Monday, February 22, 2016

Audio Book: Core Punch

Core Punch

By:  Pauline Baird Jones

Publish Date:  June 9, 2014, Audiobook Release December 30, 2015

Format:  Audiobook - 5 hrs 27 mins
Narrated By:  Diane Gelwix Somers

Genre:  Sci Fi Romance

Series:  1st in spin-off - An Uneasy Future series

First Impression:  Violet and Joe fight the storm to safety but also fight a secret enemy of Lurch's.

Spinning off The Big Uneasy Series and with a guest appearance from Project Enterprise…

Welcome to…An Uneasy Future 1.0:

Core Punch
A Baker & Ban!drn Adventure

A kiss may be all they have life expectancy for.

When an intergalactic cop exchange program serves up an alien partner for NONPD Detective Violet Baker, she can’t help wishing the handsome alien would be a little less Joe Friday about keeping the pleasure out of their business. Yeah, he’s kind of purple and she can’t pronounce his name to save her life, but he’s almost the only guy in the New Orleans New police department that she’s not related to.

Dzholh “Joe” Ban!drn has come a long way hunting the evil that has infiltrated Vi’s floating city. When he meets his charming partner, he discovers another reason to stamp out evil. If only he wasn’t keeping so many secrets from her…

When an epic hurricane heads their way, they are sent dirt side to New Orleans Old (NOO) on a rescue mission. But murder and sabotage strands them in the heart of the raging storm.

As they fight for their lives, Joe realizes that the evil he’s hunting is actually hunting them….

First Sentence:
His partner liked to call it the Big Uneasy and Dzholh--Joe--Ban!drn decided Violet Baker had a point.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author.

With the huge storm Wu Tamika Felipe rolling in, Joe and Violet are sent dirt side to collect dirtsiders that have showed on scanners and bring them to safety. What they find is a cold spot in a cemetery, and land their skimmer to have a look. A partially frozen corpse was left here. The body is a mystery for Vi, but Joe and Lurch seem to know a bit more... Fighting to get free of the tropical storm in New Orleans Old, Joe and Lurch face the reason they really took this job.

Diane narrates with natural pauses and upturn in tones that make the characters feel true to their forms. We get voice differences for Joe, Vi, and Lurch. Vi has a slight accent and Lurch has a bit of a scratchy, screechy voice. Diane did a good job at vocalizing the characters with feelings in voices. There is a short section that is repeated toward the end of chapter 7.

New Orleans is known for it's terrible tropical storms. And in this world it still holds true, and a way to tell of the two cities called New Orleans. The storm that rocks the cities is one that might prove living dirt side in New Orleans Old isn't as safe as living in the lifted city of New Orleans New. The storm will be a test for the technology and the ancient parts of the floating city.

The beginning is packed full with information for us to get acclimated to the world we are in. There are changes to New Orleans, and I think it all would be a great idea to do in real life! There are lots of descriptions of the world, weather, and characters. It's not action packed, fighting type story. The characters fight the weather to do their job and solve the dead body they found. Joe fights internally with Lurch on who is possessed by their enemy.

This is a romantic scifi read. We do get moments focusing on their attraction to each other. The beginning held a lot of description of the world and the attraction of the partners. But then we get into the story as they battle against the storm to get to safety, the attraction is put on the back burner along with the dead body they found. It felt like a long journey to get through the storm for me. I know there is an "enemy" of Lurch out there, but we don't get details of who that might be or why until the very end.

I did smile at the initials of the storms name, even when it was said that Joe had to be explained the meaning by Lurch.

I think I would have preferred to read this story. I could take my time with the world building and the suspense in their blooming relationship. Also, my mind would wonder in scenes that felt they were drawn out to long for me, then I'd hear something important to I'd rewind to catch it.

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Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Yea, some books just aren't for audio. I have had a couple like that.

LilyElement said...

This sounds rather interesting. I'll take your advice and add the ebook to my TBR instead of the audio. I think I'd have the same issue.

Unknown said...

Yes, read.

I've read books that I think would make for great listening so I'm sure that there are audios that would work best on paper/ereader.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (B&T) Yeah, I'm not sure if it would still feel slow to me or not, but my mind drifted in this one. *sigh*

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

LilyElement, it might still be slower paced as a read too, but the world building would be easier to digest as I could read slower.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Talk Supe, yep, there are many that just don't work as audios. But they are mellower stories and my mind wonders while listening. :)