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Blurb & Book Review: A Cursed Moon

A Cursed Moon

By:  Cecy Robson

Publisher:  Signet Eclipse

Publish Date:  December 3, 2013

Format: ARC

Genre:  Urban Fantasy Romance

Series:  2.5 Novella in The Weird Girls series; 0.5 Novella ~ The Weird Girls, 1st Book ~ Sealed with a Curse, 2nd Book ~ A Cursed Embrace

Recommendation:  Ooooh yes. You'll want this one. Something new evolves here!

Meet the furry big brother that the Wird sisters never had…

Bren is a cocky, brash hound of a werewolf who loathes the idea of belonging to Aric’s pack—much less finding a mate. But Bren’s hotheaded behavior lands him in the doghouse when he defies Aric’s authority in front of his pack, bringing up a sore subject that’s bound to make the Alpha wolf’s blood boil…

Luckily for him, no one can stay mad at Bren and his wild charm for long. And when some frightening ghosts launch a hostile paranormal takeover, Bren will team up with Celia to take down the evil ghouls before they hurt someone they both love…

Includes a preview of the upcoming Weird Girls novel Cursed by Destiny!

First Sentence:
"Damn it, Bren -- wake up!"

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**I read this book for an honest review from the publisher.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ghosts have been terrorizing the town since the Tribe appeared. The Pack and Vampires, unknown to the other, have been busy fighting them. Bren, the lone wolf friend of the Weird sisters, has been trying to adjust to being part of Pack. He's not doing so well. Bren antagonizes his roommate, Dan, to the point of a deal. To get a girl at the Watering Hole after work. Bren is very good at pushing everyone's buttons, even ghosts. On a visit with Celia, Bren and Celia have their hands full when a ghost appears. Thinking they are safe for the night, they head to the Watering Hole. Spirits continue to invade Ben's night of fun, keeping him on his toes and putting his dear friends, his Pack, in danger.

This book is through Bren's eyes. We do see Danny, Aric, and Celia, along with several others by name. But getting a book through Bren's eyes gives us a chance to see the situation among the characters a little differently.  We see Bren and Dan at their best. The great friendship here. We get Bren's view on Aric and being part of his Pack. We feel Bren's strong protection of Celia and the girls along with Danny. They are his Pack.

Bren loves to get a rise out of everyone and is great at it. I love this with Bren. The thing, after I think about it, he usually is telling them the truth but not in an over kind way. The truth hurts sometimes. Bren is a strong personality - fun and laid back yet fierce too. High on the testosterone too. Love him. Bren does learn a lesson, even a small hint of a lesson, as the day goes on.

The ghosts that pop up put Bren and his friend through some dangerous and deadly moments. The book gains momentum in the ghost plot as you go, and where it ends...well Surprise, surprise! I never expected that ending! Loved it!

We get thoughts on his friends and what transpired between a few of the wolves and the sisters. The thread of the series is here as well. We left A Cursed Embrace with some strong feelings. This helps give additional views to what happened and why. And Bren uses the topic of Celia to stir up some lovely trouble. It works so well here. We get to see the wide variety of emotions among them all as he visits and pushes buttons.

Could you read this without reading the previous novels? Well, I'd say no. This novella gives away Celia's relationship and why. But the story of Bren is of it's own. So, if you don't mind ruining your surprise with previous books, okay, have at it. But, you are warned.

I would suggest reading it with the series, in order. Bren is the friend that you expect trouble yet all that fun from. Enjoy him!

Author Bio:
Cecy (pronounced Sessy) Robson is a full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the Great Northwest. A member of Romance Writers of America, she attributes her passion for storytelling to the rough New Jersey neighborhood she was raised in. As a child, she was rarely allowed to leave the safety of her house and passed her time fantasizing about flying, fairies, and things that go bump in the night. Gifted and cursed with an overactive imagination, she began writing in May 2009. Her Weird Girls Urban Fantasy Romance series is published with Penguin Random House’s Signet Eclipse and released to stellar praise from multiple reviewers including: Publisher’s Weekly, USA Today, and Romantic Times. THE WEIRD GIRLS: A Novella, SEALED WITH A CURSE, and A CURSED EMBRACE are now available. A CURSED MOON: A Novella, releases December 3, 2013, followed by CURSED BY DESTINY, January 7, 2014.

Find Cecy Robson:
Website:  www.cecyrobson.com
Twitter:  https://twitter.com/cecyrobson
Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/Cecy.Robson.Author
Goodreads:  http://www.goodreads.com/goodreadscomCecyRobsonAuthor


  1. I love this series woot, I am reading this now, love Bren!

  2. Oh, thank you you for the feature and review, Melissa. I'm so glad you enjoyed Bren and his antics!

    1. Sure thing Cecy! A pleasure to feature the series. :) Thank you!

  3. Ooh nice review! Making my way through a slew of blogs in this release day blitz and believing that I have to add this to the never ending TBR mountain! Great review!

    1. Thank you Jessica @ a GREAT read. So glad you are enjoying the blitz of this one. :)

  4. Oh man! The 3rd glowing review of this novella. Can't wait to dive into my books I have on my tbr. Adding the novella to the wishlist.

    1. Melissa (B&T) It was awesome to see another view in this world. And Bren is definitely that. :) Thank you!

  5. Nice review! I really need to read this series, as you make it sound awesome!

    1. Thank you Alexia. Glad you liked the review. Do hope you get to try the books and enjoy them. :)

  6. This sounds like a good story and Bren seems to be a character I'd enjoy. Thanks for the review.

  7. Bea, it really is. Bren is a great character and soooo different from Celia. I love him! :)


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