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Audio Book Review: Sword of Darkness by Keri Arthur

Sword of Darkness (Relic Hunters, #2)Sword of Darkness by Keri Arthur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book has a little bit of everything I enjoy. There's great comradery between the characters and quick comebacks and fun between them. There's action and fighting while our characters grow and learn.

We spend time with Bethany and Lugh at the beginning of the book. Siblings. I love seeing them together and on the hunt for the relics. Even as Bethany learns what she can do, and what she's inherited from her father and learning about the Eye. Of course the gods all talk in riddles and they have to figure out what they need to do. It does come around and the hunt continues. Though, will they find the Sword of Darkness before those who have bad intentions? The race is close!

Inheritance, whether station or an item, can be trouble in a family. There's always those family members who always wants something, or has been told they deserve it.

It's interesting to see how family comes into play here, good and bad. With family also comes seeing more in depth the way of pixies and elves. We see Bethany do more as well as Cynwrig.

Bethany then spends the second half of the book with Cynwrig. This is fun with their quick heated remarks back and forth. I love the boldness and normalizing of the smexy conversations.

This book didn't feel as smexy as the first, but the fun hints are there. This book felt more focused on the action of relic hunting.

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