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Sunday Post #121

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Well, it's been week two of crazy go with everyone.

Dad finally went home yesterday. But I sat at the hospital all afternoon with him and spent a few hours at the nursing home as they were lightly staffed, one RN and one aid in his hall. I still have to talk to his doctor at the home for therapy and his medicines that the hospital doctor changed.

Kiddo's knee isn't getting straighter and we are seriously thinking about calling the doctor and getting a second opinion as well. We just don't know what to do. Always something going on.

I am hoping I can get back on schedule this week with responding to your comments and visiting a bit. Sorry for the lack in visiting these last few weeks. Not being home makes it impossible to do. I'm thankful you all have kept visiting and checking in with me. Thank you!!!

The Fit Booker:

Goal:  Workout in any form of exercise (or on Wii Fit) 2x's a week. (to feel better and hope to drop a few pants sizes)

How did I do last week... I did make it to the gym three days, counting Sunday. This week has been rough at getting there and today I'll be going back to make up for the third day in my workout list as that started on Tuesday.

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Risen Gods by J.F. Penn & J. Thorn
Goodreads Synopsis:
Can Ben and Lucy battle the Risen Gods to find each other again and save the country from destruction?
When a tidal wave strikes the coast of New Zealand, Ben Henare and Lucy Campion are separated in the chaotic aftermath.
As earthquakes shake the land and volcanoes erupt on the Pacific Rim of Fire, Ben wrestles with his Maori heritage as he faces the supernatural powers that threaten the land of Aotearoa. He must fight his way north on a quest through ice caves and oceans, battling the manifestations of the evil god Whiro and the creatures of the sky.
Lucy faces personal tragedy and human evil on her own trek, confronting a mighty demon of the deep as she crosses into the Cook Strait. Then Ruaumoko, god of the volcano, stirs, and the powers of the land threaten to pull the country into the sea.
As the people they love are threatened and Aotearoa begins to crumble in the face of natural disaster, can Ben and Lucy battle the Risen Gods to find each other again and save the country from destruction?
Risen Gods is a dark fantasy action adventure set against the backdrop of Aotearoa/New Zealand, rich with the myth and history of the island.
Devious Minds by Colleen Helme
Goodreads Synopsis:
It’s been almost a year since a near-fatal gunshot wound left Shelby Nichols with the ability to read minds. In that time she’s faced one problem after another. She’s been shot at, framed for murder, and targeted by a serial killer, just to name a few. Now she’s trying to help her lawyer husband win a murder trial that will enable him to become a partner in his law firm. Sounds easy, right? But nothing ever goes as planned when it comes to Shelby Nichols.

When special agent, Blake Beauchaine, shows up to collect a debt from Shelby, things get even more complicated, and Shelby is soon on her way to Paris. A routine meeting with a rogue agent reveals a sinister plot, putting Shelby into the cross-hairs of a known terrorist. Even worse, she doesn’t speak French, so it seems her mind-reading abilities won’t help her this time.

Things go from bad to downright dangerous for Shelby, especially since her usual guardians, Uncle Joey, and his hit-man, Ramos, are back in the states. Lost and on her own in the streets of Paris, can Shelby escape the cold-blooded killer in time to stop his devious plans, or will this be the end of the line for Shelby Nichols?



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Nightmare City by Jack Conner
Goodreads Synopsis:
When beautiful young thief Katya goes on the run from a loan shark in the terrifying city of Lavorgna, the last thing she expects is to be plunged into an epic adventure that will determine the fate of the world, but that’s just what happens in Nightmare City.

Lavorgna is a city of fog and shadows, undead servants soaring zeppelins, where mad scientists prowl the alleys, mob bosses strive for power and the dreaded Guild of Alchemists holds the land in an iron grip, while below the city lies a network of black caverns embedded with the ruins of an ancient race known as the Elders that worshipped Lovecraftian horrors.

To survive and save the world from an unimaginable fate, Katya must navigate all these dangers and more. Running from the loan shark, she seeks out the local mob boss Ravic, only to learn that he’s embroiled in a vicious gang war with his rival Loqrin, a conflict that has supernatural overtones. A new horror has gripped the city, with mysterious creatures called haunts killing people by the dozen, and Ravic believes Loqrin is behind it. If Katya wants Ravic’s help, she must find out what Loqrin is up to – and stop him!

To do this, Katya must use all her thieving skills and cunning, because if she doesn’t and Loqrin accomplishes his endgame, the whole world will suffer an awful fate.

No pressure, Kat.

A Magical Roommate by Emily Martha Sorensen
Goodreads Synopsis:
Aylia's remarkably oblivious parents decide to send her to college in our world. And then she meets her new roommate, a chemistry major who loves to blow things up. Things look bad. 
This book contains all 266 strips of the first semester, plus an extra 40 strips that are only available in the book.

Anais of Brightshire by Jamie Wilson
Goodreads Synopsis:
Anais, the eleven-year-old daughter of a fishmonger, enters the Great House of Brightshire as a scullery maid. Isolated from her peers, she fears a life of solitude and menial chores. The only person who shows her any kindness is a scribe, who offers to teach her how to read in exchange for her help in acquiring goods at fair prices in the market. When she discovers a manuscript describing the art of magic on a routine trip to the market, she can't help but feel tempted to try it, even though magic is strictly prohibited. Giving in to temptation, she starts spending her hours practicing simple spells for her own amusement, but when one of the girls from the kitchens goes missing - amidst rumors of monsters rising in the south and devouring townspeople - Anais decides to use her new skills to find the missing girl. In her search, she befriends the Lord of Brightshire's youngest son, Cedric, and his cousin Mediera. Finally having friends she cares for is great, but practicing illegal magic and fraternizing with those above her station puts Anais in more danger than she can handle.

The Amber Isle by Ashley Capes
Goodreads Synopsis:
Roguish 'Never' is on a quest to lift a curse on his blood and to learn his true name; but upon joining a group of treasure-hunters he soon finds himself unearthing world-altering secrets that have long lain dormant within the mysterious Amber Isle.

First in a series of epic fantasy novellas to be released in March 2016.

Rise of the Storm by Christina Ochs
Goodreads Synopsis:
When a renegade priest prophesies an imminent apocalypse, a conflict is sparked which will tip a continent into war.

Prince Kendryk is young, handsome and popular, his kingdom prosperous and peaceful. But in the face of the prophesied apocalypse, he must choose between conscience and power. If he chooses the side of faith, he must defy the ruthless Empress Teodora, ruler of a vast empire, imperiling kingdom and family— but if he chooses the side of power, he risks plunging his world into a darkness worse than war.

The coming conflict will touch the lives of thousands, among them…

Prince Kendryk’s adored wife, Gwynneth, the proud daughter of a king, whose ambition may come at great cost…

Braeden, a violent mercenary, commander of a legendary winged army, who will find himself in the service of an employer he must defy to protect those he holds dear…

And Janna, the merchant’s wife, forced to abandon her home and her way of life, ill-prepared to keep herself and her children safe from the ravages of war…

An epic fantasy saga drawn from real history, Rise of the Storm is Book One in the compelling new Desolate Empire series

Wolves by C. Gockel
Goodreads Synopsis:
In the middle of America, on Route 44, Amy Lewis has a plan — to get to her grandma’s house in time for dinner. Galaxies away Loki is waking up in a prison cell, strangely without a hangover, and with no idea what he’s done wrong — this time anyway. But he does know Thor is hiding something, Odin is up to something wicked, and there seems to be something he’s forgotten...

In this tale that is equal parts “Another Fine Myth,” “American Gods,” and “Once Upon a Time,” a very nice midwestern girl and a jaded, still very mischievous Loki must join forces to outwit gods, elves, magic sniffing cats, and nosy neighbors. If Loki can remember exactly what he’s forgotten and Amy can convince him not to be too distracted by Earthly gadgets, her boobs, or three day benders, they just might pull it off...

This first volume of "I Bring the Fire" is for anyone who suspects chaos and mischief makers might have their own redeeming qualities, and anyone who just wants a good fantasy romp through modern Earth, ancient Asgard, and beyond!

Veritas: Shadow of the Rose by M.L. Chesley
Goodreads Synopsis:
The race to save Paridzule and the world of Eir du’Brusai continues in this sequel. 

The Relavian army is poised at the northern border, awaiting orders to strike. 

Kayta’s family knows she’s alive, but have no other details. In the meantime, Paridzule’s army prepares for the onslaught; a war to end all wars. 

Kayta’s friends and allies are doing all they can to return her in one piece. But as both armies prepare for battle, the veil of secrecy around each kingdom begins to lift, and truth begins to slither through the cracks. 

Aid comes from unlikely sources, on both sides, and tensions are running high.

Spirits in the Hills by Amelia Smith
Goodreads Synopsis:
Sovara listens for any threat to the dragons, the life force of the land. While posing as a maid in the governor's palace, she overhears foreigners plotting to raid a dragon’s gate. They’re heading to the gate closest to the village where she was born, a place she left decades before. 

She rallies her fellow Defenders to block the invaders, but only a few members of this small secret society of swordsmen set out for the provinces; Sovara, her least-amiable brother-in-arms, and one green apprentice -- a scouting party to face a merchant army.

The Living Night by Jack Conner
Goodreads Synopsis:
Can two vampires on the run save the world from destruction?

Plunge into grand mystery and adventure in a world of vampires, werewolves and other immortals by the bestselling author of the Black Tower Trilogy.

When a powerful figure in the Immortal Community is killed, two vampires, Ruegger and Danielle, are forced to run for it in order to find out who ordered the murder and why. The two vampires are notorious throughout the Community for only feeding on humans that deserve it -- murderers and rapists -- as well as other immortals.

If an immortal steps out of line and preys on undeserving humans, Ruegger and Danielle will (if they can) take them down -- and feed from them. Thus the two are sarcastically known throughout the Community as the Marshals.

Now, to stop the world from becoming embroiled in a vicious war, Ruegger and Danielle must follow the threads of a strange conspiracy that spans continents and many races, some exotic and particularly deadly. The Dark Lord, the vampire king of the Community, may himself be involved.

To find out the truth, Ruegger and Danielle will have to dodge werewolf assassins, zombies, and two especially nasty Jamaican voodoo gods.

One thing is certain: if they survive and unravel the strange heart of the mystery, the world will never be the same again.

Gray Man Rising by P.E. Padilla
Goodreads Synopsis:
The Gray Man’s power is growing. Is there anyone on Gythe who can stop him? 

From his fortress lair, the Gray Man, possibly the most powerful user of the vibrational energy called rohw the world of Gythe has seen in centuries, is gathering troops and increasing his strength. The only obstacles to his total domination are the order of Zouyim monks, themselves masters of the rohw, and the women who call themselves Sapsyra Shin Elah, the finest warriors in the world. 

In this prequel to the Harmonic Magic series, Rindu Zose, his wife Ylleria, and their daughter Nalia Wroun, protectors of the common people, are caught up in events that quickly spin out of control, resulting in the destruction of the famed Zouyim temple. Will Rindu’s magic and the martial skills possessed by Ylleria and Nalia be enough to combat the Gray Man’s ever-increasing power? If they fail, everything they know and love could be destroyed forever. 

The Genie's Witch by Lyn Brittan
Goodreads Synopsis:
A genie down on his luck, Tig wanted nothing more than to get to Vegas and wait for life to unscrew itself. Things would have gone just fine, if not for the witch in the airport shoving her way to the front of the line. He had every intention of letting her know how little he appreciated her rudeness... then he looked into her eyes and felt the chains around his heart clink to the floor.

Dinah craved a peaceful vacation and was willing to step on a few toes to get it. Unfortunately, some of them belonged to a sizzling genie with lust on the brain and trouble in his eyes. He, and the trouble, followed her home. Damn shame she couldn't separate the two. She didn't need or want anything long term, and had to make him understand that.

Yet more than lust is on the line. Dark forces mean to separate and destroy them both. What started as a mile-high fling, rapidly turned into a fight for life and love. Only together do they have a shot of making it out of this alive.

Seeds of Autumn by H.B. Lyne
Goodreads Synopsis:
The city of Caerton is not what it appears. The wet streets and cold shoulders of strangers are the perfect conditions for creatures of the night to pass unnoticed.

Ariana Yates always felt different, but as the end of her teen years approaches and autumn takes hold her body starts to change. A mysterious stranger follows her everywhere she goes and her nightmares become frighteningly realistic.

A whole new life opens up before her when she finds out the truth about what she is and the hidden world all around her. A new family of her kind takes her in and begins to show her the exciting new possibilities before her. But will she survive in this hostile new reality? Will she be able to keep anything from her old life? And will her old friends be safe from the terrifying enemies that she now faces?

Yseult, Part 1: Two Women by Ruth Nestvold
Goodreads Synopsis:
Yseult the Wise and Yseult the Fair, mother and daughter, are members of the proud race of the Feadh Ree, the Old Race in Eriu. New ways and a new religion are coming to their land, and despite all their magic, they may be powerless to stop it. 

"Yseult: Two Women" is the first of four parts from the bestselling historical fantasy novel "Yseult: A Tale of love in the Age of King Arthur," a retelling of the tragic love story of Tristan and Yseult. Yseult is a princess of Ireland, a land on the fringes of Europe, a land that had never been conquered by Rome. What would her life have been like in that pagan land before the advent of Christianity? 

This book is a re-imagining of Yseult's youth, never part of the legends — until now. 

Yseult was originally published in German translation with Random House Germany as "Flamme und Harfe" and followed by translations into Dutch and Italian. 

The Immortals by S.M. Schmitz
Goodreads Synopsis:
Colin and Anna have been hunting demons for a long time. But something is different in Baton Rouge. The rules are being broken and they're powerless against some of the greatest forces Hell can assemble. If they can't stop these demons from manipulating every rule of this war, then Heaven may lose the only battle that's ever really mattered.

Stone's Kiss by Lisa Blackwood
Goodreads Synopsis:
As a child, a near-drowning accident stole Lillian’s old life. Her new life began the moment she awoke at the foot of a brooding, stone gargoyle.

Years later, Lillian still finds comfort in Gregory, her gargoyle, never guessing he is more than cold stone until demonic creatures called the Riven attack. Gregory senses her terror and wakes from his healing sleep.

After the battle, Lillian learns the humans she thought were her family are a powerful coven of witches at war with the Riven. Lillian is something more than human, a powerful worker of magic, an Avatar to the gods. Gregory has been her protector for many lifetimes, but troubles in their homeland forced him to flee with her to the human world. And it wasn’t an accident which stole her memories—it was Gregory. He suspects Lillian is host to an infant demon, one capable of evil greater than the Riven. 

Despite everything, Lillian fears she’s falling in love with her guardian. While she might be able to defeat the Riven with Gregory’s help, she doesn’t know if her fragile new love can survive the evil growing in her own soul...

The Rooftop: A Story of Fallon and Reign by Danielle Monsch
Goodreads Synopsis:
FALLON and REIGN - a meeting and a parting, with only the stars as witness.

AUTHORS NOTE: The Rooftop is a short story (10 PAGES) set in the Entwined Realms universe. This story would best be described as a slice-of-life/character study, and is meant for existing fans of the series. It is not the best place for readers who are not familiar with the Entwined Realms to start.

This short is not necessary for following the over-arching plot of the Entwined Realms. This is an extra, written for fans who want more time with these characters.

The Rooftop is Book 1.9 of the Entwined Realms series, but due to the nature of the story, can be read any time after finishing Stone Guardian.

(On my Nook)

Free Audio Books/Stories:

Reviews to Come:

Soulless by Skyla Dawn Cameron
The Sentinel by Chris Lester
The Muse by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Making the Cut by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Whispers in the Wood by Chris Lester
Danube Waves by Katharina Bordet
Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan
Lex Talionis by Starla Huchton
Spark by Starla Huchton
House of Grey 6 by Collin Earl
The Secret World Chronicle: Waiting On by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, Veronica Giguere
The Secret World Chronicle: Revolutions by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, Veronica Giguere
Heir to Kale by K.L. Bone
Tales from the Archives Vol 4 #5 - Old Sinner's Bones
The Death of Dulgath by Michael J. Sullivan
Threats of Sky and Sea by Jennifer Ellision
Changeling by David Wood & Sean Ellis
Riot of Storm and Smoke by Jennifer Ellision
The Deep Beneath by Natalie Wright


  1. Yay for Dad going home. Ah man I am sorry but kiddo and do not blame you for contacting Doctor and getting second opinion. I will be thinking about you all.

  2. Many new books to me and for you! happy reading! Good luck for everything my friend!

  3. Good to hear that your dad is on the mend but not so good about the knee. A second opinion can't hurt. Hope you get some answers soon!


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