Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Comic Review: Void Trip #5

Void Trip #5

Words By:  Ryan O'Sullivan
Illustrations By:  Plaid Klaus

Format:  PDF

Series:  3rd in Void Trip series; Episode #1Episode #2, Episode #3, Episode #4

1st Impression:  It's the journey not the destination

The villain descends, the hero ascends, and Ana finds freedom in a universe without it.

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*I was given this free review copy at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

This is the final episode. All comes together here with Ana and the Hunter. And with Froot.

Ana finds her Euphoria another way, but it doesn't last. She makes a huge realization about the real work and makes a huge choice.

The story felt a bit anticlimactic in actions, but the words are what stick with me. I felt a point to the story. A moral in a sorts. Ana has pointed out some great views throughout the episodes to make me think. These views feel to fit the bigger picture of life. Ana was searching for happiness and freedom. But do we really ever have freedom? 

Going back to the beginning... It's the journey not the destination. We all begin and we all end, so what's your journey? It's what happens between those two points that matters. And I also got a feel as we should think about what we do to our world and to each other on that journey. 

The story felt to have an impact on me and got me thinking.

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  1. it's been a while since I haven't read a comic

  2. Glad it got you thinking!!! I need to read more comics! :D

  3. Oh I love that impact. Sometimes the journey is the destination. Brilly review!

  4. I love it when a comic or graphic novel makes me think! Sometimes that combination of words and art is just right.


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