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Audio Book Review: Crown of Shadows by Keri Arthur

Crown of Shadows (Relic Hunters, #1)Crown of Shadows by Keri Arthur
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Keri's books.

She writes some amazing woman characters. They are mentally strong and can stand on their own to fight battles. They also can have friends with them and rely on them for help. These woman are not scared, well, they are but they face the big bads and fight on. They don't run when things get tough. They may run INTO things a little too fast, but they are determined. And the male cast supports these woman. They don't belittle them at all for being determined and have a mind of their own. This is what I love.

Bethany is a strong person. She may jump in headlong, but she's standing up for herself. And I love this.

We start off right into the thick of things with Bethany and her brother, Lugh. And meeting a few savory characters in Bethany's life. Mmm. Love these relationships. I love that there's a good friendship between Bethany and her brother, and they know each other so well. But the relationships with others. Oh these are fun. These are also what makes the book on the smexy side of things. So if you don't like serious smexy, there are scenes that are serious. (I had to turn the audio book down while listening at work. lol) Again, Bethany is a big girl and knows what she wants. And she goes for it.

I love that we are searching for relics. Bethany's not really one for hunting for things or ancient relics of magic or anything. She runs a tavern that was her mothers. And she is happy with that. But things get going and she learns she has a power that took almost a century to come to life, and with the help of the Eye. Now, Bethany is pulled into the search for the hoard that went missing along with maybe finding her mother that went missing about 6 months ago when the hoard went missing too.

I really liked these characters. The audio was nice and clear. I thought Bethany sounded a little snubby with the voice of the narrator at times, along with a few others. But the others are born of high station, so they do think they are above others. Bethany doesn't hold back what she's thinking. She says it like it is, and I love her for it.

This book does have a conclusion for it's story. There is a larger arc in the story line, and I'm wanting book 2 now. Thankfully it's already out in audio, so I can go listen to it. :)

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