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Audio Book Review: The City of Thieves

The City of Thieves

By:  Kyle Alexander Romines

Publish Date:  June 7, 2019, Audiobook Release May 11, 2020

Format:  Audiobook - 11 hrs 3 mins
Narrated By:  Matt Addis

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  3rd in Warden of Fal series

Years ago, when violent purges plunged Dún Aulin into chaos, Warden Esben Berengar was sent to restore order by any means necessary. He did so with such brutal efficiency he became known throughout Fál as the High Queen’s Monster.

All is not forgiven.

When the hunt for a mysterious enemy leads Berengar back to Dún Aulin, an old friend’s request thrusts him headfirst into danger. In the Ceremony of the Cursed Blade, the sword used by the Lord of Shadows in his conquest of Fál will change possession, and it’s up to Berengar to keep the blade from falling into the wrong hands.

To do that he’ll have to survive vengeful goblins, bloodthirsty monster hunters, Leinster’s powerful Thieves Guild, and worse.

Much worse.

My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

Berengar has some left over business he has to deal with. This is where we return to deal with things that happened in the first book and clean up loose ends. This also leads to new jobs and ties in with other missions.

Berengar has agreed to Morwen being his companion. Morwen brings out another side of Berengar that no one else sees. I like it, because he really is that person deep down, he's had to deal with terrible things and has covered those feeling over with the anger that he needs to do his job.

They need to find the Thunder Rune that was stolen from the hobgoblins that were going to keep it safe. But first, Morwen needs a staff to help channel some of her spells to. In looking for the staff we learn more of Berengar's bloody past. The story is very interesting as it unfolds. Also, Berengar and Morwen get drawn into other people's problems... fairy dust additions, the Ceremony of the Cursed Blade, Brotherhood of Thieves (who has it out for Berengar), and more. All happening at one time.

I'm once again drawn into Berengar's world and adventure. I love how Berengar is tough and does what needs to be done, but he's softer on the inside than he shows. Berengar is struggling with a few things he'd done in the past and accepts how people see him with other events. Berengar also has a soft spot in his heart for Morwen, now traveling with him. They are great companions on these adventures.

Berengar and Morwen find trouble before they get to the bottom of the mischief happening. And trouble always finds them when they aren't looking for it. Berengar wouldn't have any luck if it wasn't for bad luck. I love how he tries to avoid situations but others keep pushing him. Berengar is determined to finish it then. 

We do meet friends and enemies. Some we've meet before, others we haven't. The old friends and enemies bring a history we don't know yet from Berengar. This is always interesting, to see what people think and hear of him then we get a glimpse at what he lived through. Wow.


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