Thursday, October 23, 2014

YOU can help make book 3 possible!

Yep. You get to help make book 3, The Nothing, by Kerry Schafer possible.

Lets start at the beginning...

Kerry started a trilogy The books of the Between. The first book, Between, was released January 2013. The second book, Wakeworld, was released January 2014. Kerry describes them as a blend between Urban and High Fantasy. (sounds like winners to me!)

"Vivian Maylor can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because she just broke up with her boyfriend and moved to a new town, or it could be the stress of her new job at the hospital. But perhaps it’s because her dreams have started to bleed through into her waking hours.

All of her life Vivian has rejected her mother’s insane ramblings about Dreamworlds for concrete science and fact, until an emergency room patient ranting about dragons spontaneously combusts before her eyes—forcing Viv to consider the idea that her visions of mythical beasts might be real.

And when a chance encounter leads her to a man she knows only from her dreams, Vivian finds herself falling into a world that seems strange and familiar all at once—a world where the line between dream and reality is hard to determine, and hard to control…"

Vivian Maylor is trying to hold it together. But her attempts to build a life with the man she loves seem doomed by the dragon inside her yearning to break free. Vivian is a dreamshifter, the last line of defense between reality and the dreamworld, and the only one of her kind.

Weston Jennings also believes he is the only one of his kind. He fears his powers as a dreamshifter, and resists learning to control them. After suffering a tragic loss, Weston heads deep into the woods of the Pacific Northwest to embrace a safe life of solitude. But when a terrible mistake leads to an innocent’™s death, his guilt drives him to his former home, where he encounters what he never thought he would find: another shifter.

Now Vivian and Weston must work together to defeat a new threat to the dreamworld.

I know there are tons of people out there that enjoyed these books. But, unfortunately, it wasn't tons enough. The publisher has decided to not continue with the series. Now those people are waiting for book three and the conclusion to the trilogy. AND those of us who have the first two books to read on our shelves NEED to know there is a book three we can conclude with.

This is where you can help.

Kerry has a kickstarter going on right now to sponsor the book, and receive a copy at if you please, and get that book out in the world.

Briefly about the third book, The Nothing:
Dream worlds are dying and taking dreamers with them. Vivian hates sorcery, but her only hope of saving both worlds and dreamers lies with the Sorcieri. She will have to risk everything she has ever loved to claim her own neglected power and stop Aidan, the evil Dragon Queen, from her plan of total annihilation.

Are you up to helping? You can head over to Kerry's Kickstarter and find the level of Pledge that you feel comfortable with.

Thank you!

If you are curious and want to learn more about the books...
Kerry shared about her dragons here:  Let there be Dragons
Kerry shared about her Bigfoot here:  Beware the Bigfoot

And you can visit Kerry's site with all her information and about her books:


  1. Oh pooh, I hate when that happens

    1. Blodeuedd, I do too. It's happened with a few series I've started. Sad.

  2. it's a nice idea, it's frustating to stop in the middle of the series, mainly one is missing. I have book 1 but haven't read it yet.

    1. Melliane, I've got the first book too, and need to get to it. But I totally support authors doing this when their series is canceled on them. Thank you. :)

  3. gah I want to read this series, I heard from several people that it was quiet interesting. It's really unfortunate that the publisher decided to drop her ;/

    1. Lily B. Me too. I have the first book here to dive into and will sponsor for this one to be finished, so I can get there. ;) I hate when this happens. Thank you!

  4. How did this series escape me? It sounds amazing!
    I'll have to head on over to her kickstarter. Bites that the publisher bailed on her!
    So nice of you to help! You're a sweetie!

    1. Thank you Kristi The Book Faery! So glad to bring it to your attention. :) I will be sponsoring this one so I can get the last book when I read the series. :)

  5. *smack the publisher* Don't punish a book because you didn't give it enough media attention. :( Oh there are a few series I would love to see done with a kickstarter like that!

  6. This happened with one of my favorite series, Annabelle Lee by Stacey Jay. It really sucks =( Thanks for sharing this though. I'll spread the word.

    1. Oh yes, Addicted2Heroines. I remember hearing about that with Stacey Jay as well. I wanted to get that series. This has happened so many times and upsets me as it's on the last book too. *sigh* Thank you for spreading the word!


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