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Book Review: Master of Myth

Master of Myth

By:  Starla Huchton

Publish Date:  September 19, 2014

Format:  eARC

Genre:  Fantasy - Steampunk

Series:  1st in The Antigone's Wrath series

Recommendation:  A fantasy fan of clockwork inventions and magic blended together on a race to learn information and secrets. Heck yeah!

Captain Rachel Sterling commands the ship that rules the sea and air, but when a chance encounter ends with a strange ring in her possession and a secretive order known only as The Brotherhood out for her blood, gone are her simple days of dodging the law to make a profit. Armed with a loyal crew, an enamored inventor, and an intellect as deadly as her aim, she must fight against an ancient power and those who would command it. What is the purpose of this mysterious ring and what dangerous magic will she face? Join the crew of the Antigone’s Wrath as they sail the waters and navigate the skies to find the information they desperately need before it’s too late.

First Sentence:
"It is time, Brother." He drifted into the room without so much as a warning knock on the door, brushing back the hood of his black cloak to reveal silver-white hair.

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*I offered to beta read this story for the author, with my desire and enjoyment of her work.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Rachel possesses a ring of a strong sense of magic and she is determined to not keep it on her ship a moment longer. She bolts to the old woman she got it from in town, to find her being interrogated and roughed up by a few men looking for the very thing Rachel now had with her. The ring. The ring was something that belonged to her mother, and was to be given to Rachel to keep safe. The solid band she now possesses sends her on a journey into dangerous lands and brings her new allies while racing from the Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood. A secret group who are looking for the magic-ed ring Rachel now carries on her ship. There is an inventor they wish to... employ to help create a particular machine for them. Silas doesn't want to create anything for the Brotherhood. Now he's stuck. He tried getting out of doing the job, to no avail. Now he must travel to find someone who can read the manual in the foreign language it's written.

Luckily, Rachel's ship is heading in the same direction Silas and his apprentice are heading.

The first chapter had me reading and wanting to know who the Brotherhood was and about the ring her mother once kept in her possession, and now Rachel has. I wanted to know more and more about this mysterious world that blends steam powered and clockworks with magics.

There is a divide present among the people in the book. Some work hard at the technology and science. Others believe in and investigate the magic side. The magic items are forbidden in areas, and are traded in a black market fashion as they are illegal.

I found I really enjoyed the relationships of the characters. I'll start with Rachel and Silas. They have sparks, and flames, when they first meet. Rachel tries to avoid what they could have as she's got other things she should be tending to, and doesn't need to worry about a relationship (of any sort). But they do compliment each other so well. I love them together. They both have a head for creating and gears. Then we have Rachel's first mate, Iris, and the Master-At-Arms, Danton. Iris is all about the magic. She even has a touch of dealings in the illegal trade. Danton is a swavy kind of guy that all the girls will love. Eddie is Silas's inquisitive apprentice and I suspect we'll see some big things from him in the future.

Rachel has to break some laws and cross into lands that are in the midst of war to get the answers she's looking for. Silas tries to keep from the grasp of the Brotherhood. But, you know just as well as I, that things don't always work out the best for everyone...

We live through high speed chases in air ships and on land. There are relationships that start and are avoided. Magic used and attempted to be avoided. Mystery behind pasts and creations. This story has a bit of everything that I enjoy.

I'll have my eye out, waiting, for the next in this series to come our way.


  1. Just added it to my list, it looks great and I'd like to read more steampunk - thanks for sharing !

    1. Oh theereaderjunkie, awesome to hear! Hope you enjoy it. It really is a great blend here. :)

  2. Arghh, my laptop died while writing this. Sigh, tell me when the battery is dead ;)

  3. Huh, hadn't hard of this one, but it sounds interesting!! :D

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Every time I visit, I find books I've never heard of! This one looks interesting. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. Addicted2Heroines. :D Glad to share new books with you. I try to find new and awesome reads to share. Thank you for visiting.

  6. Oh secret groups and magic? that's so much fun! I didn't know about this but it sounds good.

    1. Melliane, it was a fun and exciting read. There is a blend of so many things here, steampunk, magic, and even a touch of romance. I enjoyed that. :)

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed this one. I've been loving those worlds with magic in it lately!

  8. Glad that you enjoyed this one! I'm not much of a steampunk fan, but love magic!

  9. Replies
    1. Jennifer Bielman, it's neat the combination of steampunk and magic in this story. They are separate as it's items more with a magic to them. But so neat.


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