Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Comic Review: Void Trip #4

Void Trip #4

Words By:  Ryan O'Sullivan
Illustrations By:  Plaid Klaus

Format:  PDF

Series:  3rd in Void Trip series; Episode #1Episode #2, Episode #3

1st Impression:  Preparing for the end.

Now, finally alone in the universe, Ana has to confront her past, her future, and an old friend returning. All the while, the Great White edges closer and closer, now with an ally of his own in tow.

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*I was given this free review copy at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Ana shows her hippy side in fashion at the beginning of this episode. (**Note: Adult Content based on nudity.)

Ana's upset, and has every right to be. Again, I can't say why as it'll give away the surprise. But Ana knows she's being followed. How are they being followed? How do you beat society? We get an explanation from AI that it can't be done. But! There are stories of organic groups transcending before destroying themselves. Is it possible?

We learn a little about Gabe and Ana's past. Hunter is still on the search with contacting his connections.

Things feel to be getting heavy, preparing for the end.

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  1. Oh serial. Sounds like you found a good one. Sounds like it has you hooked! :)

  2. You don't beat society...society beats you ;)


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