Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Balticon 53 - Challenge Accepted

It was another great and successful Balticon for me!

I had a bit of a stumbling start this year. As I stepped off the elevator from the parking garage, my bags draped over my shoulders and suitcase in tow, I noticed there was something wrong with my sandal. My foot kept sliding off the side of my shoe and I was walking on the side of my foot. My shoe broke. (On Facebook my best friend, autocorrect, fixed shoe to show when I posted about it.) I couldn't walk with my normal stride, and needed to get to the counter to check in. So, I held my head high and did a step, scoot sashay through the lobby. No one's ever there... Yep, I saw Veronica and Paul Cooley. I held my head high as I waved and kept step, scooting to the counter. I got to my room, safely, and changed shoes.

All was good. I had a great weekend. I was on panels and listened to panels. I got to listen to podcasts live. It was great seeing and talking to numerous amazing people. I even won little Mimi (my yellow dinosaur) and Roger, Roger (my purple dinosaur) at two different ScoTori podcast panels. There is a story behind each name, of course. So much great awesomeness with talented and amazing people that have accepted me into their con family. Great family love feeling.

So many great conversations. I'm thankful for every conversation I had, but there's a few kind people who let me babble on about things I needed to let go of as it was gnawing at me. Thank you! In all the talking I did this weekend, I also babbled on about the writing projects I have in the works. And I've now been challenged to be actively publishing or seeking an agent by next Balticon. I have one year to get through one of the books and pursue getting it out in the world. I accepted this challenge. Now I have to get working.

This Balticon feels like it was a milestone for me. I came to realize some health issues were weighing on my mind and I needed to get past them and I've decided to move forward in writing items. In a way I feel freer. And a few creative thoughts have sparked. I'm feeling good about what the year will bring.

Now to get finished with a book and shop it around. Wish me luck!

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