Friday, December 13, 2013

Just For Thought: A Few Changes & What do you like here at My World...?

While doing NaNoWriMo I started thinking... I want more time to fix up these projects and work on new ones. I want to stretch my legs in a few new avenues as well. But, to do that I need to make time somewhere. I love blogging and sharing all that I read, in different ways. I love blog visiting everyone else too! So...I think it's time I ease up on some of the blogging things.

This will probably affect my responses here, but things grow and so shall we. I have discussion ideas for posts here and at The Challenged Writers blog as well - questions and thoughts on different aspects of writing and books. I hope you join me there as well.

I want to know what you honestly like here. What I should keep.

- I like doing the Sunday Posts as it groups everything from the prior week and what I got in the mail. Do you like this?
- I love the Mythical Monday author posts. I will be keeping this. I learn so many new myths and books this way.
Tuesday Teasers - I think I'm going to let this one go. I'll do it if I have time, but for the most part I'll not be doing it.
Who? What? Where? - I think I'm going to drop this one for the time as well.
Throwback Thursday - I would like to keep this one as well, but you let me know. I love sharing the books I have sitting on the shelves that I'm desperately needing the time to get too.
Freebie Friday - I don't usually find many freebies, and usually they show up on other blogs freebies. Although from time to time I do find a few others don't. *shrug shoulder* I don't know about it.
Looking Forward To... - These are books I desire that are to be released yet. I don't know about this either.

I have several reviews lined up. They should last me a few months. So you should be able to get two reviews a week for some time.

What I'm keeping:
  2 Reviews a week
  Mythical Monday
  Throwback Thursday

I'm Definitely Stopping:
  Tuesday Teaser

Questionable Posts:
  Sunday Posts (I'm leaning toward keeping, but there will be minimal posts weekly now too.)
  Who? What? Where?
  Freebie Friday
  Looking Forward To...

What does all this mean? Is My words and pages disappearing? No, it's not. I'm here to stay, believe me. I enjoy the interaction with readers and authors. But, I do have a few things I'd like to step into. I've been beta reading and enjoying that aspect of seeing manuscripts. I'd like to learn more about editing. I also have found a love in listening to Podcasts. If I'm offered, I might join in a few chats, we will see what happens there (I'll have to see about getting a mic and a better room to do so in). ;)

I'm here to stay, but there are more things on the horizon for us. Stick around!


  1. I love Sunday posts, seeing what I've missed, what's happening and what books a blogger received. I hope you keep that one. But, your blog, your choice. Keep what's working for you and ditch the rest. Also, some posts could be intermittent, do them as you have time and interest.

    1. I like doing the Sunday posts as well Bea. I get lots of great traffic that day and they get to see everything. I've pretty much decided to keep it, but trying to find time for other projects, so cutting back on other things. :) Thank you dear!

  2. Yeah the teaser posts are memes I skip on every blog, do not really care.

    1. Blodeuedd, I love sharing teasers, but so much time in sharing them too. *sigh* So I'll pass for a time. :)

  3. I like your Mythical Monday posts and I honestly like to share teasers with the TT meme, but sometimes I can skip it... Especially if I have a review or a special post that needs to be posted instead.
    As for reviews, I personally try to have at least two a week up. But then, this really depends on the personal schedule, so you should feel free to post as many as you can arrange without struggling too much, or it will be very stressful and you risk not to enjoy every read.

    1. Silvia, thank you! So glad you enjoy the Mythical Monday posts. I love doing them and interacting with the authors. Really shares new books with me as well as followers here. I'm definitely keeping it going as long as authors are willing to share.

      I think the teasers are going on hold for now. So much to get done. But I will be posting at least 2 reviews a week. I've stocked up enough for a long time. lol.

      Thank you dear! **hugs**

  4. Hiya Mel!
    Please keep the Sunday Posts. I don't have/take/make the time to read/comment on a lot of posts, but I like catching up on you with this one. :)

    1. Rissatoo, will do. :) I like having all the past weeks items in one place to share with everyone. :) Thank you dear!!

  5. Mythical Monday and Throwback Thursday are two of my favorites, so glad you decided to keep them! I also enjoy your Sunday post, but it comes down to if you have the time to put them together. I'm sure that whatever you decide will work out for the best. :)

    1. Thank you Alexia! So glad you enjoy Mythical Monday and Throwback Thursday. :) I'm keeping the Sunday Post as well. It takes time to do, but if I can train myself to keep up with it daily, it won't be as much Sunday Morning. :)


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