Monday, August 24, 2015

Book Review: Schemes


By:  Krista D. Ball

Publish Date:  August 2, 2015

Format:  eBook

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  4th in Tranquility series; Book 1 ~ Blaze, Book 2 ~ Grief, Novella 2.5 ~ Interlude, Book 3 ~ Fury

Impression:  Bethany is back! They want to move on, but what they did could bring the Elves after them.

Bethany returns to Taftlin to uncover a plot to assassinate King Arrago and Prince Henry. She enlists some interesting allies along the way, including an elderly duchess with a sharp tongue and an eager apprentice knight, and together they race against the clock.

First Sentence:

I've arrived in Wyllow and have settled in as best as possible.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I received this book from the author for my enjoyment, as I requested and love this series.

After over a year of dishonorable respect at Wyllow, Bethany and Lendra are on their way to return to Taftlin. She could feel the Elves were shifting in power and someone would make a move soon. On their travels an attempt on Bethany's life is made, and she uncovers a plot to assassinate King Arrago and Prince Henry. Bethany turns to the few people that are still loyal to her along with her new allies in the North to keep everyone safe.

We start with a year of letters that makes us worry of what's happening in Wyllow, where Bethany has been to talk to the Council of the war and what happened to their beloved Goddess, Apexia. These letters get us worrying and set the stage for what's to come. Things have not gone well in this year for Bethany, along with her dearest friends. The Elfin Council has made their own decisions on rumors and events while Bethany and others had fought wars. Something is stirring as they try to discredit Bethany, and the enemy she made in Lord Jud seems to be involved.

Bethany is back!!

This is the Bethany I love. She's fun, mouthy, and ready to kick arse. The old Bethany. Her rough jokes, erm desires? to break legs. lol. She does not back down. She's come up with nicknames for people and she is quick lipped when she is pushed. She is quick to action when she spots things unfolding around her. Poor Arrago, but he loves her and goes with the flow knowing exactly how Bethany is, and loving her for it., he's had to stay at his throne and try to keep going with the letters about what was happening in Wyllow. Strong man. But, he'd have to be strong and relaxed at the same time to be with Bethany. Which he is. Arrago has made changes in Taftlin in his short time as king, and some people are not happy.

We get what we want with Bethany and Arrago, but they have to work for it. There is always trouble brewing somewhere, and this time it's aimed at them.

We see more Myra with Bethany. She has become a wonderful character. She's got her own zest and personalty that brings a smile to me. She's taken some lessons from Bethany. lol.

We don't get to see Jovan or Erem in this story. We hear about them... Jovan is safe and laying low. Erem is... well, we don't know. No one knows. That's where this book ends and readies us for the next series involving these new powers.

No one knows of the grace that Bethany, Erem, Jovan, Kiner, and Arrago have received. Even Lendra too. But at the end of this story, we see it start to manifest and what can be done. Cool! This story also works as a transition to the next series and adventures in this world. A whole new story is to come our way!


Krista has brought fun to the characters in a plot to assassinate the king and the strong knight. I enjoy this blend so much.


  1. Sounds like I would enjoy Bethany's character as well :D

    1. Oh LilyElement, I really hope you get a chance to meet her. She's head strong but so much fun too. :D

  2. Replies
    1. Well Blodeuedd, for Bethany and Arrago there is a that. But there's a whole next series to come too. :D

  3. This sounds like a great character cast! So want to meet Bethany! :)

    1. Melissa (B&T) Awesome to hear! I hope you get a chance to meet Bethany. :)

  4. Why haven't I "met" this series before?! It sounds all sorts of awesome! Love your review!!

    1. Oh Braine TS, I'm sorry but I'm happy to introduce you to this series at the same time. lol. I do hope you get to try it out and enjoy it!


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