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Audio Book Review: Shadowed Glass

Shadowed Glass

By:  Charlie Pulsipher

Publish Date:  September 8, 2015, Audiobook Release January 8, 2016

Format:  Audiobook - 7 hrs 27 mins
Narrated By:  Keith Michaelson

Genre:  YA Fantasy

Series:  3rd in Lost Shards series; 1st Book ~ The Crystal Bridge, 2nd Book ~ Obsidian Threads

First Impression:  The cycle of events needs to continue to happen.

Stranded thousands of years in the past on the distant planet of Ealdar, Kaden, Aren, and James are building a life and a community with what’s left of Omegaphil. Rho is gone. Vander too. The universe seems safe, but adventure isn’t done with anyone just yet.

Aren’s gifts will grow, Kaden will learn new ways to use his Egg, and James will tap into Ealdar’s magic. Lyle will rebuild, Hasla’s heart will mend, and Taggers will grow into a master mage. Dveldor rides a dragon, but remains Dveldor, solid as the stone he loves.

They do not know the gods are watching, what Penny will become, or that a new horror slumbers in the place of Rho’s greatest failure. This enemy has less appetite than the dark god that spawned it, but also none of Rho’s weaknesses.

It will take all their newfound skill to survive and save Ealdar from destruction once more.

First Sentence:
Kaden pushed his Egg outward to accommodate James' height, the top of the shell just brushing the ceiling.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I requested to review a copy of this audiobook for an honest review from the author.

The village they have started since landing thousands of years in the past is starting to shape into something special. James needs Kaden and Aren to help keep it on the strong path. Aren and Kaden feel deep down the desire to do more than stay in this little town. Gathin and Erastin along with Penny move them forward and backward through time to do as needed to keep events on the path needed for the world to exist.

I do really enjoy listening to Keith's voice, in all character forms. He takes on the personality of each character and it is heard in each personality and voice. I could listen to him talk all day long. I smile when he comes to drastically different voices, like a dragon or Rho. He switches with ease from one to the other. The questions, worries, and all emotions that come through voice are ever present. The narration is seamless in flow.

This series is one to read in order. If you are unsure of where we left off in Obsidian Threads, don't fret. Charlie has a synopsis for book 1 and 2 at the beginning to bring us back up to speed. Cool, thank you.

We get to see many of our favorite characters again. James and Angie along with Penny and others. We can't forget about Kaden and Aren, they are the most important characters to make things happen as they should. Their gifts are still growing and what they can do will help them along their way. We also get to see the Twin Gods more! Gathin and Erastin have a lot more face time here along with tinkering in what is happening.

The characters blend so well with their different personalities and quirks. They make me smile with their small jokes trying to lighten the moods. They all have a great charisma that I fall for that has me wanting to be here with them.

We don't visit as many worlds this time, but we do visit different times. It's easy to follow! The heading of each chapter tells you when we are. But, if you've read/listened to the previous two books you'll understand this with ease. If you remember, at the end of book 2 Kaden and many others ended up in the past. But we still have friends in the future as well. What happens in the past creates the events they lived through, so we see a few setting things up so it can happen as it's needed to happen. We visit three time frames; the past where Kaden and many are at now, in the future before the war is fought for important events and setting, and the distant future after the war fought in Obsidian Threads as things still need ironed out.

Charlie has come back strong with this story. We learn new secrets and a shocker or two in regard to a few characters and why they are doing what they do. We end with a possibility for Kaden and Aren. Will they take it? Will it work out? I'm curious to find out.

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  1. A happy Monday comment from me :)

  2. Oh I'm glad all that time frame parts didn't confuse. This sounds intriguing and I'm glad it is flowing from the other books well for you. Brilly review.

    1. Melissa (B&T) I always worry about the time frame in time travel books. It did work well and explained a few things from the previous books too. :)


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