio Book Review: Hidden Enemies

Hidden Enemies

By:  Terry Mixon

Publish Date:  August 23, 2018, Audiobook Release February 12, 2019

Format:  Audiobook - 9 hrs 16 mins
Narrated By:  Veronica Giguere

Genre:  Science Fiction, Space Opera

Series:  9th in The Empire of Bones series: Book 1 ~ Empire of Bones, Book 2 ~ Veil of Shadows, Book 3 ~ Command Decisions, Book 4 ~ Ghost of Empire, Book 5 ~ Paying the Price, Book 6 ~ Reconnaissance in Force, Book 7 ~ Behind Enemy Lines, Book 8 ~ The Terra Gambit

Impression:  Kelsey is making friends and enemies and finding key components.

Trapped between murderous xenophobes and calculating artificial intelligences, an interstellar war threatens to wash Princess Kelsey Bandar away in a tide of blood.

With her most powerful ship crippled, only a desperate mission to steal what she needs right out from under the noses of her enemies offers a way to get her people safely home.

As if that wasn’t hard enough, success requires her foes never learn of her existence and therein lies the problem. Few have ever accused Kelsey Bandar of subtlety.

If you love military science fiction and grand adventure on a galaxy-spanning scale, grab “Hidden Enemies” and the rest of The Empire of Bones Saga today!

First Sentence:
Kelsey Bandar stood at the edge of the bazaar and tried to take everything in.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Veronica holds one of the top spots in my book for narrators. She's amazing to listen to as she voices each character with a different voice, personality, tone, and life. And this is a large cast of characters to do that with. This makes it so much more enjoyable of a listen for me, keeping me drawn to the characters along with the emotion present in them. Always a great pleasure to listen to Veronica!

We are back with Kelsey!! Kelsey has become my favorite character in this series. She is like Wonder Woman with her implants. She's bold and smart. She usually has trouble finding her everywhere she goes. lol. Kelsey does make for an interesting adventure wherever she goes. Then there are those that are with her. I love the whole crew!

This book picks up with Kelsey again. I had to work my brain to remember where we left Kelsey as it was two books ago when we left her. Kelsey and her crew are in a sort of a pickle with where they are and a time frame that they have to work in as things are sparking in the universe. And they may have helped start the sparks with their actions.

This book continues with Terry's pattern of writing. We start the book with learning where we are and making friends, along with a few enemies. We start to see how things are on this planet and with our crew who needs help. Then when Kelsey and her crew make a move, it's with force and action. This brings the fighting and fast movement in the second half of the book.

It seems many planets and bands of people have the same idea. There are those that are tired of what the AI's and Singularity are doing to their people. We find groups that are ready to rebel. I love that if these fractions act on their own, the likelihood of survival is very tiny. But with Kelsey and Jared out in the universe visiting new planets, it brings a small flicker of hope that they just might be able to work together to win the war that's coming.

With each book I feel there is a bigger event coming. The more Kelsey or Jared interact with people in the universe, it feels they are growing alliances and finding people who will fight as well. I'm looking forward to when they all come together and the big battle for freedom happens.

This series is classified, in some venues, in Military Science Fiction. It's not a heavy military or science fiction read. There is so much interaction with the characters and the situations they find themselves in is what guides them to act. There is action and battles but the story is more. I would HIGHLY recommend the series to many people who enjoy space operas.

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