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Audio Book Review: Wrapped in the Past

Wrapped in the Past

By:  Chess Desalls

Publish Date:  December 11, 2015, Audiobook Release April 21, 2016

Format:  Audiobook - 2 hrs 3 mins
Narrated By:  Janine Haynes

Genre:  Young Adult Fantasy

Series:  Stand-alone

First Impression:  A young girl impacted by who she meets.

Shirlyn travels back in time to ancient Persia where she meets the three magi who follow the Star of Bethlehem. After a mishap threatens to send her ride home without her, the youngest mage exhibits a hidden talent that leaves an impression on his elders and on Shirlyn's heart. But his silhouette will forget they ever met, unless she leaves a reminder that comes with a heavy price.

First Sentence:
Tailed like a comet, the star glows under the heavens.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author or narrator.

Three magi follow the Star of Bethlehem, carrying gifts to welcome the newborn child.

Shirlyn's father is an inventor, and obsessed with time travel. His gift to Shirlyn and her mother is to travel back to the first Christmas, and observe the three magi. Shirlyn finds she grows attached to those of the past, but there are laws against leaving reminders. But can she leave without leaving a piece of her?

Janine's narration is done with a clear voice and flow. The accent voiced for Shirlyn feels to fit her, as it's what I thought she'd sound like. Janine has an accent I can't place when she speaks as the three magi. Janine expresses the feelings Shirlyn is feeling in voice as Shirlyn thinks and tells the story. The background is clear and seamlessly flows through the chapters.

This is a Christmas story at the heart. When Shirlyn sees the Christmas star she's taken by the sight. Her description is beautiful. Her and her family follow the star, her father hoping to cross paths with the three magi to study them. We experience the travels of the three magi following the Star of Bethlehem to welcome the child. We learn of the three magi's and what gifts they bare. But when Shirlyn sees the young Balthazar, she is attracted to him and he is her age. Balthazar is a special person as well. What he can do, and it's a touch of magic, is beautiful.

This feels like this is Shirlyn's first experience with time travel. We get to experience the effects of traveling, goggles/visors to protect eyes from the blanching effect, the change of traveling vehicle, and the affect of their arrival. Shirlyn's father, Edgar, also tells her of the rules of time travel.

Shirlyn is a young girl and we get a feel of so from her. Shirlyn is young and influential. She finds kind and sweet young men in her travels. Shirlyn falls for them each too. Shirlyn feels she's been impacted by meeting those of the past and she wants them to remember her as much as she'll remember them. Shirlyn is so young in her thinking and it shows, naive in a sense. Then we see Shirlyn meet Romaso for the first time too.

This story is set in the world of "The Call to Search Everywhen".  You do NOT need to read the series first to read this one. This is a story of a secondary character's adventure to the past. We do get a few drops of the time travel agency and ways here. There are rules and consequences, but Shirlyn is just learning as she's new to traveling with her family. She hasn't seen any negative affects yet. Maybe you'll become curious of the world at a larger view after this story.

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  1. Love books that are part of a series but are standalones. Not that I read out of order or anything. ;) Sounds so good.

    1. Melissa (B&T) Yes! We can get a sample of the world and events by spending time with secondary characters. :) It's always nice. :)

  2. Replies
    1. It's a good one. And that it's set with the Christmas setting is neat too. :)

  3. Time travel? Yes, please! I know you said it can be read alone, but now I have to check out the other books.

    1. :D So glad you like the sounds of this one Christy LoveOfBooks. Hope you got to give it a try. :D


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