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Audio Book Review: Masters of Fate

Masters of Fate

By:  A.K. DuBoff
Publish Date:  October 17, 2018, Audiobook Release December 13, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 8 hrs 55 mins
Narrated By:  Kristin James

Genre:  Young Adult, Sci Fi, Fantasy

Series:  3rd Book in Dark Stars Trilogy series

A Space Fantasy Sci-Fi Adventure

The final fight will change their perception forever.

Everything Elle Hartmut and her friends thought they knew about the alien menace—and the nature of their universe—is wrong.

With mounting evidence that the aliens behind the Darkness reside on a hyperdimensional plane above spacetime, Elle and the Dark Sentinels will need a new approach to win. However, preventing the impending alien invasion will test their team in ways they never imagined.

The ancient artifacts wielded by the Dark Sentinels may hold the key to victory. If they can understand and master their true abilities, they may still be able to save the Hegemony and their loved ones before the invasion’s final stage consumes them all.

The Dark Stars trilogy combines high-tech sci-fi with traditional fantasy magic, perfect for fans of Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, and Xenosaga. Join Elle in her final battle against the Darkness!

My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

I love Kristin as a narrator. She breaths live into all the characters, giving each their own voice and personality. Such a great pleasure to listen to her.

We learn a great deal about the Crystalline network and the aliens. Some of the crystalline network was a deep detail that kind of skipped over me, but I like how there are different planes to the network. The Crystalline network reminds me of save points or respawning points in a game. But it also has a computer network feel to it as well. Very interesting blend to create different dimensions. As for the aliens... they are trouble. Yes, there's more to them but I don't want to give it away.

I enjoyed the new friend we pick up in this book. He's very special and willing to help. He adds to the gaming world feel with the group and their powers. I love this!

The crew finds a new artifact in their travels through new places. The new artifact fits right in as each one is important and a key to the hyperdimensional planes. Yes, hyperdimensional planes. That's a lot in one word. There are details about this in the book, however I fall in the same mind as Elle and I don't always follow what is told of it. But I get a solid feel for it through their actions. Thank you for showing and relating the descriptions to what we've seen and done!

This is the last book of the trilogy. We get answers to what's been happening as things have escalated through the series with the Darkness and aliens. This book felt to have more technical items to it for me, but with those details came answers. I didn't always understand what was said as I had to digest it and think on it because it came in the form of audio, I may have caught it sooner if I read it, but it was answers. We see what happens to our favorite four as things come to a close. I enjoyed the way this story tied up for us.

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