Monday, May 13, 2024

Audio Book Review: Lady of Devices by Shelley Adina

Lady of Devices (Magnificent Devices, #1)Lady of Devices by Shelley Adina
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Claire is a nice girl. I like that she wants to be more than a wife. She wants to go to University when she graduates school but her mother is far from allowing that happen. They are of a high standing and she will marry well.

Until things fall out of the investments her father had and he has an accident with his pistol. Life takes a quick downward slide for Claire. However, Claire is a self sufficient woman that doesn't want to just marry. She wants more from life and to do more.

When Claire is left to see to the closing of their home that will be sold, she finds herself in trouble. And she finds her way to get out of it. All while befriending unfavorable children that become her charges and friends.

This is where things start to get interesting for me. When Claire starts to stand on her own two feet and makes things happen, even if by accident.

There's a lot of potential for this series and these characters. I feel like it can grow nicely. The beginning was of a Young Adult feel as the young woman starts to create her own sea legs in what she wants to do.

It's a short read or listen and one that fit into the week nicely for me. I'll check out the next few books to see how things go for Claire and her charges along with her new job.

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