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Tales from the Archives, Vol 3: #2

Tales from the Archives, Vol. 3: #2

By:  Pip Ballantine & Tee Morris

Written by: K.T. Bryski

Narrated by:  Gavin Douglas and Blythe Haynes

Format:  Podcast, 39:52 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy, Steampunk

Series:  2nd in Tales of the Archives Vol. 3 podcasts, part of A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences series

Recommendation:  Nice way to meet new characters and authors in this steampunk-ish world particularly if you enjoyed the book; A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel, Phoenix Rising.  The archives are full of stories to be told.

Under Oak Island

Agent Brandon Hill is called in to investigate strange happenings in Nova Scotia. The location is an isolated stretch of land called Oak Island, a truly peculiar place with mystery and peril surrounding it. At the Money Pit, a man-made excavation site at the island’s heart, Hill meets up with Agent Anouk Tremblay, le Ministère Officiel d’Occurrences Sans Explication, the Québec counterpart to the Ministry.

Struggling against the dark claustrophobia lingering around them in their descent of the Money Pit, Hill and Tremblay navigate hydrological systems and digging technology to discover what has taken refuge under Oak Island.

My Thoughts and Summary:
December 1894 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Agent Brandon Hill finds his next case is in the Money Pit, an excavation pit. Brandon is to be known to the workers of the shaft as a health inspector. He is paired with a French female agent from Quebec, Agent Anouk Tremblay. No one knows what is buried in the shaft James Clark has been digging in. Clark has come across a metal plate of 155 feet across, and the Ministry won't let him go further until it is investigated. The dig operator says they saw an image of a skeleton and shadows moving on the metal plate.

The shaft was founded in 1795 by three boys and was rumored to have a pirate treasure buried in it. Oh when you finally find out what is buried deep in the shaft, you will be shocked! And a curse unlocked.

I liked that the story was well thought out. The mention of the ocean and how Clark has managed to keep the tunnels from the ocean from flooding the shaft. Yet this comes in handy later too! Excellent use of surroundings.

Brandon and Anouk feel as they are at competition with each other for who will lead the investigation and go first on everything. Brandon has an Indiana Jones feel with his quick escape. I like this!

Gripping tale with suspense! This story felt more supernatural than steampunk, but I was hooked from the beginning. The character interaction between Brandon and Anouk and the mystery suspense of what was down here. Oh, then when we saw it!

Would you like to listen to these? For a taste of the characters or in addition to the book... Visit The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences.

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You can find the Archives: Amazon Kindle ~ Tales from the Archives Scroll through the list for them all, and the ones you still need.

There are short stories always added to the listing. So keep checking back!

I listened to this short story for my own enjoyment.


  1. So need to get started on these. Thanks for the reminder. I so enjoy this series!

    1. Melissa (B&T) Do hope you get to listen to them, or you can read them. ;) Thank you! And so glad to remind ya. :D

  2. It's so interesting how you find these kind of reads! This sounds kind of fun. Weird that it felt more supernatural then steampunk thought.

    1. Oh Thank you Lily B. So glad to find different things to share with everyone. :)

  3. it's nice to have so many things miced together steampunk, suspens and supernatural.


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