Thursday, June 18, 2015

Audio Book Review: The Secret World Chronicles: World Well Lost

The Secret World Chronicles: World Well Lost
(season 3)
By:  Mercedes Lackey & Steve Libbey

Narrated By:  Veronica Giguere

Publish Date:  2010

Format:  Podiobook

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  3rd book in The Secret World Chronicles series; 1st Season ~ Invasion, 2nd Season ~ The Hunt

***NOTE: I've learned that the podcasted books are divisions of the printed books as follows:
Printed book 1 is Invasion is podcasted seasons 1 & 2.
Printed book 2, World Divided, is podcasted seasons 3 & 4.
Season 5 podcast, Waiting On, is a bonus season - it's stories of characters between books 2 and 3.
Printed book 3, Revolutions, is podcasted seasons 6 & 7.
Printed book 4, Collision, is podcasted books 8 & 9 (season 8 in progress, season 9 yet to come).

(Podcast season titles:
Season 1: Invasion, Season 2: The Hunt, Season 3: World Well Lost, Season 4: World Divided, Season 5: Waiting On, Tales of the Secret World War, Season 6: Revolutions, Season 7: Run Silent, Run Deep, Season 8: Collision)

Recommendation:  Superheroes! Not all that happens is good. But they find a way through to save the world.

Continuing the action and intrigue of the first two books, World Well Lost joins the ensemble cast of metahuman characters as they struggle against the growing powers of the Thule Society as well as Echo's own waning popularity. Famed fantasy and sci-fi author Mercedes Lackey and newcomers Dennis Lee and Cody Martin bring this superhero-themed braided novel podcast series to life with characters such as the Seraphym, Victoria Victrix, John Murdock, and Red Djinni, with stories read by Veronica Giguere.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
The world is a mess. Things are not working out well for ECHO. There are those in trouble. Their Meta-hero numbers are dwindling. No help seems to be coming from ECHO to the humans in the damaged areas. And no help to ECHO either. Nazi's are still around and ECHO is at it's low.

The wreckage of the world has people taking advantage of the depleted protection forces. Through the new and old operatives ECHO is working to recruit. They need more Meta's and they are flipping old stones to find the ones hidden away, and retired. There is another group, the Black Snakes, out there doing the same. The Black Snakes are trying to get to all the META's and turn them to their side.

New authors have come into the fold, and along with them new characters join the cast. This brings a diversity to the world and fresh ideas. Something different for the current characters to battle. We get to see the new recruits and operatives in action. We see what the characters are made of in the moment of an attack or injury, giving us a look at their powers, actions, and glimpses of their past.

We get to see magic by Vicky! I love seeing her yield her ability. This is a great blend with the superheroes. Vicky is a superhero but...she's something else, something more. Magic is mysterious in this world. Kind of the element kept hidden as it it's feared or looked at as bad. We learn a bit more about it through Vicky.

The CCCP has received more "employees" from Russia. However we see through John Murdock's eyes that the CCCP, run by a Russian, is making a difference in the area. Any help at this time is a blessing. Right?

We learn that there is a special hero out there. John Murdock. He's an unknown anomaly in the large equation of what's happening in the world, as per the Seraphym who has visited him. The prophecies are gloom filled, but John might hold a flicker of hope. I enjoyed learning some of John's past. Yet, I want to know more! He's a bit different from all the others.

Things are getting deep and the characters are fully invested now. They are learning things that take them further than they ever imagined ~ more power, information and so much more. We learn more of Seraphym's rules and the infinite she speaks of.

Through each of these characters we are getting some answers. Or maybe more details that lead to deeper and narrower questions. I like this feel. The authors are leading me to conclusions.

This world has EVERYTHING! Science, superheroes, magic, mechanical's, ancient influences, creatures, and so much more. Epic world and story created here. One that keeps growing and shifting into place. This is a continuation of stories in a world in need of heroes, no matter how small. It's like watching a tv show each season. Some make it, others don't.


LilyElement said...

Sounds like a good mixtures of stuff that I enjoy!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Glad to hear, LilyElement! I really have been enjoying this world a lot. :) Hope you get to give it a try. :)

Blodeuedd said...

Everything? That is a good world

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Blodeuedd, yeah, I like the way it's put together with all different elements. :) It's pretty cool.