Friday, October 31, 2014

NaNoWriMo 2014

November is here and you know what that means.

NaNoWriMo time!

(Thank you Frodo, @1FantasyFanatic on Twitter and of Frodo's Blog of Randomness for pulling this clip together for me last year.)

I'll be off the grid for the month of November participating in NaNoWriMo. I'll try to do a check in a time or two through the month with updates, but mostly I won't be around. I'll be back in December getting back into the swing of things for the new year.

Usually I do a post of what I've learned the previous year(s) to remember and expand on for this year. This year I'm doing it a little different...

I'm going to do things a little different for NaNo this year. (If this upsets any NaNo-ers, then I'm sorry.) I've got three very basic stories started that I WANT to get re-written and fixed up. I want to learn from each story and make it better than what I had started with. So for NaNo this year I'm doing re-writes - NaNo-Re-WriMo. Yes it's not the traditional idea but it's what I need to do for myself.

I love the rush and craziness of that first drawing of the story. But I've found I miss a lot at doing that too. I want to fine tune what I have as it's missing scenes and create something to a ground zero draft. I figure this would be a great opportunity to focus on at least two of these stories.

My goal for the month of November:
-- Finish current read through/re-writes, which includes a few scenes not added in the rush of writing the story. Then re-read it to make sure flows and add a few touch-ups.
-- Read the fantasy story I started. Here I'll make notes as I know there is a LOT to fix and redo. Read and note additions, changes, deletions, blah blah. You know how it goes. There is even a WHOLE leg of the journey I didn't even write! So maybe I can write that? But I need to outline the world and what I need to setup for the end to happen, along with what lines I dropped into space. Then, if I'm lucky and cruising, I can start re-writes on this fantasy! Woot woot. That would be awesome!

So, it's a bit untraditional but what I feel I need to do at this time.

Happy NaNo-ing to all that are diving into the rush of a new (or old) novel.


  1. Go Mel Go! Have lots of fun and go for untraditional. :)

  2. Good luck! I would join you this month...but and work is kicking my butt. :/ I really wish they made this an August or July thing. hahaha.

    1. Thank you Carole Rae. And I understand! It's a lot at one time. They do do a camp nano around that time, if you'd like to check it out. :)

  3. woohoo!! good luck and have fun :D

  4. Good luck, Melissa! Have a blast!! :)


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