Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday Post #96

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So today was like another sleeping day. Kiddo has started back to football camp full time and this last week was all evenings. We weren't getting home until 9 PM. *yawn* I stay to watch camp so he can talk about it later. He really likes to know we are watching. And I also took some pictures of him as he likes. :) So needless to say, not much got done around the house during the week, or in the way of blogging. Yesterday was the day I got to get some cleaning done and go through paperwork for life in general. Then I went to be at 10 o'clock last night. I just couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. lol.

This week...He's not going to have the night practices, but it's time to get caught up around the house. *sigh* I hope I get a few things done and to scribble ideas for a story idea I have. :)


The Fit Booker:

Goal:  Workout in any form of exercise (or on Wii Fit) 2x's a week. (to feel better and hope to drop a few pants sizes)

How did I do last week... I did get to exercise this week. And not just one day! With kiddo having his practice, I got to walk the track a few days.
   Monday:  walk the track for about 2.11 miles.
   Tuesday:  walk the track for about 2.25 miles.
   Thursday:  cut grass for about 1 hr and 15 minutes. I left the gps on with the game and found I only walked 1.11 mile! That can't be! Feels like I walk further than that.

Episode 5:
I am into the episodes that I have to download each week. They are free, but I get one a week now.

This week, there is a fire at a neighboring town and the zombies are attracted to it. The people can't see the zombies coming so I have to run and warn everyone, and get them to safety.

What's Happening in Books:

Current Read:
Pure Blooded by Amanda Carlson

Current Audiobook:
Winter's Reach by Craig Schaefer

Current Podcast Book Listen:
None, now back to Audio books

Finished Last Week: 
Schemes by Krista D. Ball

Audiobooks from Audible:
Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn

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I have my 3 reviews scheduled for next week. Woot woot! Can't wait to share these!
   Gates of Hell
   Stone of Fire


Received Last Weeks:

Review & Review Consideration:
The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin
Goodreads Synopsis:
This is the way the world ends. Again.

Three terrible things happen in a single day. Essun, a woman living an ordinary life in a small town, comes home to find that her husband has brutally murdered their son and kidnapped their daughter. Meanwhile, mighty Sanze -- the world-spanning empire whose innovations have been civilization's bedrock for a thousand years -- collapses as most of its citizens are murdered to serve a madman's vengeance. And worst of all, across the heart of the vast continent known as the Stillness, a great red rift has been torn into the heart of the earth, spewing ash enough to darken the sky for years. Or centuries.

Now Essun must pursue the wreckage of her family through a deadly, dying land. Without sunlight, clean water, or arable land, and with limited stockpiles of supplies, there will be war all across the Stillness: a battle royale of nations not for power or territory, but simply for the basic resources necessary to get through the long dark night. Essun does not care if the world falls apart around her. She'll break it herself, if she must, to save her daughter.

Kitty Saves the World by Carrie Vaughn
Goodreads Synopsis:
The final novel in the New York Times bestselling series

It’s all come down to this, following the discoveries made by Cormac in Low Midnight, Kitty and her allies are ready to strike. But, when their assassination attempt on the evil vampire Dux Bellorum fails, Kitty finds herself running out of time. The elusive vampire lord has begun his apocalyptic end game, and Kitty still doesn’t know where he will strike.

Meanwhile, pressure mounts in Denver as Kitty and her pack begin to experience the true reach of Dux Bellorum’s cult. Outnumbered and outgunned at every turn, the stakes have never been higher for Kitty. She will have to call on allies both old and new in order to save not just her family and friends, but the rest of the world as well.

Audio Books Requested for Review:
Altar of Influence by Jacob Cooper
Goodreads Synopsis:
Sacrifice. The single act capable of bringing both death and life simultaneously. 

Thannuel Kerr is handsome, young and brash, fumbling through childhood toward his inevitable inheritance: the next Lord of the Western Province. He struggles to accept his arranged marriage and to grow into the man he must become. The journey toward that end, however, is fraught with more peril than he could possibly imagine. In the remote reaches of the Realm, an unknown, silent threat is growing. The Thoulden-sha of Mari-shaden is gathering his disciples, those who have relinquished their bloodlines to the Ancients and embraced Those Not Remembered, a forgotten race that inhabited Våleira long before the Age of the Ancients. 

As Thannuel learns more about his heritage, he begins to understand why powers that seem greater than anything the world of Våleira has ever seen are targeting him. As a young man, he and his beloved intended, Moira, will face assassination attempts, civil war, and foreign invasions that could tear the Realm—and Våleira itself—apart. 

Sacrifice. It is what the Thoulden-sha demands. It is what the world desperately needs. To save all he loves, Thannuel will be called upon to lay himself upon the Altar of Influence.

Remnants and Shadows by Jacob Cooper
Goodreads Synopsis:
This short story takes place during the timeline of Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War. The reader is highly encouraged to read the afore mentioned title first. 

Thannuel and Moira have been promised to each other since birth. Just as they are growing, both as individuals and together, the Marishee probe deep into Arlethia and strike at House Kerr, attempting to abduct Thannuel and assassinate Moira. While the attempt barely fails, it leaves them questioning their relationship and deeply contemplating their future together. 

Amnoch, master of the hold guard for House Kerr and member of the furtive Gyldenal Order, sets out on a quest to discover more about the Marishee, disciples of the enigmatic Thoulden-sha, the Oracle of Mari-shaden. As The Resurgence continues to gain traction among the people of Senthara, Amnoch’s mission unwittingly becomes a fulcrum between the Living Light and The Ancient Dark. Remnants of things long forgotten since The Turning Away lie hidden and await him, shadows of an unknown threat too great to ignore.

Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn (Audiobook)
PICK UP AT AMAZON (1st bk in series & FREE)
Goodreads Synopsis:
A power kept secret for 2000 years. A woman who stands to lose everything.

India. When a nun is burned alive on the sacred ghats of Varanasi, and the stone she carried is stolen, an international hunt is triggered for the relics of the early church.

Forged in the fire and blood of martyrs, the Pentecost stones have been handed down through generations of Keepers who kept their power and locations secret.

Until now.

The Keepers are being murdered, the stones stolen by those who would use them for evil in a world transformed by religious fundamentalism.

Oxford University psychologist Morgan Sierra is forced into the search when her sister and niece are held hostage. She is helped by Jake Timber from the mysterious ARKANE, a British government agency specializing in paranormal and religious experience. Morgan must risk her own life to save her family, but will she ultimately be betrayed?

From ancient Christian sites in Spain, Italy and Israel to the far reaches of Iran and Tunisia, Morgan and Jake must track down the stones through the myths of the early church in a race against time before a new Pentecost is summoned, this time powered by the fires of evil.

The first in the ARKANE series, PENTECOST is a fast-paced thriller that explores the edges of faith against a backdrop of early Christian history, archaeology and psychology.

If you love a fast-paced, rollicking read, download a sample or buy Pentecost now.

Fighting for Keeps by Seleste DeLaney
Goodreads Synopsis:
He made her crazy. In every way imaginable...

Since her partner's death, Jodi Israel has been perfectly happy playing Q to everyone else's Bond. Electronics and machines are safer - and they are a lot easier to deal with. Unfortunately, she's stuck with TRAIT's newest recruit, an infuriating, arrogant alpha-male who plays by his own rules...and is hot enough to send electric voltage through all of Jodi's circuitry.

Finn Danby heeds his instincts, even though it's cost him his job on more than one occasion. The moment he sees Jodi's fiery hair and uncanny engineering abilities, Finn's instinct takes over...and it's all libido. Now they're working together to protect the unstable daughter of a high-profile politician - and the sparks are flying. Both in and out of the bedroom. But when all hell breaks loose, Jodi and Finn just may find themselves alone…and unemployed.

Free Ebooks:

(On my Kindle App) Links to books under title. They may or may not be free at this time.
15 Minutes by Jill Cooper
Goodreads Synopsis:
I have 15 minutes to save my mother’s life….

15 minutes is all the Rewind Agency gives you in the past, but for Lara Crane it’s enough time to race through the city, find her mother, and stop her from being killed in a mugging that happened over ten years ago.

But that’s not how it happened. The story she’s been told all her life is a lie and when Lara takes a bullet meant for her mother, her future changes forever.

The love of her life acts like a stranger. Her simple life is replaced with a giant house, glamorous clothes and a new boyfriend. 

Except someone knows her secret. And he will try to stop her at every turn as she races against the clock to unravel a dangerous conspiracy.

15 Minutes is an edgy high octane YA thriller that can be described as Back to the Future meets Inception where the people Lara trusts change in an instant. She is in a timeline she doesn't understand, and is about to make one fatal mistake as she faces an enemy so familiar, he’s family.

The Hierophant by Madeline Claire Franklin
Goodreads Synopsis:
Demons are watching. They move invisible through our world, hunting for rare prey–most humans don’t see the monsters that lurk in the dark, and as long as you can’t see them, they can’t hurt you.

But Ana sees the demons. Monsters once found only in her late mother's bedtime stories have crept from the shadows, whispering her name and stirring ancient magic in her blood.

On the day her tarot deck foretells a disturbing change, Ana encounters an uncanny young man who literally stops (and starts) her heart. Trebor has strange powers, and an even stranger quest, and for some reason wants to help her. But the closer Trebor gets to the truth behind Ana’s power, the more important–and dangerous–his own quest becomes. Even more important that keeping Ana alive.

Because in a world haunted by demons determined to find the key to their empire, there is much more at stake than one girl’s soul.

Six Moon Summer by SM Reine
Goodreads Synopsis:
Rylie's been bitten.

She's changing.

And now she has three months to find a cure before becoming a werewolf... forever.

Rylie Gresham hates everything about summer camp: the food, the fresh air, the dumb activities, and the other girls in her cabin. But the worst part is probably being bitten by a werewolf. Being a teenager is hard enough, but now she's craving raw flesh and struggles with uncontrollable anger. If she doesn't figure out a way to stop the transformation, then at the end of summer, her life is worse than over. She'll be a monster.

All Hallow's Moon by SM Reine
Goodreads Synopsis:
Rylie survived becoming a werewolf at great cost. She moves to her aunt’s ranch in the hopes she can enroll in a new high school and quietly continue her life... with a few distinct changes. She transforms into a beast every new and full moon and struggles to control her murderous urges.

Without many werewolves left, it’s hard to stay in hiding. A family of hunters -- Eleanor, Abel, and Seth -- recognize the signs and follow Rylie to her new home. They want to stop her before she murders someone, and the only way to do it is with a silver bullet. Seth soon realizes the werewolf is Rylie, the one monster he failed to kill. Worse yet, he’s still in love with her.

Torn between family and love, Rylie struggles to reconcile her feelings and control the wolf within while Seth fights to do what’s right. But what is right-- obeying desire or duty?

Long Night Moon by SM Reine
Goodreads Synopsis:
Something is killing innocent people around Rylie Gresham's town. The police think it's a wild animal, but she has other suspicions. There are new kids at school, and they have a lot in common with her: gold eyes, super strength, and a habit of turning furry. It seems Rylie's not the only werewolf around anymore.

It's up to Rylie and her werewolf-hunting boyfriend, Seth, to stop the killings. But saving lives doesn't come naturally to a monster, and territory battles could risk the life of her sickly aunt--not to mention her own. Rylie has no choice but to stand her ground, protect her home, and stop the murderers before anyone else gets hurt.

Gray Moon Rising by SM Reine
Goodreads Synopsis:
It’s been almost a year since Rylie Gresham was bitten by a werewolf on Gray Mountain. Now something is beckoning her back to the place she was attacked, along with every other werewolf in the world. But they aren’t the only ones heeding the call. A group of hunters notices them gathering and sees it as their chance to wipe out the entire species.

Seth is about to graduate high school when he learns of the final hunt. He secretly plans to save Rylie and his werewolf brother even though he has to play along with the hunters to do it. But Rylie doesn’t want to be saved. She’s already decided to solve her problems with a silver bullet if answers aren’t waiting on Gray Mountain.

One way or another, everything is about to end—whether it means Rylie’s liberation or the end of her life…

Special Offers by M.L. Ryan
Goodreads Synopsis:
Meet Hailey — possessed by an other-worldly being from another dimension who was previously trapped in her Kindle.

When Hailey Parrish discovered her husband was cheating with her co-worker, she swore off men. Then, she had to find another job when her boss went to prison for running a prostitution ring in his spare time. Three years later, Hailey still hadn’t gone on a date and she milks chinchilla for a living.

Her life was about to get weirder.

While in pursuit of inter-dimensional miscreants who use their arcane powers to prey upon humans, Sebastian Kess was ambushed and mortally wounded. To save his life, he used his own magic to convert his soul to binary code and transfer it into Hailey’s soon-to-be shipped Kindle eBook reader. When Hailey inadvertently releases him and he inhabits her body, she finally has a man inside her, just not in the way she imagined.

Hailey must come to grips with the existence of the parallel dimension of Coursodon and the realization that magically inclined non-humans walk the world all while dealing with Sebastian’s arrogant banter in her head. Her predicament also introduces her to another supernatural, the handsome could-be-the-man-of-her-dreams Alex Sunderland. The action moves from Hailey’s hometown of Tucson, Arizona to New England and across Europe as she and Alex try to return
Sebastian to his own body while staying one step ahead of the criminals who want to keep him where he is.

Special Offers, the first book of the Coursodon Dimension Series, combines urban fantasy, paranormal romance, a bit of science fiction and a healthy dose of quirky humor.

(On my Nook)

Free Audio Books/Stories:

Reviews to Come:

Soulless by Skyla Dawn Cameron
The Sentinel by Chris Lester
The Muse by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Making the Cut by Chris Lester
Metamor City: Whispers in the Wood by Chris Lester
Danube Waves by Katharina Bordet
Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan
Heartstealer by K.T. Bryski
Lex Talionis by Starla Huchton
7th Son: 7 Days anthology by J.C. Hutchins
House of Grey 6 by Collin Earl
The Secret World Chronicle: World Divided by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, Veronica Giguere
The Secret World Chronicle: Waiting On by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, Veronica Giguere
The Secret World Chronicle: Revolutions by Mercedes Lackey, Cody Martin, Dennis Lee, Veronica Giguere
Heir to Kale by K.L. Bone
Tales from the Archives Vol. 4: #3 The Black Empress
Invito Rex by Brand Gamblin
The Jester by Michael J. Sullivan
Professional Integrity by Michael J. Sullivan
Tales from the Archives Vol 4 #4 - Down by the River
Tales from the Archives Vol 4 #5 - Old Sinner's Bones
Gates of Hell by J.F. Penn
Ink by Melanie Karsak
Schemes by Krista D. Ball
Stone of Fire by J.F. Penn


  1. Fighting for Keeps looks good. It is hard to keep up on things when you have a child in sports, and try to attend practices, games and end up carpooling your life Hang in there!

    1. Thanks Kimba. It's tough. I'm hoping to find some me time in the mix of it all. ;)

  2. OOoh nice! Lots of new to me ones here! I still need to read the Kitty book before this finale! And it was Cormac's book no less! What's taking me so long!!! Too many reads, that's what! LOL!

    Hope you enjoy all the new reads!

    Here's my STS

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

    1. Jessica @ a GREAT read, I've been collecting the Kitty books but need to start the series. Sounds like a great one. :D Thank you and have a great week.

  3. It's a vixcious cycle of nights and days isn't it!
    I really enjoyed Special Offers. That's such a fun series. You found a lot of new books I've not heard of before. Have to check some of these out:)

    Here's my Sunday Post -

    1. Laura Thomas, it really is a cycle. lol. Glad to hear you enjoyed Special Offers. Hope you found some new reads to enjoy. :)

  4. I love your comment about staying and watching your son so you can talk to him about it later AND how much he loves you being there. Guess it won't always be like that, so it's great you treasure it now.

    1. Deborah, I love spending time with the kiddo. And it's a pleasure to watch him and talk to him about things later. We won't have these days forever, and I want them to be fun for us all. :) Thank you!

  5. wow so many books for you this week! happy reading lady!

  6. The Fifth Season should be awesome, Melissa! I love this author :0 Enjoy all your books, lady!

    1. Kara Karina, I have to get back to her first series. I keep running out of time for everything. But I love the sounds of The Fifth Season, so looking forward to it. :)

  7. I received my copy of the last Kitty book this week but I'm saving it for next week's haul! I've still only read the first book in the series so it's one of many series I need to catch up with this winter when I'm in full reading mode!

    1. Chuckles, I have to get the beginning of the Kitty series yet. I'd like to give the whole series a go one of these days. :)


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