Friday, August 28, 2015

Audio Book Review: Invito Rex

Invito Rex

By:  Brand Gamblin

Publish Date:  December 1, 2013

Format:  Podiobook

Genre:  Neo-Victorian

Series:  2nd in Noblesse Oblige series; 1st Book ~ The Hidden Institute

First Glance Feel:  Dizzy who is one of the best at being a lower lord now has a true challenge and a bigger con to pull off. But is it a con?

In a fantastic world not too far ahead of us, Victorian sensibilities have brought back the monarchy, with a caste system that is lethally enforced. Dizzy is a con man, a commoner who makes his living impersonating the nobility. But one wrong turn leaves him trapped in the most dangerous place of all, the palace of the king. Invito Rex is the futuristic steampunk sequel to "The Hidden Institute".

First Sentence:
"As the boy becomes the man, so he must bear new burdens of sufferance and sacrifice.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
The Dowager Queen is very well known by the nobility. Dizzy is about to meet her. He's nervous for what she will tell him, or what she could do to his cover as Earl of Viborg. Disraeli Augustus McCraken III is a con-artist. He posses as lower Earls, and only socializes with such. He doesn't push his luck with the high noble houses or the King. Captain Gallant Trumble has other plans. He will find and arrest any fraud of royalty, and it's his mission to prove the Earl of Viborg is not who he says he is. The Kings advisers beat Captain Trumble in the chase and take Disraeli Augustus McCraken III in their custody. Dizzy must now fit into the shoes he never thought he'd even attempt to try to fit.

Oh my god! This ended like that?! I...*breath* It's a big cliffhanger. I rushed to the authors site and signed up for the authors newsletter to find out when the next book is coming. THERE HAS TO BE A NEXT BOOK! I want to know!

In visiting the authors site, I found he's shared the first chapter of the next book: The Absent Emperor. Thank you Brand!!!

This is Dizzy's story. Oh Dizzy, Oh Dizzy, Oh Dizzy. The troubles he gets himself into, but this one isn't completely at his doing. This is the ultimate con that Dizzy needs to pull off.

I do enjoy Dizzy. He's a creative man. He's not completely Royal in his nature of speak and actions. But his thinking in actions and decisions seem brilliant. He tries his hardest to fit the shoes of his predecessor, Cadvan. Dizzy makes me smile at his actions when he decides how he'll act and what he'll do.

The first chapter felt a bit full of things that I wasn't sure what was going on or the direction of the book. Chapter two was the one that set the ways of the world here. Chapter two was the one to clarify things for me and set things straight. I liked this chapter and what happens. It was all down hill for me from there. I was hooked and couldn't stop listening. I did find there were a few times at the beginning that a bit more details were given that felt to slow things for me, but as the book went on we did need those details. The detailing didn't happen for long, so read through them as it will all come together and you'll understand.

I wasn't sure who was conning who here. To see Dizzy take the crown as his own is amazing. He's a fun character and when he decides he'll be himself, things fall into place and work wonderfully. I wasn't even 100% sure he was to inherit the crown. We do get the definite answer to that question.

In this book we see the design and rank of the nobles. This is a breakdown to know how people are classed and how the students of The Hidden Institute sees who they are to work for, or in Dizzy's case who he will work to be. This book also has more of the automatons showing up and the ways of the world. I enjoyed seeing that there is many interesting things in this world with electronics and such that are interacted with more so in this book.

Each chapter has an insightful lead in. It all, in some way, connect to the rule and the King. It might be something a king did or knew or relations. There is information on Royals and their connection as well. This is interesting as it gives a deeper insight into many things. I wasn't sure what they were hinting at, until I started seeing how they were connected to those in the story and what was happening. And even with King Augustus III. I grew to anticipate these as the book went on, as it gave many great details.

As I've said, I'm signed up for the authors emails. I'm wanting more of this world and Dizzy. I want to know what Dizzy's ultimate plan is and how things work out. Can't wait for more!


Blodeuedd said...

*coughs* The cover

LilyElement said...

Cliffhangers drive me nuts, but they do their job, I always want the next book asap lol

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

I love it when a book makes you want more from an author. I'm curious about Dizzy now!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

I hear ya Blodeuedd. I thought the same. But it does make sense after I read the book. But...

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

LilyElement, lol. It was one that drove me to go check out the authors site. I'm just glad I got the first chapter and it solved what I was looking for. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (B&T) Yeah, I'm really curious where they all go next. :) Can't wait to see.