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Audio Book Review: Changeling


By:  David Wood & Sean Ellis

Publish Date:  November 12, 2015, Audiobook February 5, 2016

Format:  Audiobook - 8 hrs 3 mins
Narrated By:  Jeffrey Kafer

Genre:  Thriller

Series:  2nd in Jade Ihara series; 1st Book ~ Oracle

Impression:   It never fails, these authors and stories give us an adventure with danger at every turn of solving the mystical mystery.

You can’t always recognize the face of your enemy.

Two thousand years ago, the legendary mathematical genius Archimedes was poised on the brink of the greatest discovery in human history when his life was brutally snuffed out. His murder has never been explained.

While investigating the strange Paracas skulls—believed by some to be the remains of extraterrestrial explorers—archaeologist Jade Ihara receives an unexpected visit from an old foe seeking her help against entities he calls “Changelings” and their plot to manufacture a false chapter of human history.

Hounded by radical extremists led by Atash Shah—a man bent on becoming the Mahdi prophesied to unite the Islamic world—and haunted by the faceless puppetmasters who secretly control the world, Jade must follow the trail of clues to uncover a deadly truth that has been erased from history.

Can she solve the mystery of Archimedes’ murder, or will she become the next victim of the conspiracy to hide the truth?

First Sentence:
The boy became a man but he never forgot what he had seen that day.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

When Jonathan Roche, a past threat to Jade, shows up at the current dig site claiming to have hired her for this site and trusts her, things twist around for Jade and Professor. They learn about Phantom Time in the calendar conversions before Jade's intern turns on them, killing Roche then running. Speaking with Roche on his secrets lands Jade on an extremists hit list. Running for her life, Jade is also determined to figure out what it was that got Roche killed. Seeing through the haze the Changelings have put in place, Jade finds her way to Archimedes's vault that's to hold secret weapons. What it really holds is more, and could be what

Oh! Jeffrey does an Australian accent for Norris. We also get a Scottish accent quick when Jade visits Scotland. There are a few accents that Jeffrey slips into with ease as we listen to the story. I do find his voice ever so easy to listen to. And I find that even though his voice is easy to listen to, it does not distract from the story. The story has my attention and my curiosity. I love that Jeffrey doesn't give hints away as he's narrating.

Jade is on 'the' list of a few different organizations. Jade has now made it to another list calling for her death, because of what she is working on and who she's talked to. Then, when the first attempt on her life is botched it draws the leader into the fray, more determined to see her dead. She must be on to what they want kept secret and that they are after her. But there is more to the drive than both Jade and Atash Shah know. But with the mention of Archimedes vault, Jade's attention is focused and her curiosity piqued. She's determined to find it.

Jade and Professor. I do love them together. They both have strong personalities that could clash, but they work well together too. Jade and Professor know themselves, and accept who they are. They also know how the other is and work with that knowledge. They make a great team! I realized that more so in this book as they separate for a bit, same mission but different avenues to search. However, when they come back together I found I enjoy the spark they have as they work together. They have no problem telling each other the way it is and being honest; in doing so, there is a caring there too. Do I want them as a couple? Hmm. Yes and no. I love what they have now but the potential is there for more. If they keep their personalities and stubbornness, then maybe.

The theory behind it all... There is so much background and support created to endorse the theories. The story is written nice and tight with the information. We reflect on the same pieces a few times, adding to the information each time to see how it actually fits with the story. The story leads to the pieces we need, and the pieces lead the story. I did take my time in listening, noting and reflecting on each piece of information we learn. I was determined to follow their paths.

This book takes the twist on the calendar and all that people have done to make the passing of time easy for us to understand and live by and uses it to create a mystery of old. There is so much we have done to create the calendar we use now that it's a wonderful secret to time, lost time each year. There is also mention of suspension that there are a fake 300 years added to history. This is where some in the world could get upset as what happened in those years would be false and what they believe then... false. People would kill for their beliefs. Add to that a secret vault created and filled, with secret weapons, by Archimedes. It's been hidden and protected all these years by what could be the Changelings, so no one has access to it when it opens every 1,000 years.

The story had me curious as to what was really going on. The authors kept me guessing throughout the book. The Changelings and the vault. What is the ultimate end game for it all? I was no let down in how it all came together. It never fails, these authors and stories give us an adventure with danger at every turn of solving the mystical mystery.

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  1. Huh.
    This sounds actually pretty good.

    1. Carole Rae, I've really been enjoying these paranormal type action thrillers lately. This series is only 2 books so far, but I'm really loving it and the characters!

  2. Jade and Professor sound like characters I'd enjoy! :)

    1. LilyElement, I'm really enjoying Jade and Professor together as a team. There doesn't have to be a romance and they are great support for each other. :)


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