Tuesday, June 16, 2015

AudioBook Month: What are you listening to?

Photo by Melissa Hayden of Philippa Ballantine's Chasing the Bard

I've heard through the grapevine of the Internet that June is AudioBook month. We are a little over half way through the month and I'm curious.

The audio book concept is, from what I see, divided between listeners and non-listeners. And I'm cool with that. I struggled with audio books for ages. Now, well I think, I'm getting better thought there are some I still struggle with. Podcasted books have helped me greatly with this hurtle.

But back to Audiobook month. I'm curious to hear what you have in your ears. What are you listening to? Are you enjoying the narrator for the story?

You are welcome to share Audiobooks and Podcasted books here and who's voice you are loving as they whisper in your ear. ;)

Hey, even if you aren't listening at this moment, don't feel left out. Share who your favorite voice is.

I've got a load of favorite voices I love to listen to. If you've been around to see my audio book reviews, which are mostly in the form of Podcasts, you'll know a few names at first glance. It's not fair for me to list a few as I enjoy them all and there is something different about each person's voice. But I'll try to mention a few for you.

I'll share them with you and links to where you can find stories by them, For FREE!

Veronica Giguere - Oh Veronica and her voices. Wow. This woman is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. This woman has a lovely voice of her own, but she is outstanding at different voices for all the characters. One place to find Veronica is at her site, where she has links to her books and her works. She does narration for Audible books along with podcasts. An ongoing braided podcast with Mercedes Lackey is The Secret World Chronicle. Do try to listen to her at some point, you'll be glad you did.

Philippa Ballantine - Oh her accent is lovely to listen too. I could listen to Pip for hours as she read with the passion she has. Outstanding. Pip can be found in many different podcasted stories along with playing the part of Eliza in the Tales from the Archives lead in's for the short stories. You can find two of Pip's stories from the duology series Chronicles of Art on Podiobooks for your listening pleasure.

Tee Morris - There's Tee with his strong voice. I enjoy all the pitches that Tee hits. ;) If you've listened to Tales from the Archives, you'll hear Wellington Books get a bit squeaky. lol. Tee is paired up with Pip for the fine lead in's for Tales from the Archives, as you guessed it, as Wellington Books. You can find him in a variety of podcasted stories, as well. You can also find Tee in his own stories. There are two on Podiobooks that are available for listening.

I could go on and on!

Alex White is an easy voice for me to listen to (oh and the world and stories he's created. WOW!). And my newest voice to listen to is Brand Gambling. I just listened to Brand's book The Hidden Institute and loved his voice.

All these amazing voices, and many, many more, can be found on PodioBooks where the COMPLETE podcasted stories are found. The stories are free but you can donate to the authors that you love as a tip for the amazing story you hear.

Also, you can find the completed stories on iTunes and subscribe to their threads.

Now I want you to share your favorite voices and stories you've listened to.


  1. You always find the best ones :)

    1. Awww, thanks Blodeuedd. :) I try to find them for everyone. :)

  2. I love audio books! I had no idea it was audio book month either. I'm listening to Dreams of Gods & Monsters by Lani Taylor it's about 18 hours so it's taking me a while to finish but I love the narrator.

    Some of my favorite narrators are Will Patton he does the Raven Boy books by Maggie Stiefvater. Lauren Fortgang and Kate Rudd are also really good narrators. I could also go on and on.

    1. I'm glad I wasn't alone about the Audio Book month awareness, Maria Cari. Oh I'm liking the title of the book you're listening to. And wow! That's one long book. lol.

      Glad you are enjoying the narrator. I'll have to see about trying the narrators you've mentioned here. :) Enjoy!

  3. I've only listened to two audiobooks, but happy to know the good narrators.

    1. Cool, Jennifer Bielman. I'm getting into audio books more and more these days. I can get through a few audio books (pending length) at work which makes it nice. Hope you find more and more! :)

  4. I am loving my audio books! Since last August I've been listening non stop :-) Right now I have three on the go:Remember When by JDRobb, Radiance by Grace Draven and Blood Song by Anthony Ryan

    1. Kara-Karina, I'm just getting into the audio book thing and really loving it. They are helping to make the work day go so much faster! And I can't wait to get back into the story the next day. :) Glad you are enjoying your listens. I'll have to look into those ones. I wanted to book Blood Song any way. ;) Thank you!


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