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Thoughts On: Fables of the Flying City Ep 24-27

Fables of the Flying City

By:  Jared Axelrod

Genre:  Steampunk

Episode:  24 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast; 8:48 minutes

Owing Amperstam

In which a rogue reconsiders, alternatives are suggested, arguments are shot down, numbers are calculated, certainty is questioned, a baker ruminates, shutters are considered, and hope is measured out like grain.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Red Skull is the Captain on his vessel, and he's talking with his first mate (since the mutiny) on wanting to go to Amperstam as their cargo will get a better price, but the planes that are buzzing around it... Even if they made it in one piece to land, the profit wouldn't be enough to cover the repairs.  Carmeno Delt is a baker, with no grain.  He is waiting on his delivery from the faithful Red Skull...that never shows.

This episode is timed perfectly in the story as we have come into the war with Vrussians.  This shows the affects of the war, outside and inside the city.  The Vrussians have a blockade up and limiting food supplies reaching the flying city.


Episode:  25 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast; 10:31 minutes

The Proud Angels

In which Gatling's language of choice is revealed, a knowledge of Chelmois is found useful, a buzzer is bottled, Gatling's height proves a hindrance, a scout shop is scandalized, a dirigible is described, the origins of the siege are considered, and Gatling's knowledge about kicks and starving dogs is revealed.

My Thoughts and Summary:
From Hanner Gatling, and the latest issue of The Hunter.  Gatling speaks only one language, but in different tongues -- the Truth.  She will do anything to speak the truth.  She's learning of Vrussian planes by talking to workers there and what their plans are.  All while on the Vrussian plane.

Gatling shares with us what she is learning while spending time with the Vrussians.  There are two different planes we learn about from her.  And what just might be the strength to Amperstam along with Vrussia's plan of trying to starve Amperstam.


Episode: 26 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast, 16:59 minutes

Twelve Planes

In which Ashe explains what their goals are, Mari expresses doubt, Tolban pleads to be serious, the important thing is discovered, gliding back is declined, an explosion occurs, followed by many more, and Ashe holds her tongue.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Ashe talks to her crew, as lieutenant, and they are taking the offensive and talk their goal, not to just kill Vrussians.  Ashe plans to weaken or, at hopes, drop the Maliken from the sky.  The powerful ship that drops the buzzers from the arms.  Mari is nervous after what happened to Jubrani and Ashe talks Mari up and that she is the best to be at point and Ashe needs her there.  Only twelve planes to go.  However, Tolban learns a secret Ashe has about the mission and you might be surprised at the number of planes that return.

The Aerial Guard is growing in it's ranks, but that is thanks to having oatmeal to keep the Flying city's army strong.  Ashe is the Squad Captain and lieutenant of her group.  Ashe has taken her directives a step further to try for a surprise attack on the Vrussians, in hops of weakening their carrier ship.

I got caught in the bombing and flight.  I had to hear what they did and what happens.  This was powerful with the characters I've gotten use to.  We have another that doesn't make it back and it's one with Mari, again.  The flight is successful, yet at what losses.


Episode: 27 of 33, Book One: Ashe of the Air

Format:  Podcast, 9:54 minutes

The Pieces Left Behind

In which Ashe is found, the Officer's Mess is suggested, what it takes to be Captain is hypothesized, how to destroy the Vrussian Empire is described, an oath is reminded, motivations are revealed, pieces are left, a price is quoted, and one piece is chosen to remain.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Slanger finds Ashe in the Mess hall...drunk.  Ashe is upset over the deaths in her last mission, even though she earned a metal for taking down the ship.  Slanger gives Ashe something to think on and the what everyone agreed to and knew when they joined the Aerial Guard.

Ashe is rather upset with herself.  She is having a hard time with the losses at her command.  But Slanger makes Ashe feel better as Slanger is willing to die to stop what is going on, under Ashes command at that, if Ashe believes she can do it.

We learn the real reason Ashe joined the Aerial Guard here.  And poor Ashe wanted her wings so, but not at the cost she is seeing now.

If you would like to Listen to the stories about Ashe, you can find Fables of the Flying City free on the site for Fables of the Flying City  There are links to iTunes and RSS feed.  You can also see the list of episodes in their order on Jared Axelrod's site.

If you are curious about the Graphic Novel, it is now available!  The Battle of Blood and Ink by Jared Axelrod and Steve Walker.  You can view a sample of the first 20 pages on Tor's site.


  1. I've never really listened to podcasts, so that's great there is an actual podcast story. How fun!


    1. Shooting Stars mag, I just got started into listening to podcasts this past year, and really was taken by the stories out there. Thank you!

  2. This is really sounding more and more epic. So glad you are listening to this. I may have to check out that graphic novel.

    1. Melissa (Books&Things) - It really has become more epic here. Great tale. I've finished the first book podcast, and the second is on it's way, and then to the graphic novel. :D Can't wait to share that one with you!


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