Monday, July 9, 2012

Thoughts On: Fables of the Flying City Ep 16-19

Fables of the Flying City

By:  Jared Axelrod

Genre:  Steampunk

Episode:  16 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast; 7:09 minutes

Paying for Image

In which motives are questioned, the craftsmanship of Vrussian hulls are discussed, a turtledove is revealed, gold detailing is reasoned, nicknames are confirmed, and the order no one wants to hear is given.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ashe and Mari talk, wondering if they will be at war, Tolban joins in the conversation as well, thinking the Vrussians are better equipped.  Ashe things the more money the more things may not be good for them, to many extras to have, so maybe it will work out to Amperstam's benefit.

We learn a little bit about Ashe before she came to the Aerial Guard.  She was a thief, but only for the little things.  With Tolban's record, no one will fly with him, so he is thrilled to keep Ashe on his guns.

We leave this episode with the Aerial Guard being called to their vehicles.  We Are At War!


Episode:  17 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast; 5:33 minutes

Gatling Knows Her Weapons

In which Gatling's weapon of choice is revealed, a sword flying through the air is described, the mental state of average Amperstam citizen is beyond understanding, an analogy using both moths and flame is utilized, a sword flying through the air arrives again, and the beauty of a sharp weapon is shown.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Gatling shares another article from her press, The Hunter.  Truth is her weapon of choice, it's slow working and sometimes you need to cut someone, so she keeps a hunting knife as well.  But planes are weapons as well, fast and deadly ones.

Gaitling once again has caught me in her descriptions.  She has described a plane as such a deadly weapon, and the words she uses are outstanding!  Plain amazing and original.


Episode: 18 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast, 9:31 minutes

Watered and Running

In which wings are ordered to be earned, a pilot has second thoughts, a secret is revealed, an alternate life is described, how one dies is denied, a head is screwed on straight, a warship is approached, and the secret of the Vrussian Aerial Force is revealed.

My Thoughts and Summary:
We are back with Ashe and the Cloud dogs heading out on a scouting mission, looking for a weakness of the Vrussians warship.  Tolban is nervous, and Ashe talks him down to a calm head and ready to go.  Jobrani gives a drinking toast before leaving.  And in the air we find ourselves.

We learn what brought Tolban to the Aerial Guard, to avoid something.  Ashe's famous saying is used again after a time with out it, 'this is not how I or we die.'  Ashe uses this in talking Tolban out of his panic and out into the sky.

We get a great view of the opposing warship.  What about that ship!?!  And what Ashe realizes when she sees the ship.  She is a quick minded one.


Episode: 19 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast, 10:44 minutes

Storm of Confusion

In which a trap is seen, enemies are revealed, a mission is scrubbed, a mind is changed, a battle is fought, a soldier shows them how its done, a boiler explodes, the Calvary arrives, and the consequences of war are driven home.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Tolban and Ashe send the signal to turn and about the mission.  Ashe has seen and understands enough.  Ashe sends a light shot under the arms of the Vrussian warship to show the planes, but it's to late.  The planes drop and attack.  The scouting group is out numbered.  As they turn, one plane heads in to fight.  Ashe has Tolban turn back to cover them, and total chaos breaks and they can't tell who is firing at who.  Captain Sarawasu gives the order to abort as their plane gets hit.  The carvery has arrived from the city to help.

I was a little upset with Ringo and Cerannah.  I do hope they get reprimanded for thinking they could take on the Vrussian army alone, and causing their fellow cloud dogs to turn and help them, losing wonderful people in the process.  Ringo is shot in his arm, and Captain didn't make it.  But, the one that eats a little at the heart as we got to know him some, is Jobrani's cockpit has a charred body...

This is where the war pulls out to the front for us as listeners.  We know it's coming and we were out scouting, but now this is where the action picks up and shoots are sent against another army.  Now we are getting in deep with the war at our wingtips.  And we start to lose lives in this episode, close characters I was starting to really enjoy.

If you would like to Listen to the stories about Ashe, you can find Fables of the Flying City free on the site for Fables of the Flying City  There are links to iTunes and RSS feed.  You can also see the list of episodes in their order on Jared Axelrod's site.

If you are curious about the Graphic Novel, it is now available!  The Battle of Blood and Ink by Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker.  You can view a sample of the first 20 pages on Tor's site.


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Sounds like it is starting to get intense! Hm... I hope everyone survives the war!

Cherry said...

The story's building up to a crescendo...

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

It really is Melissa (books&Things). This is starting to take on a deeper thought to it, and with war and all...well, its really got my attention. :) Thank you!

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Cherry, it really is. I don't have many episodes left so It's really building up. :) Thank you!