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Audio Book Review: Ares


By:  KA Finn

Publish Date:  March 21, 2015, Audiobook July 14, 2015

Format:  Audiobook - 16 hrs 5 mins
Narrated By:  Keith Michaelson

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  1st in Nomad series

Impression:  Space Opera with so much to offer! Fighting, Love, Conspiracy, Deadly Science, Oh my!

“Thrilling space battles and a twisted scientist, make this book a must read.” A. K.

"This unique, fast paced, story embodies the epic struggle of man vs machine." S.M.

He wasn't expected to survive — no one else did — and for twenty years, he has managed to stay off their radar. Until now. Until her…

Gryffin was the sole survivor of The Foundation’s experimental project to transform human children into hybrid cyborgs – half human, half machine. The program failed and he was sent on a one way trip into The Outer Sector where he was left for dead. He has survived for twenty years by suppressing his human emotions and embracing his machine side.

Officer Terra Rush believes in her duty to the Foundation. The Sector needs to be prepared for colonization, and nothing can stop her from doing her job…except him. When Gryffin saves her from an attack, Terra uncovers a terrible secret. The Foundation has been lying to her…and maybe they still are.

They have labelled Gryffin a killing machine, yet he acts more human than many of The Foundation’s leaders. He has awakened intense feelings in Terra that throw her loyalties into question, and even though he pushes her away, she is determined to find out the truth about the cyborg program.

Gryffin refuses to be a mindless soldier, yet escaping The Foundation’s control and stopping the colonization of his home will require Terra’s help. Can Gryffin overcome the machine inside and trust her? Or will getting in touch with his human emotions destroy him once and for all?

First Sentence:
'Captain, we're nearing the location of the unidentified signal.'

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

The Foundation Council is now more determined than every to take control of the colonies here, in a sector where criminals reside, and the location of a lost secret project that was to have been performed and destroyed. There are a few who are with the Foundation, and were involved in the secret project, who hope all evidence is destroyed and gone. No one's ever fought back against the Foundation. Captain Gryffin is protecting his villages as The Nomad has agreed to do. But it seems nothing will stop the powerful Foundation. But the illegal ship of Gryffin's will do their best. But by doing so, Gryffin, who hides his metal augmentation and implants, is recognized and the Foundation wants more than just the colonies. Those that created him, want their successful project back. And to create more.

So much to share on this enjoyable story! Where do I start?!?

Keith's voice is a low rumble that I enjoy. Keith is a wonderful fit for the many voices of Ares. There are many male voice, but there are females as well which he softens his voice to portray. At times he reminds me of Sam Elliot when doing Gryffin's voice. He is talented at the accent of some of the Foundation officers and Hunter crew. There are many characters here and Keith does well to differentiate their voices in slight changes of tones and softness to his voice. I really like the way Keith does the Scientist. lol. He switches through voices with ease as we listen. Nice. He does the gruff feel for Gryffin in the way a dangerous Captain would be. Keith is a wonderful pick for the story.

The cool thing about this audio... You know in the movies when you hear a voice and you know that voice, but you don't see the character physically? That happens here a few times and I found that I was holding my breath, waiting to see the character. Or in this case the solid definite name. It was that I knew but had to have that solid evidence to back me. And the impact that goes with that evidence. Just wow.

At first I re-listened to the beginning of the story. I was getting my people mixed up as we start with seeing Captain Gryffin then go to a view with Roman. I wasn't sure who these people were yet or who they are affiliated with. In re-listening I learned they are not together. Gryffin is captain of his own ship and Roman is captain of his ship that's part of the Foundation and there's a battle happening. Yet some are of the same crew and they are doing things that I wouldn't think those of the same crew would do. This is where things start for us, and we see that something is not right with a few people. But, at this early in the game, we never imagine the depth of how things are twisted.

A space opera through and through. So many lives connected and affected here. There are conspiracies and dark secrets in every organization. Deceptions and new allies. All collide here with Foundation Council wanting new colonies, Admirals and their own secret project, Someone on Ares twisting things against Gryffin, Gryffin struggling with his mechanical tech wanting to take complete control of him. The Foundation ship has her own stories and connections between the crew and other characters. There is a deep story here.

I think this science fiction story is one that all, male and female, can enjoy. There is lots of fighting and action that fit to the deep story and the secrets everyone holds. I love the important pieces we get constantly through this story. The information is worked in with each scene and so important. There are a few times I had to stop the audio and digest the impact of the important pieces at the end of the story. They are huge and mean so much! Well played. Well played. There's a loyalty of the ships, or questionable loyalty as well. But there is a love intertwined to the characters as well.

There seems to be an attraction, and potential love interest, from the first meeting of Gryffin and Terra. Well...maybe not at first meeting, but after she wakes up from the drug he gave her. He had reason. ;) lol. It's cool and I enjoyed their meeting. Terra also never seems to be dissuaded from looking or interacting, even yelling at, with Gryffin. Terra sees something else in him that no one else ever has. She's strong in her convictions and also a kind soul.

This is an emotional science fiction. I loved this story as it has so much I wanted and enjoyed. The characters become as emotionally invested as I did. The fear of what could happen, has happened, curiosity as to the hidden secrets, and love. There is a growing love that could pull deeper and help. There comes a point I feel my heart and stomach drop. What Gryffin has created for what's to come, it's not what you would expect but is exactly what Gryffin would do. I feel terrible for Gryffin now.

Gryffin...Now Gryffin is a very special character. What he's gone through in his life has created the man he is now. And is also why he fights with himself. He's man and part machine. This creates much pain and torment for his mind and body.

The ending had me hanging on every action. It moves fast with short sections from different views so we get the who battle in the moment. It's exciting and drawing!

My only complaint of the book, is the cover. The cover looks like it's a YA story, that the characters are young kids. But it's not. The characters are adults - Terra is 25, Gryffin is early 30's. But if that's it, I'm A-okay with that!

KA Finn has created an outstanding first book here! I'll be anxiously awaiting NEMESIS to come out. KA has set the bar high with this mesmerizing first book and I can't wait to see the crew again!


  1. After reading your review, I just can't wait to read the book !

    1. Thank you theereaderjunkie. This has a bit of everything in it and I was really taken with it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  2. I am getting more and more into

    1. Blodeuedd, I thought of you with this sci fi. I know we don't read much of it, but I'm so glad I got this one. And I think you might enjoy it as it's got a lot going on here. Kind of like our fantasy reads. :)

  3. Sounds good. I agree with you about that cover... just doesn't quite read with what you said about the book.

    1. Melissa (B&T) Yeah. But if that's my only complaint, I'll take it. lol. Hope you get to check this one out, if you are looking for a sci fi read. :)

  4. I really need to try out a male narrator again. My first audiobook ever was one of the BDB books and I couldn't get into it. Maybe I should try again :D

    1. Lilyelement, I understand that some narrators are hard to get into listening to. Hope you find a nice narrator that works for you. :)

  5. You are tearing through these audiobooks!

    One thing that makes me impatient with audio is the challenge in rewinding/ff pages. I am so bad with names so I might have to relisten to the intro a FEW times before I get a good grasp of it.

    1. Talk Supe, I am and loving all of them. :) Well, most of them. lol.

      I've been known to listen to beginnings a few...2 or 3 or 4, times to get a grip on the whole new world and characters. But I do that in reading books too. ;)


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