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Audio Book Review: The Others

The Others

By:  Jeremy Robinson

Publish Date:  July 15, 2018, Audiobook Release July 24, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 10 hrs 15 mins
Narrated By:  R.C. Bray

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  Stand Alone

UFOs and alien abductions remain one of the most hotly debated and mysterious subjects of the twenty-first century. In the decades since 1960, with reports of strange encounters on the rise, thirteen million people have gone missing worldwide and never been found. The Others takes a fast-paced, unique, and moving look at the phenomenon that has fueled Jeremy Robinson's imagination since several sightings, strange happenings, and visits with renowned UFO investigator, and family friend, Raymond Fowler.


Dan Delgado is a private investigator. When it comes to finding cheating spouses, corporate thieves, or runaway teenagers, he's unenthusiastic, and unmatched. As a former San Francisco detective, he misses more meaningful work, but he hasn't had the heart for it since his wife's death five years prior. That is, until a phone call from a distraught mother. An illegal immigrant who can't go to the police puts him on the hunt for a missing little girl.

By the time he reaches the mother's small home, she's missing, too. The circumstances are strange, but when a team of heavily armed mercenaries arrive, Delgado is convinced there is more going on than a simple kidnapping.

Joined by his elderly assistant, a gun-toting pastor, and a UFO enthusiast Uber driver, Delgado follows the clues west, to Colorado City, a town cleaved in two by the 37th parallel, also known as the UFO Highway. In a town infamous for fundamentalist Mormon cult activity, they uncover evidence of a massive child-trafficking ring, whose ringleaders might not be human.

Delgado and crew are plunged into a dangerous world of corporate competition, UFO lore, and government cover-ups. While they hunt for answers, they're pursued across the Southwest by high-tech mercs, brainwashed cults, and beings whose true identity has been concealed since 1947.


My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy of this audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

R.C. Bray is a new narrator to me, but an experienced narrator by his long list of audio books. Wow. How have I not listened to him before now? R.C. has a controlled voice that gives nothing away. The emotion of the characters are portrayed through the worlds spoken and small innuendos. I stayed focused on the story at hand and drawn into the world created by the author.

I've come to know that I truly enjoy Jeremy's books. Not only do we get an entertaining and twisting story, I get my action and boldness with the characters I love. There comes a point when they have to stand or fall, and his characters chose what I want to see. The characters have a fully developed growth that flows with the story and events. It feels natural and believable for the characters to make the choices they make, even if the story is a science fiction fantasy read.

This book has created a well rounded person in Dan Delgado as I see the events unfold through his eyes. There is more to him and we learn the things that make Dan tick as we move through the story, looking for Isabelle and her mother.

The thing that Dan finds himself in, along with his dearest friend and co-worker Wini, is mind blowing. Dan never expected to find his way into learning the truth about UFOs and aliens.

The people that Dan finds himself spiraling down the rabbit hole with are perfect. There's a Sheriff, a Pastor, and a Uber driver along with Dan's assistant, Wini, who's a senior citizen. lol. It sounds like a joke when you think about it. An unlikely crew, but they all have pasts that lend to why they are here. They really do fit together and make a great crew.

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  1. Interesting! "There's a Sheriff, a Pastor, and a Uber driver along with Dan's assistant" what a fun grouping!


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