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Audio Book Review: Wild Hawk

Wild Hawk

By:  Justine Davis

Publish Date:  February 24, 2015, Audiobook Release October 23, 2018

Format:  Audiobook - 12 hrs 9 mins
Narrated By:  Rayna Cole

Genre:  Paranormal Romance

Series:  1st in The Hawk Trilogy series

Impression:  Bitterness and anger can lead to great or terrible things.

Jason Hawk is the sole heir to a fortune he refuses to inherit, left by a wealthy father whom he always despised. Kendall Chase, his father's assistant, is determined to show Jason his rightful destiny by way of a mysterious book. Yet, as their mutual attraction grows, they remain unaware of the danger that threatens to tear them apart.

First Sentence:
IT snowed in Sunridge for the first time in twenty years and the day they put the old man in the ground, and Jason West knew damned well the bastard had summoned it up himself.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

I've come to enjoy Rayna Cole as a narrator. I know I'll get feelings in her voice for each character, and I do. The hatred comes through so true when spoken with spit. She even voices the anger that is fulled by love so well. It's a mix of feelings and sounds to come through for me. You'll see the main character is male, but we have a female voice for the story. That's true, but Rayna voices Jason's personality and feelings very well. We also have the story from other character's POV's which are female, so it balances out the story.

So much bitterness and anger, it can be motivation for great or terrible things. A few people in this book demonstrate it. All these terrible feelings are fueled by love that was felt to be betrayed in some fashion. But there is one person that might be able to help one of the emotionally hurt people.

We get the story from a few different view points: Jason Hawk, Kendall Chase, and Alice Hawk. Wow, these people couldn't be more different than night and day. All have strong personalities. Alice and Jason have such anger stored up that they want to take it out on someone, but their actions are very different. Alice is cunning and vindictive, wanting all the money for herself. She will use her strong influence and money to make it happen her way. Jason is hurt by a father that never saw him, a man his mother always loved from a distance. This has pushed Jason to be who he is and do as he does. Kendall, she's the calm voice in all this. Kendall has a job to do for the deceased Aaron Hawk, and she's determined to carry out Aaron's last wishes, even if it kills her.

Kendall seems to stay herself strongly through the book. She has a job to do and she'll do it. Also, she's determined to not let Alice get away with what should be Jason's. Jason, now he's an interesting character. As much as he fights everything in the first half, he makes a turn for the second half. He has a plan and needs Kendall's help to accomplish it, though Kendall doesn't know that. Jason seems to be as much a tycoon as his father was. Jason's not sharing all about himself and I started to see this in the second half, making me even more curious about this mysterious, hot man.

The magic in this world... it's a very gentle addition to the world and story. Meaning, this world is not throwing fireballs at each other or have magic beings hiding from the normal world. It's an influence from a past that has a long line in the Hawk family.

This book has highly intimate moments present. Definitely an adult read. Wow. Jason really knows how to make images appear and stick in Kendall's mind. Great sensual writing by Justine Davis.

This book has a story that brings our two characters together, but it's more romance relationship building. The story is there, which keeps the characters together, the character and connection building created through events in the story. It's very good.

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